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How to hide a washing machine in the hallway?

How to hide a washing machine in the hallwayOf course, it is better to put the washing machine in the bathroom or pantry, but in many small-sized apartments there is simply no suitable place for the device. Then the owners find a way out - they put a washer in the hallway. For aesthetic reasons, owners are interested in how to hide a washing machine in the hallway so that it does not violate the overall decor.

Basic installation principles

First of all, before installing the washing machine in the corridor, you need to make sure that there is enough space for it. And you need to pay attention to whether you can, for example, go through the hallway if the washing machine door is open, or if it will not interfere with the use of other furniture in the corridor.

The second problem with this setup is access to communications. If the machine gets far from the sewer, you will have to increase the drain and bay hoses, and, firstly, it will be inconvenient, and secondly, the hallway will look like a laundry. In addition to the visual component, there is also a hidden threat: the load on the drain pump. The larger it is, the shorter the life of the part.

The optimal solution in this embodiment is a niche, home-made or already finished, it does not matter. All hoses can be placed and hidden there, the machine will stand there like a glove, and then the interior will not be disturbed. Simple and convenient.

Acceptable interior solutions

As they say, there is a demand - there is a supply. The problem of installing the washers is so urgent that enterprising people imagined for you many possible ways to disguise the washer when convenience is combined with external harmony in the interior. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Wardrobe in the hallway. It doesn’t matter if it has ordinary doors, or is it a sliding wardrobe. Usually such furniture is quite roomy, and there is definitely enough space for a washing machine. And the wires can be hidden. As soon as the cabinet door closes, there is no hint of laundry in your hallway. The main thing, in this situation, is to store household chemicals and all detergents separately, because otherwise, your clothes and shoes will absorb the sharp smells of powder, chlorine, etc. In addition, particles of funds can settle on clothing or shoes, forming whitish stains or causing allergic reactions in contact with skin.closet in the hallway
  2. Curbstone to order. Many businessmen are engaged in the manufacture of such furniture: you yourself can come up with a design, specify the dimensions. The cabinet performs the following functions: a machine is hiding in the lower part (also, a kind of small cabinet), and the upper one plays the role of a shelf on which you can hold both powders and detergents, and anything else.
  3. You can also just put the washing machine in the corner if it is empty, and at the same time, the unit will not interfere with the passage. The top cover of the washing machine can also be used as a shelf for various accessories, and for the hallway it is even convenient.
  4. Countertop and curtain. A great option if you choose the right color scheme and materials so that everything is in harmony with the overall interior of the hallway. The curtain will hide the washer from prying eyes, and the countertop can again act as a shelf.washing machine behind the curtain

Carefully inspect and examine every meter of your apartment. As a rule, developers always create a layout with niches or other recesses in the walls into which the washing machine can easily stand.


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