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How to hide a washing machine in the kitchen?

How to hide a washing machine in the kitchenThe issue of placement of washing machines for owners of miniature bathrooms is very relevant. There are so close bathrooms that there is simply nowhere to put equipment there. You can install a washer in the corridor, but this method is usually fraught with difficulties connecting the unit to utilities. Therefore, often the most attractive place for a typewriter is the kitchen area. How not to spoil the general view of the interior and correctly hide the washing machine in the kitchen, we will talk further.

Substitute under the countertop

The first thing that comes to mind is the idea of ​​integrating an automatic machine into the kitchen. The decision to disguise equipment in this way has both advantages and disadvantages. As pluses, you can specify:

  • functional use of free space in the room;
  • the machine will not be evident. All hoses and wires will be hidden in the furniture, only the modern front panel of the machine will appear to the gaze of households.

You can hide the washing machine with the facade of the headset, then you will only remember remembering to find it in the kitchen the next time you wash it, the equipment will be completely hidden from prying eyes.

The main drawback when placing the device under the countertop is that all hoses, wires, sewer joints are located behind the case, deep inside. To get to them in case of emergency, leakage or the need for repair is quite problematic.machine under the countertop

Put in a special cabinet

A cabinet specially made for a washing machine compares favorably with the space under the countertop. When placed in an individual pedestal, the washing machine will be provided with a place strictly “fitted” to the dimensions of the equipment, having verified clearances on all sides of the body. Also, the cabinet will provide excellent thermal insulation, absorb noise emitted by the machine during operation. Operation of the unit placed in this way will be much more comfortable for the user.

The minus of installing the washing machine in a special cabinet is the strict correspondence of the dimensions of the furniture to the dimensions of your "home assistant". If the machine fails, you will have to purchase a model of similar parameters, or order a new cabinet. If your unit has standard sizes, you can ignore this drawback.machine in the kitchen

Some installation features

Before starting the installation of an automatic machine under the countertop, be sure to correlate the dimensions of the free niche and the dimensions of the device. Sometimes even one extra centimeter can prevent you from hiding the typewriter in the kitchen. Therefore, the nuances of embedding washing equipment must be thought out in advance, preferably before buying a vending machine or kitchen furniture. If the machine is not included in the intended place, it is better to make a special cabinet for it.

When placed under the countertop, it is not necessary to cover the washer panel with a facade. Modern technology looks quite stylish, so the open front wall of the case will not make “confusion” in the overall interior of the room.

When buying a machine, especially pay attention to its height. Often the standard technique is a couple of centimeters above the countertop headset. If you only order the manufacture of kitchen furniture for individual parameters, consider the dimensions of the washer in order to avoid possible problems with its installation.

In some cases, you can try to raise the kitchen worktop by 1-2 cm. If this is not possible, pay attention to automatic machines with a removable top cover, then the device will definitely fit into a niche.

It is not difficult to mask a washing machine in the kitchen. Especially if you think about the future arrangement of equipment and furniture at the stage of repair and arrangement of the premises.


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