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Smart diagnosis in LG washing machines

smart_diagnosis in typewriters LGWhat features are not present in the new generation washing machines. One of the useful functions is the self-diagnosis system of malfunctions, when an error code appears on the display of your machine, by which you can understand which node in the machine has failed. LG manufacturers went further and implemented the Smart diagnosis function in their cars. What is it and how to use this feature, let's understand it together.

What is this function?

Smart diagnosis or in Russian “smart diagnosis” is a function for diagnosing malfunctions in LG washing machines using a smartphone or mobile phone. It provides the user with the ability to accurately determine the cause of a machine breakdown on their own or with the help of an online service center operator.

The Smart diagnosis function recognizes 85 different faults, from the simplest to the most complex. Having analyzed the machine’s operation, a special program will display on your smartphone’s screen not only that it’s broken, but will also help to fix the breakdown, especially in cases when the drainage filter is clogged, the drum door is poorly closed or there is no water supply in the water supply.

If self-repair is not possible, the message will be sent to the master at the service center. He, knowing that it is broken, will contact you and come with the necessary tools and accessories. Thus, the problem will be fixed in a short time.

Note! This diagnosis does not guarantee high accuracy, since there are a number of factors that can distort the information transmitted through the phone: extraneous noise and vibration, the acoustics of the room where the machine is located and more.

How to use it

The Smart diagnosis function can be used in 2 ways:

  1. The first method is suitable for owners of any mobile phone. You need to dial the number of the service center of the company LG from your phone. The operator of the center will call you the buttons that you will alternately press on the control panel of the machine, as a result of which the washer herself will “describe” the malfunction to the operator. You will only need to attach the microphone of the phone to the inscription Smart diagnosis on the washing machine. Sounds made by the equipment will be processed by a specialist, and a wizard will be sent to you to fix a specific problem.

    Important! The washing machine must be plugged in during diagnosis.

  2. The second method is suitable for smartphone owners. It involves downloading a special smart_diagnosis in typewriters LG_2LG Laundry & DW software and its installation on a smartphone. The program menu is in Russian, the diagnostics will be presented on the screen in English. To do this, you need to follow the menu items, and then the program itself will analyze the malfunction, doing this in less than a minute. Based on the results of smart diagnostics, the program can give recommendations on how to fix the malfunction yourself, if it arose through your fault, or a trained wizard will be sent to you.

What car models are there

The Smart Diagnostics feature is not available on all LG washing machine models. We give examples of such machines, see their main characteristics:

  • LG F1296ND4 - a machine with a load of up to 6 kg and a spin speed of up to 1200 rpm. 13 modes of washing a variety of linen. There is a large informative display. Plus in this model is a stainless metal tank. Less - Partial Leakage Protection. The price is 388 dollars.
  • LG F-10B8ND is a narrow washing machine with a drum capacity of up to 6 kg of dry laundry and a spin speed of 1000 rpm. This model of the machine also has all the necessary programs and modes, a large display, energy-efficient. The price is 348 dollars.
    washing machines LG
  • LG F-1096TD3 is a full-size machine with a load of up to 8 kg of dry laundry. The machine is practically no different from previous models, it has convenient and intuitive controls, a digital display and the optimal number of washing programs. The price is 378 dollars.
  • LG F-12U2HBS4 is a narrow washing machine with a load of up to 7 kg of dry laundry. The peculiarity of the model is its silver color of the case and the black control panel. A total of 14 washing programs, there are additional functions: steam supply, stain removal, “refresh”, hypoallergenic washing and others. 6 drum movements provide high quality washing and spinning. The downside is partial protection against water leakage, but the price is only $ 495.
    washing machines LG_2

Note! The presence of smart diagnostics in the washing machine does not affect its price. To a greater extent, the price depends on the loading of the drum and the number of additional washing modes.

Thus, smart diagnostics in LG washing machines is a useful feature for users of 21st century technologies. It is difficult to say how this function actually works, because there are few reviews about it. People note that the system seems to be working, giving out “no errors” messages, as is the case with equipment breakdowns — it remains to be seen. We wish that nothing breaks in you and you have to use this function as little as possible.


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  1. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Cool opportunity, 2 years one error crashed, but with the help of this program I got rid of it)

    • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

      What kind of program?

    • Gravatar John John:

      So what is the program and where to download it?

  2. Gravatar Ilya Ilya:

    On Google Play.
    The program is called SmartThinQ.

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