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Ariston washing machine repairAriston washing machines from the Italian manufacturer may well be called a "model of reliability and quality", but they sometimes require attention. Repair of Ariston washing machines in some cases can be done with your own hands, and a specialist should be involved only in the most difficult cases.

In the framework of this article, we will analyze the frequent malfunctions of washing machines by Ariston's Hotpoint brand automatic machine, examine the “symptoms” of such breakdowns and decide how to make independent repairs correctly.

Frequent and not-so-frequent breakdowns - overview

The vast majority of failures of Ariston washing machines are associated with their operation. It is recognized by the masters of service centers for the repair of washing machines. Sometimes we are talking about frankly incorrect operation, the user regularly makes gross errors, which lead to breakdown. But Most often, the cause of the breakdown is the operating conditions, which the user either did not know about, or suspected, but did nothing. A vivid example is hard water, which can completely disable the "home assistant"!

Ariston washing machine repairSo, what kind of breakdowns can most often be found on Hotpoint Ariston washing machines? We decided to make a peculiar rating of the frequency of breakdowns. When compiling the rating, we rely on statistics provided by leading service centers for the repair of washing machines.

  1. Blockages. The blockages themselves can hardly be considered breakdowns, rather this is the cause of various breakdowns. Nevertheless, it is precisely the clogs that the craftsmen have to deal with most often, and it is the strong clogs that most often paralyze the operation of various Hotpoint Ariston washing machines.
  2. A heating element. In second place in our ranking is ten. Despite the fact that the heating element itself is high-quality, low-quality hard water does its job. Over time, the scum layer destroys even the best part and has to be changed.
  3. Water pump. In third place is the drain pump or pump. This part fails quite rarely and in most cases the reason is wear and tear from prolonged use.
  4. Filling valve. Even less often, the inlet valve fails. More precisely, not even the valve itself, but a rubber gasket. Rubber tans over time and begins to let water through, and this causes a malfunction. The gasket itself is worth a penny, but the services of a wizard to replace this gasket are cheap by no means.
  5. Bearings and oil seals. Fifth place is the failure of bearings and seals. On Hotpoint washing machines, Ariston is a rarity, but if such a breakdown appears, you cannot continue to operate the machine.

Important! The electrics and electronics of the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine are intentionally not included in the rating, as it breaks very rarely.

Clogging problems

If you have problems with blockages on Ariston's Hotpoint washing machine, do not rush to call the master, everything can be repaired quickly, with your own hands. How do you know if you are dealing with a blockage? The main sign of clogging in the drainage system is the idle operation of the drainage pump, that is, it is humming, but the water does not leave the tank. Usually this trouble appears after washing, the machine cannot drain the waste water to start rinsing and freezes, or it drains the water too slowly.

Severe blockage can occur in several places:

  • in the drain pipe, between the tank and the drain filter - this happens less often, since the pipe is quite thick;
  • in the drain filter - there a blockage is most often formed;
  • in the pump - in Ariston washing machines, blockages in the pump are infrequent, because an additional filter is installed in front of the drain pump;
  • in the drain hose - blockages rarely occur, mainly in cases where the hose was not installed correctly.

How to quickly eliminate blockage? First of all, you need to check and clean the easily accessible places of the washing machine, where clogging could occur.First, unscrew the drain filter, which is located at the Ariston machines in the lower right below the narrow panel. Before unscrewing the filter, put a cloth in it, as water will pour from it. Remove all debris from the filter, and then tighten it back.Ariston drain filter

Next, it is important to check the drain hose and sewer. In a number of situations, a commonplace blockage in the drain pipe may cause the user to contact machine repair specialists when it was more correct to turn to plumbers. And if everything is in order, then it will be necessary disassemble the machine, clean the nozzles and the pump. To remove the pipe, you need to loosen the two clamps, and to remove the pump, you will need to disconnect it from the sensors and unscrew the two fasteners.

In the event of any malfunction, the "washer" Hotpoint Ariston gives an error with a specific cipher displayed on the screen. Error codes for washing machines Ariston it is very important to recognize correctly, because this is a direct hint indicating the cause of the breakdown.

The pump and the intake valve are out of order

A broken symptom filling valve is quite difficult to confuse with other breakdowns of the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine. When the filling valve stops blocking the water, water begins to flow into the washing machine’s tank by gravity, even if the “home assistant” is unplugged.

