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Hansa washing machine malfunction repair

Hans washing machine repairHansa washing machines are distinguished by functionality, manufacturability and good quality. However, even such machines have weaknesses that manifest themselves as specific type of malfunctions as a result of improper or too intensive operation, factory defects, or for other reasons. It was about typical malfunctions and how to solve them that we decided to talk in this article, we hope this information will be useful to you.

Common faults

Few people complain about the quality of the Hansa washing machines for several reasons. These washing machines are not as widespread as, for example, brands LG, Samsung, Indesit or Hotpoint Ariston, which flooded the shelves of all stores, appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, and their quality can be considered good. The natural conclusion suggests itself: if such cars were in every house, there would be much more repair practice.

At the moment, we can talk about typical malfunctions of Hansa washing machines, only according to rather scarce statistics, which were provided to us by the largest service centers in the country. After analyzing these data, we identified the weaknesses of most models of cars of this company.

  • The drain pump breaks (and quite often).
  • The drain filter and nozzles are clogged with dirt and debris.
  • The Aqua Spray system refuses to work.
  • The temperature sensor closes.
  • Frequent freezes of the machine occur due to power surges.

Note! In episodic cases, problems with electronics and the leakage protection system appear, this system simply does not work correctly.

Drain filter clogged with dirt or pump problem

Clogged dirt filters and hoses are in first place in the Hans washing machine breakdown rating. There is nothing unusual in this, since this is one of the main problems of all automatic and semi-automatic washing machines. If the filter and the drain hose of the Hans machine are dirty, you do not need to contact the master, repairs can be done by yourself. Cleaning the washing machine filter - This is a fairly simple process, described in detail in the instruction manual.

Clean the drain hose it is also easy here more problems arise during its installation / dismantling. Just so unscrew the drain hose from the body of the machine Hans does not work, you have to climb into the body. We do the following:

  1. unscrew the back wall of the washing machine;
  2. we find the clamps connecting the drainage hose to the pump and weaken them;
  3. disconnect the drain hose and rinse it with water, in order to better remove dirt, you can use the drainage cable;
  4. we connect the drainage hose and the drainage hose back and fasten the back wall of the machine.

Important! The drain hose must be cleaned even if the Hans washing machine is working properly, for prophylaxis, the procedure is done about 1 time per year.

It’s easy to clean the filters and hoses with your own hands, but what if the pump breaks. Specifically, in the Hans washing machines, the pump breaks down quite cunningly. The "symptoms" are as follows:

  • at first, the machine sometimes freezes, while water is not drained, but after a reboot everything starts to work;
  • after some time, the freezes become more frequent, especially after washing in hot water, restarting the program does not solve the problem, but after cooling the water, the machine continues to work properly;
  • periodic hangs last quite a long time, after which the machine completely stops draining water.

What are these symptoms talking about? And they say about the malfunction of the impeller of the pump and urgent repair is needed. Is it possible to carry out such a repair with your own hands - quite, the main thing is to follow the instructions of specialists.

  1. First, drain the water by unscrewing the drain filter plug (do not forget to substitute a suitable flat container under the machine).
  2. Remove the powder tray.
  3. We put the washing machine on its side.
  4. Turn off the bottom, if your model does not have a bottom - this is even better.
  5. Disconnect all wires from the pump.pump replacement
  6. We disconnect the impeller and check the bowels of the pump for debris.
  7. We install a new original impeller.
  8. We connect the wires to the pump, tighten all the fasteners, put the machine on its legs, connect to the communications and check the work.
    hans pump repair

Note! Repair of the impeller of the pump of the Hans washing machine will cost you about 250 rubles, provided that all the work is done by yourself. If you use the services of a master, then this is somewhere from 1500 rubles and above.

Aqua Spray system does not work

Often there is a problem with Hans's washing machines, in which they refuse to fill the tank with water, so the washing does not start, and the E05 system error pops up. In this case, it is most logical to start by checking the filler valve, because it is his task to ensure that the tank is filled with water. We remove the top cover of the washing machine, inspect the filler valve, check the resistance with a multimeter and make sure that the valve is working properly. It would seem a dead end, but no!Hans's washing machine

The fact is that Hans washing machines are equipped with the Aqua Spray system, the path of this system goes from the filling valve to the tank. Thanks to this system, water jets forcefully wash the laundry in the drum, so that dirt stains can be removed better. The disadvantage of the system is a rather complex and sometimes rather thin water supply path, which may well become clogged, which happens. The reason for this is the salts of heavy metals contained in water, they are deposited in the tract, eventually clogging it. How to do it yourself?

  • We find the path of the Aqua Spray system next to the filler valve.
  • We turn off protective caps.
  • We take a bottle of water, pour water into the tract and check how well it goes into the tank. If the tank is clogged, the tract will be filled with water, and this will mean that it needs to be cleaned.
  • We take a thin wire, we clean out the sharp edges with sandpaper and begin to clean the tract, periodically spilling it with clean warm water. You can pre-dissolve a little citric acid in water.
  • As soon as the water passes freely, we collect the machine, connect it and check.

Mains voltage problems

Most modern Hans washing machines are equipped with a surge protection system. Protection is mainly intended to save the control unit in case of short circuits and other problems with the electrical network. The idea of ​​the manufacturer is good, but the performance let us down.

The Russian electric network is far from perfect, differences often occur, but Hans's machine is sensitive to such. In the best case, at the slightest drop in voltage, it will stop the washing program, in the worst case it will turn off, and specialist services will be required to restore the working capacity of the “home assistant”.

Is it possible to carry out repairs with my own hands in this case? The answer is no, only a specialist will help in this situation. But you can continue to prevent such problems if you connect your washing machine through a stabilizer. Modern stabilizers for washing machines will make the operation of equipment more reliable, in addition, several units of equipment can be connected to one stabilizer, which is also not bad.

Important! Approach the choice of a stabilizer for a washing machine wisely, because it is not a cheap, but absolutely necessary purchase.

To summarize, we note the weaknesses in the Hans washing machine are not so many, but those that are there may appear as a malfunction at the most inopportune moment. In some cases, diagnosing such malfunctions is quite difficult, so you may need the help of a professional.


2 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    My machine triggers an automatic signal that the door is not closed and the washing cycle stops. What is the reason? Help me to understand. All the above listed failures are missing.

  2. Gravatar Pavel Paul:

    The machine is excellent and the hole in the drum is huge, not like that of others.
    It is very convenient to repair such a machine, removed the lower casing and everything is in full view.
    But often the pump pumping water breaks down.
    And recently, the brains themselves began to fail. It’s also an error on the door that’s not closed, but now you turn it on completely, and it immediately starts working and pumping out water, although at the same time the washing completion indicator lights up and it doesn’t cancel. And to start a new wash also does not work. But sometimes it starts and works, as if nothing had happened. In short, the machine itself is excellent, and it is better to stick brains from another.

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