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The handle of the washing machine has broken - how to open?

the handle of the washing machine has brokenThe handle of the front-loading washing machine is made of plastic, and often of poor quality plastic. There is nothing to be surprised at the fact that such a pen can break at any time.

This is where the problem arises, because in order to repair the handle, you first need to somehow open the hatch, while it is advisable not to scratch the body of the washer, but how to do it? We will try to answer this question, passing along talking about how to remove the old pen and replace it with a new one.

Ways to open the hatch

Do not be surprised, but in order to open the door of the washing machine, the handle of which has broken, it is not necessary to pick it with a screwdriver, pull it with an awl and carry out some other “brutal manipulations”. It is enough to resort to one of the available and simple methods, which we will talk about soon and open the ill-fated hatch in a minute. We give these methods.

  1. If you have a fishing line or a thin nylon rope at hand, you can open the hatch of the washing machine with it. We take a flat screwdriver, thread the rope into the gap between the body and the hatch. We take the ends of the rope and drag it under the hatch. Then we pull the ends of the rope with a noticeable effort - the door will open.
  2. Pick up the instructions that came with your front washing machine model hatch handleloading. Some models of washers have a special lever for emergency opening of the hatch. Usually this item is located near the trash filter. If you have one, the question is solved simply: pull the lever, the door of the washing machine will open.
  3. If you don’t have a rope at hand, and there is no emergency lever that would allow opening the hatch for your model of washing machine, you can open the hatch through the top cover of the washing machine. Unplug the washing machine. Remove the top cover of the washer. In the front of the case, there is a gap between the front wall and the upper counterweight. We put our hand in there and try to get the hatch closing mechanism. In principle, opening the hatch of the washing machine in this way, with due dexterity, is very simple.

If some part of the handle mechanism remains intact and sticks out, you can try to pick up this part with pliers and gently open the door.

Dismantling a damaged part

handle mechanismIf we managed to safely open the hatch of the front-loading washing machine, this still does not solve the problem until the end, because the handle is broken and needs to be repaired. It is not worth repairing the old handle, and this is most often impossible, so the only solution is to replace the broken part.

To begin, remove the damaged handle, after a series of simple manipulations. We take a screwdriver, open the hatch of the washing machine wide open and unscrew the two screws that hold this hatch. We lay the hatch on the floor with the front part down and unscrew all the screws located in a circle of this part. Take a picture of the glass of the hatch along with the hook to remember the location of these details. If this is not done, then problems will arise.

We disassemble the hatch into two parts and remove the glass to the side. We photograph the inside of the hatch so as not to remember the location of the details of the mechanism. We remove the pin, spring and hook of the damaged handle and remove them to the side. Dismantling a damaged handle can be considered complete.

For the metal pin to come out, you have to push it with something sharp and hard. A nail or an awl will do. If the pin comes out tight, spray it with WD-40.


We purchase a new handle, which consists of a set of parts: a plastic part, a hook, a spring and a pin. Referring to a previously made photograph, assemble the handle mechanism and put the handle itself in the correct position. The most difficult thing is to put the pin, because it must crawl through all the holes. You will have to sweat, pushing it gradually and simultaneously swaying with the help of pliers.

door handle installation

Check the position of the handle. The handle of the hatch of the washing machine should be spring loaded, but at the same time move relatively easily and return to its original position without problems. If the return is difficult or there is none at all, you need to reinstall the handle mechanism. If everything is normal, we assemble the hatch and install it in place. We check the operation of the hatch handle and safely finish the repair.

handle installation

In conclusion, we note that breaking the handle of the hatch of the washing machine is not a big problem. Nevertheless, in order to solve it, you must first open the hatch itself, and only then carry out simple repairs. There are many ways to open, and all of them are available to anyone who does not even have the skills to repair household appliances. It remains only to apply one of these methods. Good luck


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