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How wide are dishwashers?

dishwasher widthCreating an impeccable design in the kitchen, optimally organizing a small space, it is very important to know the dimensions of all the equipment that will stand in the kitchen, including the dishwasher. Therefore, the owners of the kitchen, and designers, and furniture makers are wondering how wide can be dishwashers? We will answer this question as detailed as possible.

Full-size dishwashers 

In most cases, dishwashers are standard sizes. Until 1994, there was even a document. It registered the height, width, depth, which had dishwashers. Therefore, difficulties with installing them in furniture (also in standard sizes) did not arise much, except in cases where there was simply no place for a dishwasher in the kitchen.

Today everything is different, the approach to interior decoration has changed. Furniture began to be made to individual sizes. Sometimes this leads to the fact that the equipment in such furniture "does not pass" either in width, in depth, or sometimes in height. It's a shame that any 1-2 centimeters can ruin everything. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to dishwasher selection, and to the manufacture of furniture.

Most dishwashers are standard size machines close to what were once specified in GOST.

Such dishwashers are called full-sized, their width is from 55 to 60 cm, the depth is from 55 to 60 cm and the height is from 80 to 85 cm. Such wide dishwashers have a capacity of 10 to 15 sets - the best option for home use, if there is such a thing set the technique. Full-size dishwashers are comparable in volume to automatic washing machines.

Wide dishwashers can be built-in and not built-in (freestanding). In this case, free-standing dishwashers can also be put under the countertop. Some freestanding machines may have a removable top cover, which will remove 2-3 cm in height. If the lid is not removable, then you have to put it together with the lid, but then the height of the countertop should be higher than the standard one. We emphasize that everything will depend on the model of technology.

Here are a few examples of dishwashers of famous brands in the table for comparison. The analysis showed that most full-size dishwashers have a width of 60 cm, there are single models with a width of 59 and 56 cm. Dishwashers 57, 58 cm wide - no. But note, with a width of 60 cm, the height and depth of the unit can vary significantly.

dishwasher width

Narrow dishwashers

Narrow dishwashers include dishwashers with a width of 45 cm and less, with a height of 81 to 85 cm and a depth of 51 to 65 cm. Such dishwashers are in demand because they have an optimal capacity of dishes (9-12 sets) and well fit in a small kitchen. However, sometimes, even 45 cm turns out to be a lot, people try to find dishwashers 40, 35 and 30 cm wide, but do not waste time on such a search!

Important! A narrow dishwasher with a width of 30, 35 and 40 cm does not exist on sale. Its production is financially and technically not reasonable.

If there are shops on the Internet offering dishwashers with a width of 30, 35 or 40 cm, then this is an advertising move. The technical specifications indicate the true width of such machines, it is 45 cm. In very rare cases, the width of the dishwasher is slightly more than 44 cm. 40 cm is too small to place spare parts, baskets for dishes in the car and at the same time make it optimally fit, and even 35 and 30 cm are not worth talking about.

Narrow dishwashers with a width of 45 cm are also:

  • recessed;
  • freestanding.

Here are the models of different brands. Pay attention to the dishwasher under the brand Indesit - this is the narrowest machine we found, a little wider than it is the machine under the Hankel brand.Also worth noting is the Samsung built-in dishwasher and the Kaiser freestanding narrow dishwasher, because at 45 cm they are very deep, which is not so common and may not fit the size of a conventional kitchen worktop with a width of 50 - 60 cm.

dishwasher width

Attention! Dishwashers with a width of 46 to 54 cm do not exist; there is simply no separate or built-in machine with a width of 50 cm.

Compact dishwashers

We will pay special attention to dishwashers, which are usually classified as compact or small. Judge for yourself how small these dishwashers are, because their width varies from 54.5 to 60 cm, height from 43.5 to 60 cm and depth from 49.4 to 60 cm.

The narrowest desktop dishwasher is the Electrolux ESF 2300 OK, costing about 30 thousand rubles, its dimensions (WxDxH) 54.5x51.5x44.7 cm. Most of the models in this group are 55 cm wide., here are examples of such dishwashers:

  • Candy CDCF 6 - desktop dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 55 x 50 x 44 cm;
  • Indesit ICD 661 - desktop dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 55 x 50 x 48 cm;
  • Flavia CI 55 HAVANA - built-in compact dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 55 x 50 x 43.8 cm;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston HCD 662 S - desktop dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 55 x 52 x 44 cm;
  • Korting KDF 2095 N - desktop dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 55 x 50 x 44 cm;
  • Ginzzu DC281 - a freestanding dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 55 x 50 x 60cm.

There are compact models with a width of 60 cm, here are some of them:beltratto-fsc_4600

  • Siemens SK 76M544 - built-in dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 60 x 50 x 45.4 cm;
  • Bosch SKE 52M55 - built-in dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 60 x 50 x 45 cm;
  • NEFF S66M64N3 - built-in dishwasher, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 60 x 59 x 50 cm.

The only model of the dishwasher we have seen that has a width of 56 cm is the BELTRATTO LAC 4600. Its height is 46 cm and its depth is 60 cm.

Note! Dishwashers with a width of 57, 58 and 59 cm do not exist.

Custom Dishwasher Models

Now he’ll see how wide the dishwashers can be. We attributed such machines to the group of non-standard, they are quite rare, but still there.

  • Smeg STO905-1 is an Italian dishwasher 86 cm wide, with a depth of 55 cm and a height of 58 cm. This dishwasher is fully integrated into the furniture and has a capacity of 12 standard sets of dishes. It resembles an ordinary full-sized dishwasher, but only turned on its side, this is its feature. According to its technical characteristics, it is an excellent machine, silent, having 10 different programs and full protection against leaks. There is a half load function and a program for washing fragile dishes. The price of this model is about 102,000 rubles.
  • Smeg STO905 is another Italian-made dishwasher with similar specifications. Its width, like the previous model, is 86 cm. Minor differences make this model cheaper, it costs about 85,000 rubles.
  • Smeg BLV2VE-2 - a freestanding beautiful yellow car of the Italian assembly. This car attracts attention not only with its color, but also with its size. It is 60 cm wide, like most full-size models, but its height is almost 89 cm and its depth is 67 cm. It can wash 13 standard sets of dishes perfectly, spending 8.5 liters of water. In addition to efficiency, almost silent operation pleases, 42 DB.
  • Kuppersbusch IGVS 6608.3 is a full-size German dishwasher. With a standard width and depth, this machine has a custom height of 91 cm. This unit works quietly, has a variety of programs. But the price scares off, as it costs about 174,000 rubles.

Note! The analysis of dishwashers was carried out on the basis of Yandex Market data for May 2016.

By the way, innovative dishwashers shown in the photo can be attributed to non-standard dishwashers. They look neat and miniature. Unfortunately, we did not find data on their sizes, perhaps some of them have a width of 30 or 40 cm. As for where they can be purchased, it is also unknown, maybe these are exhibition pieces that are not sold and are not mass produced. Yes, and it is very doubtful that such a technique is needed at home.

custom dishwashers

So, after a detailed analysis of the dimensions of the dishwashers, we can draw the following conclusion that there are no appliances with a width of 30, 35 and 40 cm, there are dishwashers only with a width:

  • 44; 44.5 and 45 cm;
  • 54.5; 55 and 56 cm;
  • 60 and 86 cm.


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