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Malfunction Repair Fairy washing machines

Repair of the Fairy washing machineAn activator type washing machine Fairy still remains in demand among a small part of the population, especially Fairy people like summer residents. Despite the simplicity of the design, the details of such a machine are also subject to wear, so the washing machine may break and it will need repair. What most often fails, and how to do it yourself? We will try to answer these questions.

Frequent malfunctions

Breakage and malfunctions of the washing machine can manifest themselves in different ways, these are the symptoms that users describe most often:

  • the activator does not rotate, while the engine is buzzing;
  • when washing, the engine overheats;
  • there was a knock during washing;
  • with intensive washing, the activator breaks the laundry;
  • the centrifuge does not work;
  • water does not drain;
  • water flows under the machine.

Specialists of service centers also talk about these malfunctions, although people rarely turn to them with similar problems. After all, the cost activator washing machine Fairy 2 does not exceed several thousand rubles - this is such a cheap option to arrange "laundry" with relative comfort. The services of repair specialists often equal the cost of a Fairy 2 machine, so it’s better to do it yourself, and if it doesn’t work, then throw it away and buy a new one. Let's try to parse these malfunctions and decide how to fix them.

The activator does not rotate or tear linen

activatorIf the activator of the Fairy 2 washing machine tears the laundry or periodically refuses to rotate, this indicates a serious problem that will most likely lead you to the need to replace the activator with a new one. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that there is not too much laundry loaded in the machine, if things are voluminous, remove the part and try to restart the wash.
  2. Check the o-rings and rubber gaskets of the activator, if you find visible wear, replace them.
  3. If this does not help, replace the activator itself.

If the activator refuses to rotate, but the engine makes a hum, and then the washing machine turns off, then these symptoms will require other actions from you.

  • It will be necessary to remove the back wall of the Fairy 2 machine, take a multimeter and check the health of the capacitor.
  • If the capacitor is working, there may be a problem with the motor. Turn the rotor first one way, then the other, if it rotates in both directions, most likely you will have to change the engine.
  • At the same time, check and replace the seals.

Note! Do not rush to disassemble the machine, first twist the activator with your hands, sometimes after such mechanical manipulations it “falls into place” and starts working.

If the electric motor works normally, without extraneous noise, but at the same time the activator stands still and refuses to rotate, the following must be done. Remove the back wall of the Fairy 2 machine and tighten the drive belt if the drive belt is torn or worn it needs to be replaced.

The centrifuge does not turn on, the water does not drain

Fairy washing machineIf the centrifuge on the Fairy 2 washing machine does not turn on, start by checking the electrics, especially since in this machine it is primitive. Check the integrity of the power cord, it is better to use a multimeter to do this, measure the resistance and determine broken or intact wiring.

If the wiring is intact, remove the rear wall of the machine and check the thermal relay. This element burns quite often, if you have the same problem, replace the thermal relay. If the thermal relay is in order, then it will be necessary according to the scheme described above, to check the capacitor, and then the centrifuge motor.

The centrifuge may be working, but there is still no normal spin, as the water does not leave through the drainage system. What is the reason for such an unpleasant phenomenon?

  • The most likely clogging of the filter or drain hose, take the instructions for the Fairy 2 washing machine and see how to clean - there is nothing complicated about it.
  • The centrifugal drain pump may also become clogged and must also be removed and cleaned.
  • In rare cases, the drain pump fails and needs to be replaced.

Important! Damage to the centrifugal pump often leads not to the impossibility of draining water, but to leaks, which is also very unpleasant.

Car leaking

Fairy washing machineThe Fairy 2 washing machine may start to leak suddenly. Perhaps this can be considered the most frequent and most unpleasant breakdown, although its causes can be trifling. In the worst case scenario, you will have to replace the activator or centrifugal pump. But this is required only in 5% of cases when you have to deal with such breakdowns, so do not rush to get upset. Better do the following:

  1. Check how tightly the activator is pulled. If it hangs freely, then water flows through it. It must be tightened.
  2. Check o-rings for wear.
  3. Inspect the activator surface for nicks and other damage, as water can leak through such damage. Replace activator if necessary.

To check the o-rings, seals and tighten the activator, it must be removed correctly. How to do it?

  • On the side of the activator there is a plug, take it out, unscrew the fasteners and remove the handle.
  • We remove the washer, gasket, unscrew the fastening elements of the casing, remove it.
  • With one hand we hold the impeller of the engine, and with the other we unscrew the activator.

Note! Judging by the description - nothing complicated, but in fact there are nuances of disassembly. Until you try, you don’t know.

Extraneous noise during spin cycle

The Fairy 2 washing machine can make extraneous noises. In this case, she may need repairs, but first you need to deal with the causes of the problem. The main reason is overloading the centrifuge. Usually, having washed several tabs of linen, the user tries to quickly squeeze everything out by stuffing as many wet things into the centrifuge as possible. Due to excessive load, the centrifuge during rotation, due to centrifugal force, begins to beat against the walls of the tank, making a very loud noise.

In this case, it is absolutely necessary to stop the spinning process in order to avoid destruction of the centrifuge parts. Things need to be loaded not too much, but not too little, then the spin process will be most effective. Extraneous noise also occurs due to foreign objects falling into the centrifuge. It’s good if it’s just a lock from a jacket, big metal buttons or a buckle from a belt, but a large coin, a nail or even worse can easily turn out in a centrifuge. Check your clothes before putting them in the “washer”.

In conclusion, we note that the Fairy 2 washing machine, outdated, but still used by some people, often fails. Since it is not one of the reliable equipment, it needs independent repairs, because you cannot carry such a “miracle of technology” into service - it is too expensive, and it is not worth it. The only way out is to do it yourself, which is not always possible due to the lack of spare parts.


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  1. Gravatar Ildar Ildar:

    In the section (Machine is leaking) the image does not correspond to FEA-2, in which the activator shaft is vertical, not horizontal. Carelessly treated and no help. It is necessary to indicate which gland or cuff according to GOST to find for replacement.

  2. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    What to do if linen tightens under the screw?

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