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Overview of Samsung washing machines with inverter motor

Samsung washing machines with inverter motorWhich automatic machine to choose? With a collector or inverter motor? There is an opinion among users that it is better to give preference to inverter motors, since they are more reliable and durable, do not require regular maintenance. And this is true, therefore, the global brand Samsung actively uses this technology in the production of modern washing machines.

The range of Samsung washing machines with an inverter engine is very wide, and it can be quite difficult to choose a particular unit. We offer you an author's review of the most popular automatic machines equipped with an inverter engine.

Samsung WW70K62E00W

This inverter washing machine, undoubtedly, deserves the attention of potential buyers. She received a large number of five-star reviews from users, in which practical noiselessness was noted during operation, a large number of special programs and additions, excellent washing and spin quality, and a stylish design. The Samsung WW70K62E00W is really very good. This can be seen by studying its main characteristics:

  • spacious drum (allows you to load at the same time 7 kg of dry things);
  • the best indicator of the class of washing - A;
  • good spin efficiency (the maximum possible drum rotation speed in this mode is 1200 rpm);
  • electronic control type (all basic washing parameters are set using the built-in electronic programmer);
  • 14 special washing modes.

A wide variety of programs allows you to choose the right one for washing all kinds of fabrics, things that require special care. In the arsenal of the machine there are such modes as: “Cotton”, “Cotton Eco”, “Synthetics”, “Bedclothes”, “Baby clothes”, “Dark fabrics”. In addition, the intellect can offer you: a delicate, economical, intensive, preliminary, quick or steam wash. As for interesting additions, the washer is equipped with the following functions.

  1. "Eco Bubble". With the help of this technology, numerous bubbles are formed, washing powder quickly dissolves in air-saturated water at the very first stage of washing. Due to this, detergents penetrate the fabric much faster, clothes are washed more thoroughly and more carefully.
  2. “AddWash” - allows the user to load things into the drum after washing has already begun. This can be done through a specially provided small door, which is located on the hatch.
  3. Eco drum cleaning. Allows you to turn on the self-cleaning mode, which removes accumulated deposits and debris from the surface of the drum.
  4. Delaying the start of washing. It makes it possible to delay the start of the unit for a period of 1 to 24 hours.

And, finally, Samsung WW70K62E00W has the ability to control excessive foaming, prevent child intervention by locking the panel, and conduct self-diagnosis of system malfunctions. The average price is about 34999 - 39999 rubles.

Samsung WW70K62E00S

This model is very similar to the previous version, located in approximately the same price range. It has an excellent set of programs, functions. A more detailed description of the unit parameters:

  • drum capacity - 7 kg;
  • frontal type of loading of linen;
  • highest washing class;
  • bubble wash technology;
  • 14 washing programs;
  • honeycomb drum;
  • electronic control type.

The washing machine is characterized by a high level of resource saving. Energy consumption per cycle is 0.91 kWh, water consumption is 42 liters. The automatic machine features advanced AddWash technology that will allow the user to reload the laundry after the washing process has already been started.

The possibility of reloading is usually highly appreciated by the housewives, because often after the start of washing, the idea that it would be nice to throw a couple of forgotten gizmos in the drum is visited.


The washing modes programmed in the intellect are quite diverse. You can easily find a program for washing children's clothes, cotton and wool products, fabrics requiring delicate care, bedding and black clothes. It is possible to choose an economical or quick wash, steam treatment or self-cleaning mode of the drum from dirt.

Samsung WD80K5410OS

This model of the Samsung range compares favorably with the possibility of drying the washed laundry. Built-in drying will allow once and for all to solve the problem of lack of space for hanging things. Processing the laundry with heated air will allow you to get clean and completely dry clothes out of the dryer. So, to understand all the advantages of a washing machine, a detailed description of its capabilities will help:

  • the drum holds at the same time up to 8 kg of dry laundry;
  • maximum load during drying - 6 kg;
  • Eco Bub technology;
  • function of reloading things during washing;
  • 13 special washing modes;
  • honeycomb drum;
  • the highest class of washing quality;
  • electronic intelligence management;
  • high spin speed - up to 1400 rpm.

The machine with the possibility of drying clothes has slightly increased dimensions, in comparison with the previous options. So, its height, width and depth are respectively 85, 60, 60 centimeters. Basic functions, such as: protection against leaks, child intervention, excessive foaming, delaying the start time of the washing process, self-diagnosis of malfunctions, of course, are present.

The equipment is equipped with a digital display on which you can follow the indication of the progress of the program and the remaining duration of the wash.

Of course, the presence of built-in drying could not but affect the final cost of the unit. The price of a washing machine with an inverter engine varies from 65499 to 67,499 rubles.

Samsung WW90M64LOPO

Stylish, modern inverter washing machine Samsung WW90M64LOPO - a premium option on the home appliance market. The cost of the unit fluctuates around 70 thousand rubles, but it justifies itself with the chic functionality and technologies used in the production of SMA.

A distinctive feature of the washer can be considered the QuickDrive technology, which allows you to reduce washing time by 50 percent and reduce energy consumption by 20 percent. The washing quality does not change at all, but remains very high. Drum Q-Drum moves independently of the back wall, and things loaded into it rotate much more intensively, which explains the significant acceleration of the washing process. Samsung WW90M64LOPO Parameters:

  • a very spacious drum that can take up to 9 kg of dry laundry;
  • spin class - A, maximum speed - 1400 rpm;
  • bubble wash function;
  • 14 special programs;
  • technology "AddWash";
  • leak proof housing;
  • blocking from child intervention.


The washing machine provides the “Easy Ironing” mode, monitors excessive foam formation during the main wash or rinse, displays information important to the user on the digital display: the time remaining until the end of the wash, the duration of the selected program, and the progress of the mode.

In the event of a malfunction, it will itself diagnose the system and detect a malfunction.

Samsung WW70J52E0HS

A washing machine that has all the parameters necessary for comfortable use, which combine with a pleasant cost - from 31,999 rubles. Users who actively operate the unit note its main advantages: low noise during the spin cycle, stylish design, good washing quality, high resource saving. The main characteristics of the AGR:

  • drum capacity - up to 7 kg of laundry;
  • spin speed - up to 1200 rpm;
  • electronic intelligence management;
  • Eco drum cleaning;
  • Eco Bubble feature
  • water and energy consumption per cycle, respectively, 42 liters and 1.05 kW * h.

The automatic machine is characterized by a fairly high level of safety: it protects the device from sudden voltage drops, from the intervention of children, from excessive foaming. Equipped with a self-diagnosis function of emerging malfunctions, the possibility of delaying the start of washing.


Intellect offers the user the following modes: cotton, dark fabrics, children's clothes, steam processing, intensive and fast washing. You can independently change the parameters set by the system by adjusting the spin speed and water temperature with special buttons on the control panel.

The global brand Samsung cares about the quality of household appliances offered to consumers, therefore, strive to use the latest developments and modern technologies in production. An inverter motor is one of such innovations, which significantly increases the life of automatic machines, makes them more reliable and strong.


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