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Overview of dishwasher stabilizers

Surge ProtectorsWhy do I need a voltage regulator for a dishwasher? This question is asked by few users of household appliances, but their army is sharply replenished after a powerful voltage drop at the level of a microdistrict or even a village. When expensive household appliances begin to fail en masse, then willy-nilly think about effective remedies. With a sharp increase in voltage in the mains or, conversely, when it falls on the protection of the dishwasher, a good stabilizer can stand up, but how to choose it correctly?

What are stabilizers?

As soon as the question arises of choosing a stabilizer for a dishwasher, people immediately climb onto the selling sites and start looking for a device that is suitable for the price, not really wondering if it will suit them from a technical point of view. We suggest first to briefly familiarize yourself with the types of stabilizers and their technical parameters, and only then, taking into account the information received, make an informed choice.

  • Stabilizing devices based on a group of coils.
  • Ferroresonant stabilizing devices.
  • Step stabilizing devices.
  • Electromechanical stabilizers.

Without going into technical details, we note that we should pay attention to only two types of stabilizers: coil-based and step-type. Ferroresonant stabilizing devices are too expensive and it is extremely disadvantageous to purchase them for household power networks. Moreover, finding a ferroresonant stabilizer designed for the home on the market is not easy at all, so you can immediately forget about them.

Electromechanical stabilizing devices, on the contrary, are very common. Moreover, their price is very, very reasonable. She will definitely be interested in many consumers. True, there is one “but”, such stabilizers work for a maximum of 5 years, and often fail after 3 years. So to take such a device is economically disadvantageous.

Important! Electromechanical type stabilizers very high quality equalize the voltage in the mains. The error is very modest.

How to calculate instrument parameters?

how is the voltage regulatorThe stabilizer for the dishwasher must be bought with the expectation that you will connect other household appliances besides PM. It’s too expensive to buy a separate stabilizer for each device, and you don’t need it. As soon as we place the stabilizer in the kitchen near the dishwasher, you can also connect a refrigerator and a washing machine to it.

Other household appliances also need protection, but here you will have to prioritize, because the more devices you connect, the more powerful and reliable the stabilizer will be. And the more powerful the stabilizer, the more expensive it is.

Before buying a stabilizer, find out which electrical network is drawn into your home or apartment: single-phase or three-phase. Most likely, you have a single-phase network, and therefore you need a stabilizer for a single-phase power network. Next, calculate the total power of all connected electrical appliances, especially the dishwasher. We act like this.

  • We look at the passport of the dishwasher and we find information about its power there.
  • We do the same with the rest of the connected devices and write the numbers on a piece of paper.
  • Add up the numbers, and then add another 20% to the resulting value and this will be the minimum stabilizer power that you need to purchase.

The power reserve must be taken into account necessarily, since the composition of the devices can change over time, and then the stabilizer will work to the limit, and this is undesirable.

Some users of dishwashers ask how to find out if the power supply is working stably or unstably. What the most interesting thing about this can tell you the technique itself. In particular error e27 in the Bosch dishwasher, just tells us about the voltage drop in the mains. If this happens to you, do not pull, put the stabilizer for the dishwasher.

What do manufacturers offer?

Currently, on the market you can find a huge number of a variety of household stabilizers. From the wealth of choice of such devices, my eyes run wide. It is not very easy to give preference to a particular manufacturer, not to mention a specific stabilizer model. To facilitate your choice, we have prepared a review, which included the best stabilizers.

  1. RUCELF SRW II-12000-L Relay type stabilizer based on coils with microprocessor control and an informative display. The stabilizer has a decent power of 10 kW. It works in the range from 110 to 270 V, the error does not exceed 8%. Through this stabilizer, you can connect not only a dishwasher, but also most household appliances. Well, in any case, on a PM, a refrigerator, a washing machine and a dryer, a microwave, a toaster, a slow cooker and a TV at the same time, it’s enough. The price is 280 dollars.
    RUCELF SRW II-12000-L 00001381
  2. Suntek SK2 RL11000. Another relay stabilizer that can even be mounted on the wall. It has a small case and a simple display. The maximum power for which the device is designed is 11 kW. The operating range is from 120 to 285 V, however it holds full power from 140 V. Additionally it is protected from short circuit, overload and lightning strike. The average price is 220 dollars.
    Suntek SK1.2 RL11000
  3. Resanta ASN 12000 N / 1-C Lux. This relay stabilizer has a power of 12 kW. It is very reliable, durable and stable in operation. In contrast to the above-described samples, it has forced cooling, which is not bad, but its body is quite large, so you can’t hang it on the wall. The range is 140-260 V, within these limits the stabilizer works perfectly. In the arsenal of the device there is: an informative display, protection against overheating, connection bypassing the stabilizer. Price: $ 250.
    Resanta ASN 12000 N 1-C Lux
  4. QUATTRO ELEMENTI Stabilia 5000 W-Slim 640-544. Stabilizing relay wall device, very reliable and compact. It has a power of 5 kW and an operating range from 140 to 270 V. Advantages of the device: microprocessor control, thin, easily cooling case, soft start technology, high regulation accuracy, long working life, and protection against short circuit. The average cost is 128 dollars.
    QUATTRO ELEMENTI Stabilia 5000 W-Slim 640-544
  5. Energy ASN-5000 E0101-0114. One of the most popular stabilizers among consumers. He is also one of the most reliable and proven. Robust housing, dual display, forced cooling ensures long and stable operation of the device. The adjustment range is from 120 to 280 V. There is intelligent overload protection, an arc absorption system, fuses for overload and short circuit, adjustable turn-on delay. Power 4 kW, cost 125 dollars.
    Energy ASN-5000 E0101-0114

To summarize, we note that the stabilizer for the dishwasher is an absolutely necessary thing if you are constantly having problems with the power supply. The stabilizing device effectively adjusts, saving the dishwasher and your household appliances from imminent damage, and you from financial losses. So do not spare money on remedies and it will pay off handsomely. Good luck


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    Why talk about stabilizers from 4 to 11 kV, if you need 1.5 kV?

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