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Rating compact dishwashers

Rating compact dishwashersNot everyone likes full-sized dishwashers, which take up a lot of space and wash 9 or 12 sets of dishes in one cycle. Often the smaller models are the most convenient, in which you can load no more than 8 cookware sets. Their advantage is compactness, budget and economy, so customers are increasingly paying attention to miniature household appliances. If you also wanted to purchase a “mini version”, but the search is not easy, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our rating of compact dishwashers.

Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11

The well-known and already time-tested company Bosch in the line of kitchen household appliances has the best models of dishwashers. We are talking about the Serie 2 SKS 41E11 - a compact freestanding machine with fully electronic control and a capacity of up to 6 sets. Its main operational characteristics are as follows:

  • dimensions - width 55 cm, depth 50 cm and height 45 cm;
  • average water consumption per standard cycle is about 8 liters;
  • Class A + power consumption (not more than 0.62 kWh);
  • Noise - approximately 54 dB, which is slightly higher than other models;
  • type of drying - condensation.

One dish set includes plates for soup, salad and side dish, spoon, fork, knife and mug. Pots, pans, baking trays and other additional utensils are not included.

The machine offers a choice of 4 washing modes: normal for medium-soiled dishes, intensive to eliminate strong stains, economical for simple rinsing of plates and express cycle for quick cleaning. There is no half load option. Also, no soundtrack is provided.Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11

But the Bosch dishwasher boasts the support of several modern and useful technologies. So, thanks to the VarioSpeed ​​function, the duration of the modes is reduced by half without loss of washing quality. Brushless EcoSilence Drive has a ten-year warranty and is considered the next generation engine.

The load sensor allows the system to automatically calculate the required amount of water for an effective result, which will save consumption and energy consumption. Positive impact on utility bills and ActiveWater innovation, providing optimal circulation at the lowest cost. The user will also be pleased with the modern automatic closing door with ServoSchloss lock.


Among the fully embedded models stands MAUNFELD MLP-06IM. It is designed for a maximum of 6 sets and is distinguished by its efficiency due to low energy consumption and water consumption. A convenient addition will be the display, which allows you to track the washing time and verify the set cycle settings. The main parameters of the machine:MAUNFELD MLP-06IM

  • energy consumption class - A + (or 0.61 kWh);
  • washing and drying class at level A;
  • intelligent management;
  • water consumption - about 6.5 liters per cycle;
  • maximum power consumption - up to 1280 W;
  • Noise - approximately 49 dB, which allows you to easily wash even at night;
  • Dimensions: 55x51.8x43.8 cm.

The dishwashers of all the machines in question are made of stainless steel, so the units are fully protected from the destructive effects of water and have an extended service life.

The “chip” of this dishwasher will be 6 washing modes, allowing you to choose the most suitable program for each case. In addition to the commonplace usual, intense, economical and fast provided and delicate. The latter is designed to clean fragile dishes - porcelain or crystal.

The machine is favorably distinguished by the presence of a delay of start during the day, an audible signal to end the cycle and the ability to use 3 in 1 funds. Consumers estimated the affordable cost, high build quality and universal design in white in the model.

DeLonghi DDW05T Saphire

Dishwasher DeLonghi DDW05T Saphire stands out for its non-standard appearance - a shiny black case with metal inserts. In addition to the unusual design, the machine attracts with a capacity of up to 6 sets of dishes, a display and economical classes of consumption, washing and drying at level “A”. Other characteristics are not inferior:DeLonghi DDW05T Saphire

  • consumption of about 7 liters per cycle;
  • noise level up to 48dB;
  • number of programs - 6, including pre-soaking mode;
  • delayed start - up to 24 hours;
  • dimensions - 55x53x44 cm.

A dishwasher with automatic water hardness can independently calculate how much salt or rinse aid is needed to soften it.

The main thing is that the quality of the dishwasher is not inferior to the more famous Bosch. Active users note that this machine is reliable, durable and safe. So, it provides partial protection against leaks, automatic installation of water hardness, salt flow indicator and sound accompaniment of the sink. A nice addition will be an additional cutlery tray.

Electrolux ESF 2300 DW

The Electrolux ESF 2300 DW is also well established. This is a partially built-in condensation type machine, designed for 5-6 sets. Its main feature is the presence of a special water purity sensor, which allows the use of slightly contaminated water repeatedly to reduce the total flow. The main parameters of the dishwasher look normal.

  1. Energy consumption and class A sink.
  2. Drying level B.
  3. Electronic control.
  4. Noise within 48 dB.

Using the digital display, you can monitor the status of the sink and the temperature of the water. As much as possible, the machine heats up to 60 degrees, and the power consumption does not exceed the mark of 1200 watts. There are six standard programs, including intensive mode, express washing, delicate, economy and soaking.Electrolux ESF 2300 DW

Not without a dishwasher and additional features. So, it is planned to postpone the start up to 19 hours, partial protection against leakage, blocking the panel from children and a warranty period of one year. Users also note an intuitive interface, thanks to it it is simple and convenient to control the machine.

Weissgauff TDW 4017 D

Among budget machines, Weissgauff TDW 4017 D occupies a special place. A freestanding dishwasher offers great functionality at an affordable price, which makes it desirable for housewives. Especially attractive is the presence of 7 different programs and 5 temperature modes. This allows you to vary the time and quality of washing, depending on the contamination of the plates loaded into the machine. There is also a special button “BIO-program”, which allows you to more economically and efficiently remove fat and protein stains. Now about the characteristics:Weissgauff TDW 4017 D

  • maximum load - 6 dishes;
  • condensation drying;
  • Class A + electricity consumption;
  • washing and drying class A;
  • intelligent management;
  • digital display;
  • the presence of a flowing water heater;
  • water consumption of about 6.5 liters per cycle with a maximum power of up to 1380 watts.

The provided self-cleaning function eliminates the need to regularly clean the machine - the Weissgauff TDW 4017 D intelligent system will clean automatically.

The dishwasher can cope with the usual dirt in 180 minutes, and when you turn on the express sink, the machine refreshes the dishes in 45-90 minutes. For convenience, the start of a loaded machine can be delayed for 1-24 hours, and thanks to the low noise level of up to 49 dB, it is easy to start the cycle at night. As for the reviews, consumers liked the presence of a child lock, full protection against leaks, a holder for glasses and the option of self-cleaning. The ability to easily adjust the position of the middle basket is also much appreciated.

Leran CDW 55-067 WHITE

The leader among budget compact cars is the freestanding Leran CDW 55-067 WHITE. The machine is sold at a record low price, but in terms of performance it is practically not inferior to more expensive models. Take a look at its parameters.Leran CDW 55-067 WHITE

  • Maximum camera load - 6 cookware sets.
  • The lowest class of electricity consumption is A +.
  • High class washing and drying - A.
  • Intelligent controls with an intuitive interface.
  • Noise level - 49 dB.

Despite the low cost, the dishwasher from Leran offers the user 7 standard programs. Along with the usual intensive, express and economy modes, gentle cleaning of fragile dishes is also provided. There is a delay timer for starting the cycle, a holder for glasses, a softener indicator and the use of combined detergents. Reduced dimensions are also attracted - 55x50x43.8 cm.


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