If you heard a characteristic murmur of water being poured in and drained from the tank when the machine is turned off, be sure this is a valve.

washing machine valveTo check the filler valve, it is necessary to remove the top cover of the Hotpoint Ariston machine by unscrewing the two fasteners. The valve is located at the junction of the inlet hose to the machine body. First of all, we check the gaskets, if they are intact, then you need to measure the resistance of the device, and for this you will have to use a multimeter. We install probes on the contacts of the filler valve and check. The instrument should show approximately 30 to 50 ohms.

The defective filling valve should be replaced with a similar one; independent repair is not possible. Replacement itself is done very quickly, we unscrew the old valve from the body and screw in a new one without forgetting to connect the sensors. Worse if the pump fails, because this is a rather expensive part.

A faulty pump gives itself out during washing, when the machine should drain the water, but it does not, while the pump either does not make any sounds at all, or it buzzes, but the murmur of the drained water is not heard.

Note! Strictly speaking, such symptoms are superficial and they may indicate other problems (for example, with electronics), but this should give you the idea to check the pump first.

In the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine, it is located at the bottom and can be reached through the bottom. Verification and drain pump replacement it is better to be carried out by a specialist, but you can do everything yourself, the main thing is to thoroughly study the progress of work.

Faulty heater

ten in the washing machineThe heating element is an important part of the washing machine, which is responsible for the temperature of the water in the tank, and therefore for the quality of the wash. With a faulty heating element, the washing either does not start at all, and the system gives an error, or the washing is done in cold water. Both should encourage you to check and replace the heating element in the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine.

Check the heating element of the Ariston washing machine is not difficult. It is necessary to deploy the machine, in the lower part of the rear wall there is a service hatch, which is mounted on clamps and several screws. We unscrew the screws, and squeeze the clamps with a screwdriver, after that the cover will be removed. Behind the lid, under the tank, you will see two large contacts with the fastener in the middle - this is the heater. Unscrew the screw, and then begin to pull the heater onto itself, pulling it out with swaying movements.

Note! Before you pull out the heater, it’s nice to measure the resistance with a multimeter, maybe the device is working, and you don’t need to touch it.

Or maybe the bearings are broken?

As we have already noted, bearing and oil seal failures are the most rare malfunctions of Ariston washing machines.However, if this happens, then urgent action is needed. Recognizing such a breakdown is not difficult. When the bearing is destroyed, the movable elements begin to make unpleasant sounds, the shaft begins to rub against the sleeve, which leads to the appearance of a working out. And if you do not take any measures and continue to wash, then this can lead to the drum starting to play and damage the tank.

bearings in the washing machineSo that your favorite washing machine does not end up in a landfill, you should consult a specialist when such sounds appear, or try change bearings by yourself. If you are determined to do the work yourself, study the information offered on our website. Otherwise, with such a complicated repair, it is not surprising to make serious mistakes. The main difficulty is that in order to get to the bearings you need to disassemble the entire washing machine, along with the tank.

In addition, it will be necessary to correctly remove the old bearings without damaging the sleeve, and then install the new ones correctly so that no repeated repairs are required. Without proper dexterity, not many people can do an independent repair themselves, so before starting work, think about delegating it to a specialist.

In conclusion, we note that repair of malfunctions of Ariston machines can theoretically be done with your own hands, especially if you have the time and patience. But all the same, in order to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses, it is better to contact a specialist because “avaricious pays twice”!


34 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Jura Yura:

    does not turn on

  2. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    I turn on the washing machine Ariston AQSF 105, it starts to click the lock and it turns off. The start button blinks. What is the reason and how to fix it?

  3. Gravatar Anatoly Anatoly:

    Display flickering, start not possible. What is broken and what to do?

  4. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    From what could be this: the machine clicks and burns with fire TEN?

  5. Gravatar Hesh Hash:

    The Ariston AVSF-88 washing machine does not start. Throws error F-03.

  6. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    A few minutes before the end of the wash, the time on the display jumps by itself and the duration of the wash increases. And so constantly.

  7. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Hotpoint Ariston vmyf 501 b. I turn on the washing mode for 1 hour, and after half an hour it turns off and everything, what is the reason?

    • Gravatar Nadia Nadia:

      Same. Have you repaired?

  8. Gravatar Hope Hope:

    Tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? The hotpoint ariston aqsf 05 u washing machine - the handle with which the program is installed scrolls without clicking (do not set the mode).

