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Weighing washing machines

Weighing washing machinesNot all automatic weighing washing machines are actually able to accurately calculate the weight of the loaded laundry. This is more of an advertising move that allows you to raise the price of the machine and distinguish it among less "modern" units. A truly weighing washer is equipped with a special sensor that can scan kilograms and adjust the number of things to start the wash. How kg auto-calculation works - we will tell in the article.

The mechanism for determining the amount of linen

An ordinary machine can guess how much laundry is put in the drum, but only approximately. The function of such “weighing” is assigned to the pressure switch, which, through measurements of the water level, guesses the number of loaded things. It works as follows:

  • the hatch door closes;
  • the machine begins to draw water, spinning the drum for a full wet clothes;
  • the pressure switch controls the amount of incoming water and transmits information about the speed of dialing to the control board;
  • The electronic module analyzes the data received and approximately determines how much water is spent on absorption.

auto weighting scheme in SM

The slower the collection of water, the more things there are in the drum. True, the pressure switch does not provide accurate data, since many light tissues absorb liquid worse, creating the illusion of an overfilled tank. But still, level measurements can save water consumption by 20-30% and adjust the program according to the read data.

How is dry laundry weighed?

weighing laundry in the carModern machines with the function of weighing linen work on a different principle. They are able to accurately determine the weight of things loaded into the drum in kilograms. On the basis of measurements, refuse to start the cycle due to an advantage or offer a special program to save energy and water consumption.

The engine acts as a laundry scale. The motor in such models is located directly on the axis of the drum, which allows you to track the rotation force and the voltage generated by the engine. Thanks to the values ​​obtained, the washing processor calculates the load and shows the weight of the laundry.

It is forbidden to exceed the maximum permissible weight of dry laundry in a particular model!

Moreover, the program will not start until the machine has weighed. Conventional machines immediately after pressing the "Start" button will show the washing time, and then they will automatically start the cycle. Auto-weighing washers first determine the weight of the laundry, and only then offer the user a specific mode with the amount of water needed, spin intensity, temperature and duration. This allows you to significantly save consumption. Consider several models that suggest weighing linen before washing.

Siemens WM16S740

Choosing Siemens WM16S740, you can accurately determine the weight of loaded things. Moreover, together with the measurement, the system will analyze the degree and type of contaminants present, select the most suitable program from the 14 prescribed modes and immediately start the wash without the need to confirm the start. Due to the quick reaction and accelerated scanning, this will not take much time - the full cycle will be completed in 15 minutes. Quality will not suffer because of rush, things are perfectly removable, and water and electricity will be saved.

Siemens WM16S740

The user will also be pleased with the AquaSensor transparency sensor. It is equipped with a special photocell, which, when rinsed, fixes the degree of purity, and with excellent performance it is reused. There is also a complete protection against leaks - AquaStop, which controls the movement of the liquid and blocks the operation of the machine at the slightest suspicion of leakage.

Also in the arsenal of the machine there is a lock on the panel from children and accidental pressing, sound accompaniment for washing, delayed start for 24 hours, energy saving class A, control of imbalance and foaming.The control is electronic, therefore the system is capable of simultaneously washing several types of fabric at once. Drum capacity - 8 kg with dimensions 60/85/59. The model will cost 29 570 rubles.

Gorenje Premium Touch WA 65205

With Gorenje Premium Touch WA 65205 you can find out what real laundry weighing is before washing. It is enough to load the drum and turn on the machine, after which the system will calculate kg and offer the user the optimal program for washing. The ideal selection of cycle time, temperature and spin force is guaranteed by UseLogic special sensors and electronic intelligence. This technology allows you to collect and analyze information about the type of tissue and the nature of pollution, as well as provide the minimum required flow of water and electricity.

On the Gorenje Premium Touch WA 65205, you can save the selected mode and use it if necessary.

Gorenje Premium Touch WA 65205

The machine is controlled via a liquid crystal display, and all programs and commands are displayed in Russian. It also displays information about the temperature of water heating, the spin speed, the remaining washing time and the liters used up and kW / h. There is a soundtrack for the cycle, as well as a delayed start for 24 hours, foam control, auto-dosage, child lock. Safety is provided by numerous sensors that record the degree of overheating, overflow and leakage.

In addition to the above machine offers 29 programs along with the possibility of "easy ironing." The capacity of the model is 6 kg, dimensions - 60/85/59 cm. The unit costs about 45 520 rubles.

Electrolux Calima EWFM 14480W

The washing machine with automatic weighing from the Electrolux is not far behind. It also reads the weight of the laundry loaded in the drum, evaluates the nature of the stains and displays the most suitable program. The "trick" of the model is in the Time Manager function, which allows the program to change the time at its discretion on the selected system, accelerating or slowing down the engine. Thanks to this opportunity, the owners of the washing machine receive an optimal washing time, a high-class result, as well as an economical consumption of water, detergents and electricity.

Electrolux Calima EWFM 14480W

In addition to convenient intelligent control, this front-end guarantees full protection against leaks, 15 standard programs and the lock of the panel from children. Also, the machine boasts a dryer on the top panel-board, which is suitable for both synthetic and delicate fabrics. The drum capacity of 7 kg of dry laundry with compact dimensions with a depth of 60 cm is also pleasing. The cost of the model starts from 26,845 rubles.


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