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Super-heavy washing machines

heavy duty washing machineOur specialists often have to hear the expression narrow washing machine and not even just hear, but to repair appliances whose width is less than 40 cm. However, the expression super-heavy washing machines has puzzled us all. It turns out that manufacturers call super-narrow the narrowest front-loading washing machines, the depth of which is from 33 to 35 cm, we'll talk about them in more detail.

Already narrow

Having studied in detail the market of automatic washers, you can see that manufacturers have been actively filling a niche lately narrow washing machines, developing and introducing more and more new models with a depth of less than 40 cm, while the height and width of such equipment remains standard. But if you look at front-loading washing machines, the depth of which is from 33 to 35 cm, we will not see such a wide variety of models, and meanwhile, these are washing machines with more than demanded depth.

Imagine such a picture. You have a small apartment, it is impossible to put a washing machine in the bathroom, the kitchen remains. You decide to integrate the washing machine under the countertop, but the problem is that you can only afford a countertop 40 cm deep. You get the problem out of the blue.

A larger worktop will look bulky in a small kitchen and take up too much space, which in this case is an unacceptable luxury.

To integrate the washing machine under the countertop, you must leave a gap of at least 1 cm in front so that the front panel does not protrude and at least 5 cm in the back so that there is room for hoses and a power cord. As a result, 34 cm remains under the body of the washing machine, but where to get such a washer, even if narrow models have a depth of 36, 37, 38 and 39 cm. It turns out that in our case even a narrow washing machine has nowhere to shove, we need a super-tight model of the front-loading washing machine with a maximum depth of 35 cm, is it possible to take one somewhere?

Overview of these washers

Among the most popular brands of washing machines you can find a lot of narrow models, super-heavy are rare, and not all manufacturers can boast of them. For example, among Samsung or LG washing machines, such models are not found, but under the Indesit brand they are found. Well, we will not torment the reader with unnecessary reasoning, but immediately proceed to the overview of super-heavy washing machines.

  1. Indesit IWUB 4085. A simple super-heavy washing machine with dimensions W x D x H - 60x33x85 cm. The model has only one advantage - the ultra shallow depth of the hull, only 33 cm, otherwise the technical characteristics are more than modest. Drum loading is only 4 kg, spin up to 800 rpm. There is no display, but there is an impressive amount of washing programs. The average cost of this car is about 195 dollars.
  2. Indesit IWUC 4105. Super-heavy washing machine from the same manufacturer. Unlike the above model, this model has more advanced technical characteristics, while its dimensions are the same W x D x H - 60x33x85 cm. The load is exactly the same - 4 kg, but the spin can be performed already at a speed of 1000 revolutions. The machine comes with a removable cover, which makes it easy to integrate the model under the countertop, and 16 programmed modes make it possible to wash clothes perfectly. Price: 225 dollars.

In the class of super-heavy washing machines, Indesitas are considered the cheapest, although their quality is appropriate.

  1. ATLANT 35M102. This super-heavy washing machine is made by a well-known Belarusian company. With dimensions W x D x H - 60x33x85 cm, this machine is slightly inferior in technical specifications to its competitors producing equipment under the brand name Indesit. In particular, this model has a load of 3.5 kg, an extraction of 1000 revolutions and only 15 washing programs. But there is a partial protection against leaks. Cost of model: 261 dollars.
  2. Electrolux EWM 1042 EDU. Inexpensive, economical, and most importantly a very narrow washing machine from a well-known and long-established manufacturer.Dimensions W x D x H - 60x33x85 cm, load 4 kg of dry laundry, wring out at speeds up to 1000 revolutions, there is a display. There is imbalance control, foam level control, as well as protection from children. Price: $ 276.
  3. Hotpoint-Ariston ARUSL 105. A washing machine with the same dimensions (W x D x H - 60x33x85 cm) and the same characteristics. The same load of 4 kg and a spin speed of 1000 revolutions, but an unusual composition of washing programs, among which are: preventing creasing, washing delicate fabrics, steam supply and others. There are 16 programs in total. The average price of a model: 260 dollars.
  4. Candy GV34 126TC2. And this model of the super-load of the washing machine, in our opinion, is very remarkable. She has a depth of 1 cm more - 34 cm (W x D x H - 60x34x85 cm), in general the difference is insignificant, but the technical characteristics are impressive. Firstly, loading as much as 6 kg of dry laundry. Secondly, spin 1200 rpm. In addition, the energy class A ++, excellent display and stylish appearance. You will have to pay $ 340 for this model, in principle, a good price for such a wonderful device.

So, having made a review of super-heavy washing machines, we came to the conclusion that the narrowest car has a depth of 33 cm with a standard height and width. Perhaps the time is not far off when manufacturers will learn to make even more narrow technology, but so far everything is that way. The myth that super-powered cars cost fabulous money is nothing more than a myth. You yourself can make sure that their price is quite reasonable and correlates with the prices of models with standard dimensions.

On the pros and cons of such a technique

We are remoteness to deal with the question of what washing machines are called super-heavy. These are automatic washing machines, which have the smallest depth from 33 to 35 cm. We gave an overview of the models of such machines and this review shows that many companies have already mastered the production of such equipment. Moreover, in recent years, they are increasingly offering these models on the market, which indirectly indicates a stable demand for them. What are the advantages of super-heavy models of washing machines?

  1. The super-slim model can be built-in or simply put wherever a standard-sized machine can fit.
  2. Narrow models stand very well against the wall in a small room, saving space.
  3. Thanks to the compact arrangement of parts, the super-heavy machine has decent technical characteristics that allow it to operate normally.

Such washing machines also have disadvantages: the lack of full protection against leaks, the limited capacity of the drum, the lack of drying, and so on. But these disadvantages rarely stop potential buyers, so that super-heavy washing machines from now on will only gain popularity, actively crowding out full-size “home helpers”.

In conclusion, we note that super-heavy washing machines, like their narrow counterparts, are actively capturing the market for washing machines around the world. In the near future, the vast majority of washing machines will have either a limited depth or generally compact sizes, although who knows what will happen in a few years?


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  1. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    One-piece tank. And this means that if the bearing fails (1-4 years), you will have to buy a new one.

  2. Gravatar Zhenya Zhenya:

    Our Hotpoint Ariston is 15 years old! It is narrow! Automatic, front-loading. Survived one move. Never called a repairman! We do not buy a new one, it still works!

  3. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    Our narrow washer Indesit is already in its 10th year. It works as quietly as before. The drum is large, you can easily wash the tulle and curtains.

  4. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Thank! Because they wrote how much to leave the distance from the car to the wall. I could not find anywhere.

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