  9. Gravatar Alena Alyona:

    My program executes as expected. Only on the function rinse and spin freezes, stops pouring water, spins idle. And on the spin cycle it turns off altogether, all indicators start blinking at once. I have to turn it off, turn it on again. Then the hatch opens, I take out the hotter clothes. I put it on a separate rinse, like water is poured, rinsed. But the spin is the same story - indicators blink, the car is buzzing. I would be very grateful if someone would tell me the reason for the breakdown. And is it possible to repair it with your own hands? The filter was cleaned.

  10. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    Model AL109X. Water is poured on all programs, and the drum does not rotate.

  11. Gravatar Kostya Kostya:

    The program is not removed from children, the arsf 100 model.

  12. Gravatar Volodya Volodya:

    Water flows directly and immediately drains

    • Gravatar Zeke Zeke:

      Raise the drain hose higher.

  13. Gravatar Mariska Marishka:

    Tell me how to open the door to Hotpoint Ariston wmf7080. The lock does not light up on the display; the door does not open. There is no water (checked) there is no blockage either. There is no tongue at the bottom, as they show nothing with a cord, they removed the cover and found the lock ... but where is this button, I won’t find it

  14. Gravatar Nat Nat:

    Please tell me, Ariston 301, I put the program, the machine is buzzing, and then the program knob clicks in a circle.

  15. Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

    Hello! The washing machine starts to draw water and stops immediately. In this case, the drum does not spin. Starts to click something. When you start the machine without laundry, water is typed and the drum starts to rotate very slowly with scrolls.

  16. Gravatar Vyacheslav Vyacheslav:

    Doesn’t plug into the network? It shows no signs of life at all.

  17. Gravatar Vika Vika:

    Hello! After the end of the program, part of the water remains in the drum. The filter is clean. What is the reason?

  18. Gravatar Stanislav Stanislav:

    ARISTON washing machine, model AQSD 09 U. After pressing the button, the start starts to click either the lock or the water supply valve. After a second it turns off and “Close the door and press START” is displayed on the indicator.

  19. Gravatar Anatoly Anatoly:

    Ariston washing machine does not pump water after washing, reason?

  20. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    Hello! Model avsl 100, rinses with hot water, does not use air conditioning from the tank.

  21. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    The drain filter has broken, the little black part is unscrewed, and the little white one remains in the machine and cannot be pulled out. And how not to clean, what to do?

  22. Gravatar Denis Denis:

    Hello. Model ARXL88. When starting, the lock clicks, but the door does not lock. The wash does not start. Replacing the lock did not fix the problem.

  23. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    After washing does not stop, continues to wash. Ariston AVL 80. Reason?

  24. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Water is poured, makes a couple of revolutions, gives an error f-02 and turns on the drain. Disconnected only from the network. What's this?

  25. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Hello! Machine Hotpoint-Ariston ARSL100. Knocks out the RCD mainly after 30 minutes. When this happens, I pay attention that there is water in the drum. It is impossible to turn on the RCD immediately, but it happens after half an hour, sometimes after 2 hours it can only be turned on and the washing continues without failures. I noticed a couple of times that after turning on the RCD, the pump starts in 2-3 minutes, the water drains out unhindered and the clothes are wrung out. Then he began to notice that even after they had put the laundry in it, the water had not even poured and cut down the RCD again. This was a big mystery to me. Can you tell me at least which of the blocks to test? Looking at the control unit? Because I did not find any specific patterns. TEN removed and cleaned already of a scum. Visually he is in excellent condition. The drain filter was first cleaned. Yes, and regularly check it. Thank you in advance for your help.

  26. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Even earlier, I noticed that the machine begins to make extremely rarely during the spin cycle the sounds of a droning bearing. But this did not happen often and sometimes immediately ceased. Especially if you pause and turn it on again.

  27. Gravatar Roman Novel:

    Good day. Hotpoint 105. The start / pause flashes, the lock does not work, all modes are selected. After a different time, click and start.

  28. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Hello. Please tell me how or how to remove the metal sleeve of the upper mounting of the damper to the drum? AVL129 ARISTON. I tried to knock, it doesn’t work out. Thank.

  29. Gravatar Vasilisa Vasilisa:

    The machine Ariston, when closing the lid, clicks and begins to blink the lock. Only disconnecting from the network helps. After that it starts, there is a gulf of water. It does not fully collect and immediately goes into rinse mode. Something clicks sharply and the lock indicator starts blinking. Water is drained. In this case, you can turn off only from the outlet. Buttons do not work.

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