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Rating of the quietest washing machines

Rating of the quietest washing machinesToday, based on a large supply of goods in the household appliance market, customer requirements for washing machines are increasing. First of all, attention, of course, focuses on the ratio of the functionality of the washing machine and its cost. The machine should have excellent washing quality, high reliability, economical use of all types of resources, be suitable for washing all types of fabrics, wring clothes well, give clothes almost dry, and even without folds.

Another important parameter is the noise level of the washing machine. It is important for consumers that the process proceeds inaudibly, without disturbing or annoying family members with the unpleasant sound of “rattling”. Therefore, we present a rating of silent washing machines with excellent functionality.


Opens the top of the quietest automatic machines interesting and multi-functional LG F-2J6NM1W. A free-standing unit with a front loading type allows you to accommodate up to 6 kg of laundry in a drum at the same time. The model has a built-in drying chamber, with which clean linen can be taken out of the machine completely ready to wear. Intelligent control makes the washing process incredibly convenient as well as economical.

What features and capabilities does the LG F-2J6NM1W have?

  1. Remote intelligence over Wi-Fi.
  2. Direct drive system, significantly increasing the wear resistance of the device.
  3. Sufficient efficiency, energy class of the machine - "A".
  4. Function to set the end time.
  5. 14 different programs that allow you to choose the washing parameters for any type of fabric and type of clothing.
  6. The diameter of the loading hatch is 30 cm.
  7. The system will automatically balance the drum during the spin cycle.

The level of safety of using the machine at height. The case is completely protected from accidental leaks, the control panel is easy to block from child intervention, intelligence controls the level of foam. The noise level emitted by the washing machine during washing does not exceed 45 dB, when operating in the "Spin" mode - 56 dB. These are very comfortable values, you will almost never notice that the machine is working at full capacity.


Beautiful, super stylish and very roomy LG F-1406TDSRU takes pride of place in our ranking. The machine is equipped with a special sensor that allows you to measure the weight of the laundry loaded in the drum, in this case you do not have to wonder if it is possible to throw a couple more things. Buyers praised the main advantages of the washing machine, including: excellent build quality, modern design, a large set of convenient functions, economical use of resources. The main characteristics inherent in LG F-1406TDSRU:

  • the drum is designed to simultaneously load up to 8 kg of things;
  • illuminated digital display;
  • beautiful and original red color of the case;
  • low energy consumption - 0.15 kWh / kg, class A ++;
  • high rotation speed in spin mode - up to 1400 revolutions;
  • timer for delaying the start of washing for up to 19 hours;
  • self-diagnosis of system malfunctions;
  • self-cleaning function of the drum surface.


The machine has a good set of programs for washing, including cleaning wool products, baby clothes, steaming, the ability to prevent creasing, express washing and others. The washer case is partially insured against accidental leaks, the system monitors and prevents imbalance in the drum and excessive foaming.

The washing machine has the Health Care program, which allows maximum removal of powder particles from the fabric.

Electrolux EWW 51676 HW

Next in our top will be the Italian Electrolux EWW 51676 HW, which, with its rather compact dimensions, has the function of drying the washed laundry. Customers using a washing machine, note the high quality of washing, a convenient time manager, the ability to assess the weight of the laundry thrown into the drum, the silent operation of the unit. What would I like to dwell on? Electrolux EWW 51676 HW is characterized by:

  • the presence of a capacious drum (holds up to 7 kg of laundry);
  • capacious drying chamber, taking up to 4 kg of things;
  • high efficiency stain removal from tissues;
  • good level of security;
  • the availability of the ability to set the start time for washing as you wish, delayed start up to 20 hours;
  • spin speed can reach 1600 revolutions per minute.

Intelligent control will allow you to choose the optimal water flow depending on the weight of the laundry loaded in the drum, which will also reduce the energy consumption spent on heating the liquid. Convenient digital display will provide the user with comfortable monitoring of the stages of the selected program. A large number of special washing modes will allow you to choose the right parameters for cleaning any type of laundry.

Candy HGS4 1371D3 / 2-S

A narrow stand-alone model of a washing machine with intelligent process control, deserves an honorable place in the ranking of the best silent automatic machines. Noise emission indicator Candy HGS4 1371D3 / 2-S, does not exceed 58 dB in the "Spin" mode. A convenient function of the unit is the ability to control the system from a smartphone or other device connected to a Wi-Fi network. The main technical and operational characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • frontal type of loading things into the drum;
  • a capacious drum that can accept at the same time 7 kg of laundry;
  • the lowest possible energy consumption, a class A +++ machine;
  • the ability to independently set the spin speed, the limit value is 1300 rpm.;
  • protection of the system from the intervention of babies;
  • prevention of excessive foaming;
  • delayed wash system for up to 9 hours;
  • the presence of housing protection against unforeseen leaks.

Candy HGS4 1371D3 2-S Electrolux EWW 51676 HW

16 different washing programs will give the hostess the opportunity to choose the best in each case. Automatic balancing of the drum in case of uneven distribution over the surface of things will prevent premature failure of the elements of the unit.

The machine does not make much noise, the limiting indicator is 58 dB.

Electrolux EWS 1266 EDW

Another of the quietest models that deserve the attention of consumers. An intuitive interface, a large number of washing modes, a stylish design, a focus on resource saving, compact dimensions, silent operation are far from a complete list of advantages Electrolux EWS 1266 EDW. We will analyze the main technical parameters of washing equipment in more detail.

  1. The maximum mass of laundry loaded into the drum is 6 kg.
  2. Intelligent process control.
  3. The function "Time Management", allowing the user to independently determine the duration of the wash.
  4. Low power consumption, only 0.13 kWh / kg.
  5. Detergent direct injection system from the tray.
  6. Spin at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm.
  7. Wash timer.

Electrolux EWS 1266 EDW

The washing machine is characterized by the presence of a large number of special programs, for example, washing jeans, fitness clothes, down products, curtains and underwear. It is possible to use the function of preventing creasing, "Super-rinse" and economical washing. In addition, the machine is protected from accidental leaks, excessive foaming and child intervention. The degree of sound pressure does not exceed 56 dB.


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