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Front-loading washing machines - detailed overview

Front-loading washing machinesFront-loading washing machines - an innumerable assortment from various manufacturers in specialized stores pleases today's consumer. All of them have different prices and additional features. But why can one model last up to 10 years for the owners, while for others the washing machine requires first repairs after just a few uses?

Of course, an important criterion here is the quality of production of the unit, how the owners use it and a set of technical characteristics. The front-loading washing machine is difficult to choose, so it is important to navigate the varieties of models represented by the home appliance market.


Before you purchase and connect a washing machine, you should determine its optimal size. Manufacturers tried to take into account all the wishes of their consumers, and therefore in the shops there are narrow, small-sized and standard models of machines to choose from.

It is necessary to navigate in these types in order to choose for the family the right amount of load of clothes and other linen. If the family has two to three people, then the optimal machine would be with a load of 3 kg of laundry. For an average family (up to five people), cars with laundry up to 5-6 kg are suitable. But if the machine will be used by seven or more people, here you will need a device where you can put almost 8 kg of laundry.

Front washing machine features

What can please us with washing machines of this type?

Washing modes

Each front-loading washing machine has its own washing efficiency, which can be determined by special marking. It is indicated by simple letters - from "A" to "G". The elite class of washing will ensure the preservation of fabrics even after numerous washes.

Horizontal loading of the washing machine

Washing process

The traditional washing process. In such washing machines, a powder solution fills the space where the drum and the laundry rotate.

AquaSpar. Contact of clothes with the solution occurs not only from the bottom of the drum. In the washing process, it is irrigated from above when water is trapped on the top of the drum.

3-DAquaSpar. An ideal modern machine with a three-level water supply process. Tissues are soaked in powder solution on several sides of the drum.

3-DAqua-Tronic. It has the capabilities of 3-DAquaSpar and AquaSpar, which is characterized by the irrigation of linen from above and from several sides at the same time.

Activa. In this process of operation of the washing machine, water is supplied by a powerful supply. In a short period of time, the linen is subjected to the strongest primary processing.

Direct Spray In this mode, the soap solution continuously enters the machine until the rinsing process thanks to a special pump that drives it through the drum several times.

Combiwash. The system provides a complete immersion of the laundry or irrigation, depending on whether the washing mode was selected - delicate or standard.

Wash with air and bubbles. The washing process is highly efficient due to air enriched water. This allows you to well and delicately wash clothes from the most difficult mud stains.

Countertop washing machine

Drying function

Frontal washing machines with the option of ironing or drying greatly facilitate the work of housewives and save valuable time. After the usual spin, the machine automatically switches on the drying mode for the laundry at a certain temperature, depending on the limits to which the drum is loaded. Usually, clothes are dried by blowing at a low temperature.

Drying modes

"Under the iron." After washing, the laundry retains a slight degree of humidity, but it can be ironed and it will be ready to be sent to the cabinet.

“Dry” or “for storage”.After washing, clothes without the use of an iron can be folded into a closet.

"Very dry." In this mode, it is good to wash terry towels and bathrobes that can be sent to the wardrobe immediately after being taken out of the car. This also applies to overall work clothing that does not require ironing.

Washer dryer"Accelerated drying." Suitable for fabrics with high wear resistance, as during the drying process they are exposed to high temperature for a short period.

"Delicate drying." Ideal for linen made of thin and fragile fabrics, fully preserves the structure of linen without harm to it.

Front-line washing machines with drying have their drawbacks - things wear out much faster if they are constantly dried in a drum.


The spin class is indicated by the letters “A” to “G”. Also of great importance is the number of revolutions that the drum makes during spinning. For thin synthetic materials, only 350 revolutions will be needed, and for thin clothes, up to 600 revolutions. If the machine is used for washing coarse, terry or denim fabrics, then the spin mode in it should be at least 1000–1200 rpm. We recommend the highest spin up to 1800 rpm for processing children's things. The higher the spin level, the better it removes the remnants of the powder solution before rinsing.

Additional features in frontal washing machines

  • Lightweight or hand wash (the drum has no rotational movements, but only slightly fluctuates).
  • Wash delicate wool (very slow rotation of the drum ensures the preservation of thin and soft woolen things).
  • Half load (ideal if there is a small amount of clothing that needs to be washed).
  • Economic washing (ideal for saving powders, controlling water or electricity consumption with minimal wear on the washing machine).
  • Quick wash (suitable for lightly soiled fabrics, saving time).
  • Prewash (pre-soak option for heavily soiled fabrics with several rinses).
  • Intensive washing (the mode is necessary for washing old stains on linen at elevated temperatures and with the expenditure of time).
  • Removing excess foam (an option in which the drum automatically stops and excess foam is removed from it).

Pay attention to the drum

The washing quality is significantly increased if front-loading washing machines are released at an angle with the drum. It is better to purchase a washing machine, where the drum has small numerous holes. In this case, the consumer has guarantees that the machine will be reliably protected from mechanical impact by small objects.

Metal is the standard material for making drums, but more and more polymers are being replaced. They have special strength, durability, corrosion resistance and perfectly retain heat in the washing machine.

Design Features

If the hoses on the washing machine are located on the side, then its installation will be much easier. For ease of transportation, it is better to purchase a housing on casters.

It is worth paying attention to the washing machine, which has elastic shock absorbers on the body. They provide a low vibration level in the washing state and during the spin cycle, which significantly extends the life of the washing machine. Maintenance of the washing machine is simpler if removable panels are built into it from the top and the front.

What additional elements extend the service life:

  1. Water cooling in automatic mode;
  2. Self-cleaning filter in the water pump;
  3. Automatic protection of the pump against overheating.

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  1. Gravatar Angelina Angelina:

    There are a lot of frontal washing machines, it is difficult to choose from them. I searched first of all with drying, plus I didn’t want it with a little load (we are big lovers of huge blankets that are saturated with water and just become heavy). In the end, all that I needed was found in the Hotpoint washer. I am still very pleased with her. I’m talking about this - do not rush to grab the first thing that catches your eye. Choose wisely.

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