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Repair Miele washing machines yourself

Mile washing machineWashing machines from the German manufacturer Miele are one of the most expensive and reliable washing machines. Their quality is appreciated all over the world. The very first automatic machine from Mile was released in 1956, and during this time production technologies only improved. The washing machine from Mile is able to last 20 years without a glitch or breakdown.

However, isolated cases of malfunctions do occur, and among these rare cases, masters note characteristic breakdowns. About how you can independently carry out repairs of Miele washing machines and further narration will go.

Features of Miele washing machines

A characteristic feature of the Miele washing machine is its specific device. All parts are made from quality materials and only at factories located in Germany. In addition, the cars are equipped with sophisticated electronics. This greatly complicates the independent repair of such machines.

For a quality repair, you may need special computer equipment with which you need to be able to work. Therefore, repair of Miele washing machines is most often trusted only by professionals. In this case, the masters note that such machines in 89% of cases can be repaired for relatively little money. Only 2% of broken washing machines cannot be repaired at all, but it can be noted that they worked for at least 10 years.maintainability washing machines Mile

What breaks most often?

If washing machines from the manufacturer Miele are reliable, then why do they break and what can break? Indeed, there is no reason to doubt as components, this is confirmed by the long-standing history of this famous company. But the cause of the breakdown may be improper operation and connection. So, for example, with a sharp voltage surge in the washing machine, electronics, wiring, and even the engine can burn.

With the constant use of hard water for washing and washing at high temperatures, scale can form on the heating element, which can lead to its breakdown. A burned-out Ten can damage the control module.

Similar reasons for the failure of household appliances happen only through the fault of the consumer.

But back to the question, what can most often break in Mile’s washing machine? The answer is pretty simple:

  • drain pump, it is called a pump or nozzles;
  • water level sensor (pressure switch);
  • heating element (teng);
  • drive belt;
  • hatch lock;
  • sensors and electronics.

We clean the drain pump and change the pressure switch

If at one not very fine moment the washing machine stopped draining the waste water, then it is necessary to check the drain filter, drain pump and nozzle. Cleaning the filter in a Mile brand machine, as in the “washers” of other companies, is carried out according to one scheme - from simple to complex.

  1. The easiest way to clean the drain filter is to start with it. Please note that for most machines, the filter is located in the lower part of the casing on the right, and in Miele machines, the filter is in the lower part of the casing on the left.drain filter in Mile
  2. Open the plastic cover and find the cork behind it.
  3. We take a container for water or just a large rag and place it near the filter, do not forget to plug it under the machine body.
  4. We turn off the cork, while the water in the filter flows out onto a rag.
  5. We collect water, and then look into the filter hole with a flashlight and clean out all the dirt, hair, small objects stuck there.
  6. We twist the cork into place and check the performance of the machine.

Cleaning the drain filter may not produce the expected result. In this case, it will be necessary to closely deal with the drain pump and nozzle. It is likely that somewhere there was a blockage. We will check immediately both the pipe and the drain pump.

  • First we need to remove it, but for this we will have to disassemble the washing machine, namely unscrew the front panel. After that, we will gain access to all units of interest to us.
  • We are preparing a water tank, because when we start to remove the nozzle and the drain pump, water will pour from them.nozzle and drain pump in Miele
  • We unscrew the clamps connecting the pipe to the drain pump and tank, disconnect the terminals from the sensor of the drain pump.
  • We unscrew the clamps connecting the drain pump and the drain hose.
  • We unscrew the fasteners holding the drain pump and remove it together with the nozzle.
  • Inspect the drain pump and nozzle for blockages, rinse them, and then put them in place in the reverse order. We put the front panel of the Miele washing machine in place and check the operation of the washing machine.

If the question arose about replacement of the pressostat of the washing machine, then you can solve it easily with your own hands. The whole process will take a little time.

Most importantly, buy a similar sensor, do not try to replace it with something like that.

Change the heater and the drive belt, check the electrics

Teng in the Mile washing machineIf ten is broken, the washing process takes place in cold water. If the heater breaks down, the washing may take a while, another symptom of the breakdown of the heating element is knocking out the electric machine during washing. To make sure that it is inoperative, you will have to pull it out of the case and ring it with a multimeter.

In Mila washing machines, the heating element must not be pulled out through the back wall, as in many machines, but through the front.

