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The quietest and most silent dishwashers

quiet PMMAdults with phonophobia or having babies in the family are interested in buying the quietest dishwasher. It is necessary that she either was not heard at all, or her sound barely made its way through the furniture facade. Is this possible? It is possible, but you will have to lay out a little more than you planned, since very quiet cars are found in the middle and high price category, they are not in the low. To facilitate your search and selection of such machines, we made a review in which you will find the names of specific models and a brief description. Enjoy reading.

Smeg STE8239L

Almost silent dishwasher, which even during intense work produces a sound of 31 dB. For comparison, a human whisper (at a distance of 1 m) is about 20 dB. Being outside the kitchen, you will not know that the appliance is turned on and is actively washing dishes. By the level of noise produced, this model can be compared with dishwasher Bosch SMV23AX00R, which produces a sound power of 52 dB. Smeg STE8239L is fully built-in 60 cm wide, basket capacity - 13 place settings.

Smeg STE8239L is completely protected from water leaks and has a sensor that detects the purity of water.

Smeg STE8239L is quiet in addition to being economical. For 1 cycle of a conventional washing, which lasts 3 hours 10 minutes, the machine spends 6.5 liters of water and 0.81 kW / h of electricity, this is an application for a record. The machine stands out:

  • ten washing programs;
  • not full load mode;
  • automatic door opening system at the end of washing;
  • impeccable quality dishwashing;
  • The indicator "Ray".

smeg STE8239L

The dishwasher has a beautiful illumination of the washing chamber and convenient baskets for dishes. The average cost of a model is $ 2080.

AEG FSR 93800 P

Another rather quiet model from another well-known manufacturer AEG FSR 93800 P. It is fully built-in, accommodates 13 sets and produces a working noise that reaches 39 dB, given that the average noise produced by modern dishwashers is 45-55 dB, which is good result. AEG FSR 93800 P can be turned on at night, without fear that the machine will wake you up in the process. For this purpose, it has a delay start function, which allows you to delay the launch of the program for up to 24 hours.

AEG FSR 93800 P

For 1 washing cycle, the machine consumes about 11 liters of water and 0.83 kW of electricity, has 8 washing programs and 4 temperature conditions. The model is distinguished by a number of special functions: night washing, favorite program, extra drying, Auto Open, extra hygiene. The cost of the model is 1766 dollars.

Smeg LVS533XIN

We would like to highlight this dishwasher especially, because it, in contrast to the above-described equipment, is freestanding. Behind the walls of a pretty body hides excellent noise insulation, similar to that used in the manufacture of German cars. Thanks to this noise isolation, the machine does not produce sounds louder than 39 dB. This is, in fact, an excellent result, it is better to find it difficult. Smeg LVS533XIN baskets hold a maximum of 13 sets of dishes.

During washing, the machine consumes no more than 6.5 liters of water. It seems that she washes dishes with hot steam, but the quality of washing does not suffer from this at all. Let's say more, Smeg LVS533XIN is one of the champions in the quality of work, and this fact has been recorded by many specialists and users. What can the model boast except that it is quiet?

Smeg LVS533XIN

  1. Automatic door unlocking system at the end of the program.
  2. Innovative holder for glasses.
  3. Special adjustable baskets.
  4. Full protection against leakage.
  5. Unique anti-fingerprint housing.

It is also worth noting that the machine has a partial load mode, but given that it spends only 6.5 liters of water, it is not really needed. The machine costs 1883 dollars.

Electrolux ESL 97845 RA

There are many fans of the Electrolux brand in Russia. So, they can rejoice, a new quiet dishwasher with excellent technical characteristics.This is a fully integrated, full-size model for 13 sets of dishes with a very low noise level - 39 dB. With a good quality sink, the machine consumes no more than 11 liters of water. It has 7 washing programs, the usual program washes for almost 4 hours.

Experts have indicated the energy class for this dishwasher A +++.

Electrolux ESL 97845 RA

The equipment is highlighted by the bright illumination of the washing chamber, the Favorite Program function, auto power off, the load sensor, the Extra Dry function. The average cost of Electrolux ESL 97845 RA is $ 1700.

Smeg STA6539L3

Why is the dishwasher noisy and what is the secret of models like Smeg STA6539L3? Why are they quiet? The secret lies in the special details, their location and special sound insulation. But let's not go into details, but let's talk about the wonderful Smeg STA6539L3 typewriter. This is a floor-mounted dishwasher, fully integrated with a cabinet width of 60 cm. It holds 13 sets of dishes and has the most modern and reliable electronic control.

