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Manual for washing machine (S821) Samsung Bio Compact

manual for Samsung Bio CompactThe manual is quite easy for the Samsung Bio Compact S821 washing machine. Even if you have lost the printed version of the instructions that came with your "home assistant", you can always visit our website and download both the original and compressed versions of this document. In this publication, we are just presenting a compressed, adapted version that you will definitely like, because you will have to read quite a bit.

Preparing the machine for work

The Samsung Bio Compact S821 washing machine is designed to be the perfect home helper that will quickly put your dirty things in order. However, it is necessary to learn how to use it correctly and, of course, the machine must be correctly installed.

During the warranty period, keep the packaging and all documentation that came with the washing machine.

After unpacking and inspecting the Samsung machine for defects and various damages, unscrew the transportation bolts that can be found on the back wall of the case. Next, select the installation location. Strictly speaking, you need to select a place in advance, even before buying a car. To organize communications, strengthen the floor and move the furniture so that it does not touch the body of the working washer.

If all this is done, you can start connecting the "home assistant". About, DIY installation and connection of a washing machineread in the article of the same name. But we still describe some additional installation tips in this publication.

  • Try to align the machine body as best as possible, alternating its legs alternately with a wrench.
    twist the legs of the machine to align
  • When screwing the inlet hose, do not forget to put the rubber o-rings, if they have become stiff from long-term storage, soak them in engine oil.
  • If the inlet hose is too short, you can additionally purchase a longer hose and replace it with the standard one. We do not recommend to increase the standard hose.
  • When connecting the drain hose to a siphon or sewer pipe, be sure to seal and secure the connection with a hose clamp. When draining, the pump creates sufficient pressure to allow water to splash out through the leaky joint onto the floor.
  • The drain hose can not be connected anywhere, but simply hooked over the edge of the sink or thrown into the bath, but this will not look aesthetically pleasing.
  • To connect the washer, you need a separate outlet, the power of which will be provided by a wire of sufficient cross section, preferably copper. The socket must be moisture resistant. If you often have a power outage, plug in a power regulator and a washing machine.
    drain hose arrangement

Control Panel: Button Assignment

By connecting a Samsung Bio Compact S821 washing machine, do not rush to start washing. First, get acquainted with the capabilities of technology by examining the control panel and the purpose of the buttons and other elements that are located on it. Let us describe them and give examples of how they can be used.

  1. Powder collector or powder dispenser. A very important element, which is located to the left of the control panel. We pour powder into it, pour conditioner and bleach.
  2. Indicator Panel It occupies the “lion” share of the control panel of the Samsung Bio Compact machine. These are different bulbs, each of which has its own purpose. They transmit important information about the progress of washing, rinsing, spinning. They may even indicate to the user that the machine is broken, but hopefully this will not come to that.
  3. Button "program selection". This button (the first from the powder receiver) is very important. With it, you can scroll through the washing program until you select the one you need.You can experiment, press the “program selection” button several times and look at the indicator panel, the light should be on the opposite of the mode you selected - cotton, synthetics, thin fabric, etc.
  4. Button "temperature selection" (the second from the powder receiver). Its purpose speaks for itself, because this button helps to adjust the bio compact s821
  5. Button "drum speed" (the third from the powder cuvette). This button will help to set the spin speed. You can choose to wash without spin, at a speed of 600 revolutions and at a speed of 800 revolutions.
  6. Start / stop button (fourth from the cuvette, large with backlight). An important button, because you have to press it each time to start the washing program. They press it to stop the washing.
  7. The on / off button (located with the edge on the right). A standard button, the purpose of which you have already guessed.

It is very easy to deal with the Russified control panel, because all the buttons and bulbs on it are signed. But if you have a car from Europe, the panel can be in English, German, Polish and any other language. In this case, the instruction comes in handy.

Washing and managing it

So, we carefully studied the control panel, you can start the first wash. According to the instructions, the first wash is carried out without laundry in order to rinse the inside of the "home assistant".

  • You must first turn on the machine, then open the powder receptacle and put a small amount of detergent in its leftmost compartment.
  • Open all taps that block the flow of water into the washer.
  • Use the temperature selection button to set 400WITH.
  • We press start and we wait for the end of the program.

At the first start, absolutely nothing can be put in the drum of the machine.

Now a few words about loading detergent. In the future, you will use a variety of washing programs, and each will have its own characteristics. These features will also affect the placement of detergents inside the powder receptacle. Please note that for prewashing you will need the rightmost compartment, the air conditioner needs to be poured into the middle compartment, well, and the leftmost compartment will be used more often, because it is for main washing. Consider the example of everyday washing.

  1. Turn on the machine and open the door wider.
  2. We lay the laundry inside for one thing. Do not shove dirty laundry lumpy and of course, you need to sort it before washing.
  3. Close the door until it clicks.
  4. We put detergent and conditioner in the powder receiver.
  5. We select the program, temperature and spin speed with the corresponding buttons. If it is impossible to choose something, it means that the program does not provide for this ratio of parameters.
  6. We start the wash by pressing "start / stop".

How to follow the machine?

Good owners always follow any household appliances, much less a washing machine, because in a modern house without an automatic washing machine, it’s “like no hands”. Samsung Bio Compact S821 does not require special care, in any case what needs to be done every time is unlikely to make it difficult for you. But if you forget about the basic rules of care, then this can affect the operation of the washing machine in the future, and affect it negatively. What rules are we talking about?

  • Samsung washing machine, should be dried after each wash. Wipe the cuff of the hatch and other wet parts with a rag. Leave the hatch and powder cuvette slightly open so that the moisture evaporates and the fungus does not start inside.
  • If water or detergents get on the control panel, immediately wipe it with a dry cloth. Excess moisture is very harmful to electronics.
  • Clean the dust filter a couple of times a year. Its location is shown in the figure below. Unscrew the filter plug, drain the stagnant water, and then clean out any dirt.
    dust filter location
  • Once a year, it is necessary to clean the flow filter of the inlet hose, which is located at the junction of the inlet hose with the washer body.This is done as follows: we shut off the water, unscrew the inlet hose, pull out the pliers and rinse the filter, put everything in place.
  • Also sometimes you need to inspect the inlet hose. If cracks or more serious damage appear on it, the part must be changed in time to prevent leakage.

Well, it seems that we talked about the most important thing regarding the operation of the Samsung Bio Compact S821 washer. If you need more detailed information, use the instructions that came with this publication. Good luck


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    Thank you so much for such intelligible information. I inherited the machine and, as usual, without instructions. Thanks to you, I already erase the sliders in full!

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