About how to disassemble the front of the machine, we wrote above. When the machine is opened, below the tank, you will see two protruding contacts from the heating element. To pull the heater completely, you need to pull it towards you, swinging from side to side. After that pull out the sealing gum. We replace the faulty ten with a new one, carefully inserting it into the connector.

As for the drive belt, it can fly off the pulley, burst or fray. This will cause the drum in the machine to stop spinning. Such a breakdown in Mile's cars, as the masters note, happens quite often. To replace the drive belt in a Miele top-loading machine, you need to:

  1. Remove the left side housing cover.
  2. Inspect the belt, if it is torn, then take a new one.
  3. You need to wear it first on the engine, then pulling it up, start the belt on the right side of the pulley.
  4. Then holding the part of the belt that is already on the pulley, turn the pulley counterclockwise and try to put the belt on until the end.
  5. Close the housing cover.belt in a washing machine Mile

Checking the electrics of the Miele washing machine comes down to testing and visual inspection of all wires, terminals and other elements.

Moreover, it is necessary to do this, even if you repair another breakdown and disassemble the housing of the washing machine. Checking the electrics of the machine - the work is not complicated, but rather painstaking. You will have to ring every contact, every connection and plug output, the work can take from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, but it's worth it.washing machine electrician

We get a multimeter, prepare it for checking the resistance of electrical elements, putting the toggle switch in the appropriate position, disconnect the washing machine from the network and begin to check. Experts recommend starting with the contacts of the control unit, and then gradually moving towards the sensors of the washing machine modules. We unscrew the fasteners of the dashboard, remove it and pull out the control unit without disconnecting it from the wires.

We begin the resistance test with the on / off button, set the probes to its contacts and see what value the device shows. If the scoreboard lights up zero, then there is a problem with the contact. We check in turn all the contacts of the control unit, then check the engine sensors, pressure switch, heating element, intake valve, drain pump.It is highly likely that you will not be able to detect the problem the first time, and the verification procedure will have to be repeated.

Pay attention to the capacitor of the electric motor of the Miele washing machine, for German technology this is the main "sore."

Tacho repair

tachometer in the Mile washing machineThe tachometer (tachogenerator) is a rather simple and ingenious instrument that is mounted on an electric motor and allows you to measure the rotation speed of moving elements. Without a tachometer, the control unit will not be able to find out at what speed the drum needs to rotate for the effective implementation of the washing program, which means that it cannot adjust this speed either.

To get to the tachogenerator, you need to get to the engine of the Miele washing machine, and for this, again, you have to remove the front wall of the washing machine. The tachometer cannot be repaired, and it is not necessary, it is important to correctly determine the breakdown and replace the defective element. The sensor is quite inexpensive and is sold complete with an electric wire and a plug for connecting to the engine. It is not difficult to detect a tachogenerator malfunction, you need to connect it to the multimeter and measure the resistance.

Note! The normal resistance value for the encoder is approximately 70 ohms. If the value is more or less by 20 ohms, this is normal, but if the value is significantly less or more, the sensor needs to be changed.

Checking the electronic "stuffing"

circuit board in the washing machineChecking the electronics of the Miele washing machine is perhaps the most difficult repair step. Modern models of such machines, in addition to the familiar control unit board, are equipped with a microprocessor board, which significantly increases the performance of the washing machine and can effectively manage dozens of washing programs, numerous sensors and user programs - sheer wonders and convenience. The problem arises when the electronic element fails and you need to decide what to do.

To begin with, experts suggest not climbing into the electronic board, check the electrics of the washing machine (as described above), perhaps the cause of the malfunction is not at all in the board. If the electrician is in order, you can either remove the control unit and pass it to a specialist for testing and repair (this is the best option), or try to test it yourself. For independent testing, you need to solve several problems at once:

  • Correctly connect the control unit through the com connector to the computer.
  • Find and make software work for electronic testing of a washing machine board such as Monitoraggio Lavabiancheria.
  • To get a certain result and verify that the board element is malfunctioning, and you need to understand the values ​​that the program gives out, because most of them were created for professionals and they were not adapted at all for ordinary users.

Our recommendation - give the fee to the service. If they confirm the inappropriateness of its repair, just buy and put a similar fee. It costs a lot, but still it's better than buying a new washing machine.

So, it is better to repair Miele washing machines in a service center than on their own. Although, of course, if everything is in a clogged pump, then you yourself can handle it. And most importantly, look after your typewriter, do not neglect the rules for the correct connection of water supply and sewage, as well as electrical communications. It will depend on how long the Mile machine will work.


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