Smeg STA6539L3

The noise level does not exceed 39 dB, which makes the equipment one of the quietest in its class. The memory of the control module contains 10 washing programs. For 1 cycle, the machine spends 9 liters of water, which makes it moderately economical. Of the special functions, it has only automatic opening at the end of the wash, the rest is a standard set. Smeg STA6539L3 perfectly launders even the dirtiest dishes, while it costs $ 1,333.

Electrolux ESL 98825 RA

Another wonderful “assistant” from the glorious family of Electrolux, which boasts a noise level of 39 dB. This fully integrated model is not only very quiet, but also extremely roomy. In her basket fits as many as 15 sets of dishes. And the machine can completely wash this huge mountain in 3 hours. 11 liters of water and 0.86 kW / h of electricity are consumed in one cycle.

The Electrolux ESL 98825 RA is not only remarkable for its huge basket capacity. It is worth noting that, during operation, she projects a time indicator directly onto the floor, which allows the hostess to find out what stage the program is at without opening the door. In addition, in the arsenal of cars there are:

  • auto shut off function;
  • XtraDry
  • load sensor;
  • FlexiSpray - a unique sprayer;
  • Time Manager.

Users also highlight the most convenient cutlery tray with a special design.

Electrolux ESL 98825 RA

I don’t even want to mention such trifles as the interior lighting of the washing chamber and adjustable baskets. And so it is clear that the model is very worthy, but you will have to pay a decent price for it - $ 1,330.

Siemens SN658X01 ME

Among Smegov and Electroluxes, in our review, the most worthy Siemens SN658X01 ME dishwasher was “crowded” in our review. This is a technique with a case width of 60 cm, fully integrated, accommodating 14 sets of dishes. Noise level - 39 dB. Although this model is not the most economical, but it does an excellent job washing dishes, it has 8 washing programs and a bunch of additional features in its arsenal.

  1. Vario Speed ​​Plus.
  2. Intensive washing area.
  3. Extra drying.
  4. Load sensor.
  5. Hygiene +
  6. Touch control

Siemens SN658X01 ME

I would also like to note the stylish design of the dishwasher and its extraordinary reliability. The cost is 1066 dollars.


Not the most expensive, but very noteworthy dishwasher NEFF S515M60X0R has attracted many customers already. This is a fully built-in machine with a substantial capacity - 14 standard sets of dishes. The noise level is similar to the above model and is 39 dB. In the presence of an in-line water heater, the machine spends only 1.08 kW / h of electricity, consuming 9.5 liters of water per 1 washing cycle.


There are only 6 washing modes in the arsenal, but this should not mislead you, since the machine copes with its work for five plus. She has a mode of incomplete loading baskets, Intensive Zone, a load sensor and a nozzle for washing trays. In addition, the model is equipped with a quiet Eco Silence Drive motor and excellent noise isolation, and the notorious 39 dB are added up from this. The cost of the model is 1150 dollars.

Smeg STL7235L

In our review there are quite a few representatives of the Smeg brand, but there is nothing to be done about it. It is Smeg who produces a record number of quiet dishwashers and this is wonderful. Smeg STL7235L is a low-noise (39 dB) full-size model with a capacity of 13 place settings. Modern electronic control is complemented by high efficiency. In one wash cycle, the machine spends no more than 9 liters of water, while the partial load mode is still available, which saves another 4.5 liters per cycle.

smeg STE8239L

In a normal program, the machine spends a little less than 3 hours on a full washing cycle, while the control module contains as many as 10 washing programs. Each program has its own characteristics and is valuable in its own way. The machine does not have any special functions, but this does not prevent it from coping with its task by 120%. The price is $ 1,400.

At the end of the wash, a loud sound is heard, which, if necessary, can be turned off.

Electrolux ESL 8820 RA

If you're interested in quiet, high-load machines, check out the Electrolux ESL 8820 RA. It works extremely quietly - 39 dB and holds 15 sets of utensils. Some users claim that it is possible to stuff 17 sets into it, but we did not check this statement. High quality sinks provide 7 modes, from which you can choose your favorite program and save it in the memory of the machine. Each time you turn on the equipment, Electrolux ESL 8820 RA will choose your favorite program.

Electrolux ESL 8820 RA

The machine has excellent electronic control, and it can be called quite economical, since it spends only 11 liters of water on such a huge mountain of dishes. Imagine how much water would have to be poured to wash a mountain of dirty dishes by hand. In addition to standard functions, the machine boasts: an automatic deactivation mode, Xtra Dry and an automatic door opening system at the end of the program. Buy Electrolux ESL 8820 RA for $ 1017.

Concluding our review, we note that quiet dishwashers are invariably expensive. It’s hard to find a record-breaking quiet machine cheaper than $ 1,000, which is understandable. Quiet machine has a quiet and expensive engine with direct drive, as well as expensive sound insulation. Add the brand co-payment here, and you will get a market price, which, for some reason, is not pleasing to the eye.


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