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repair washing machine ArdoAny household equipment sooner or later fails. In some cases, this is the physical deterioration of parts and components of the unit, in others, improper connection and operation, in the third marriage. We devote this article to such a technique as Ardo washing machines, consider their typical breakdowns, the causes of such breakdowns, and how to repair Ardo washing machines with your own hands.

Typical failures and their causes

The user understands the breakdown of the washing machine for specific symptoms. Only by studying these symptoms, he can suggest a breakdown of a particular unit. Therefore, we will begin by listing the symptoms that are most often encountered.

  • The machine stopped draining water. This can happen for several reasons, the main one of which is the clogging of the drainage system, which includes: pipe, drainage hose and pump. In very rare cases, water does not drain due to a breakdown of the water level sensor.
  • The machine does not heat water, especially when washing 60-900C. The cause of this malfunction is the failure of the heating element, which burns out due to limescale and settling scale. But it is also possible the development of the resource of the heating belt replacement
  • The machine does not rotate the drum, it stands still. In Ardo washing machines, the tank rotates due to the drive belt, and if it breaks or flies off the pulley, the machine will stop. The problem is being solved drive belt replacement.
  • Extraneous sounds appeared in the typewriter, similar to a knock or rumble. If such a knock is heard when the machine is turned off, then the reason is clearly in the defective bearings. Another cause of the crash may be a foreign object in the tank.
  • Is water leaking under the machine? The cause must be sought in the drain filter or nozzles. In the worst case, it is necessary to change the seals and bearings.
  • Programs get lost or the machine does not turn on at all, which means that the reason lies in the malfunction of the electronic board.

Before you panic and call a master, take a close look and listen to the "symptoms" that appear, you may be able to find the cause yourself or even do it yourself.

Common mistakes: their codes

In many washing machines, the manufacturer has programmed error codes into the microprocessor, which, when a malfunction occurs, appear on the display. Here are some examples of common trouble codes. BUT All codes of any Ardo model can be found in the instructions.

  • E00 or E01 - there is no water discharge due to clogged drain filter.
  • E02 - incorrect drain during extraction, the position of the drain hose is violated.
  • E03 or F4 - the drain time has been exceeded, the drain pump is broken.
  • F2 - problems with the temperature sensor, heating element or control board.
  • F5 - self-draining, incorrect hose connection.
  • F13 or F14 - fault in the control module.

Eliminate blockages, change the pump

Having found out the cause of the malfunction, we determine whether to call the master or we will repair it ourselves. In some situations, you really should not overpay, and do the repair yourself. For example, you can eliminate the clogging. Most garbage accumulates in the drain filter, and so its cleaning refers to minor repairs and can cost about 600 rubles. Although in fact, there is nothing complicated about this:drain filter cleaning

  • Open a small door at the bottom of the front of the machine or remove the bottom panel.
  • Then place a large, water-absorbing cloth in the filter area on the floor.
  • Unscrew the valve counterclockwise.
  • Pull out the filter.
  • Rinse it well with water, remove hair and other debris.
  • Screw the filter back.

The problem is garbage can be blocked not only in the filter, but also in the drain hose, nozzles and drain pump. To get to them you have to open the car body.And this is classified as a medium-complexity repair, the price for which starts at 1200 rubles, and if a malfunction of a spare part is found during the analysis of the machine, you will also have to buy a spare part.

If a foreign object gets stuck in the tank, for example, a bone from a bra, then in this case you will have to completely disassemble the machine. Such repairs are estimated as complex and will cost at least 2000 rubles. And if you are interested in how to get an item from a car, then you can read an article about how to get a bone from a bra out of a typewriter.

You can replace or clean the pump yourself if you have free time and skills with simple tools.

In the Ardo washing machine, the pump can be reached from the bottom, it is either missing or the plastic bar is easy to clean. The whole algorithm of actions and video instruction is in an article on our website about how clean the drain pump in the washing machine.

If it is necessary to clean the drain hose, one end must be removed from the sewer pipe, and the other should be disconnected from the nozzle coming from the pump. Then the hose itself is cleaned with a flexible cable, at the end of which there is a small brush. After that, the hose must be rinsed under running water, wiped and reconnected.

Replacing a heating element

Quite often, in the washing machines, the heating element fails. Diagnosing its malfunction is simple: you need when washing things in water heated to 600C, put your hand to the hatch of the drum. And if it is cold, it means one thing - the ten burned out, you have to change it. Replacing a heating element refers to the repair of medium complexity, the cost of which will cost up to 2000 rubles, plus the cost of ten. But do not rush, because getting to the heating element is not difficult and you can do this through the back cover of the case, for this:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the network, disconnect from the water supply and sewers, we deploy so that it is convenient to work.
  2. We turn off the screws around the perimeter of the machine that hold the lid.Teng for the Ardo washing machine
  3. We find under the tank the contacts and wires coming from the heater, remove the terminals and sensors.
  4. We unscrew the bolt that secures the ten.
  5. Gently, with rapping movements, we pull the ten onto ourselves, you can pick up the ten with a screwdriver.
  6. We clean the heater holder from debris.
  7. We take the original heater for the Ardo machine, insert it into the holder for the heater, so that the sealing gum completely fits into place.
  8. We twist the bolt, connect all the terminals.
  9. We collect the machine.

Pay attention! Regular cleaning of the washing machine from scale will extend the life of the heating element, but relying on advertised means to soften the water is not worth it.

How to repair electronics?

Replacing the electronic module is also not difficult and belongs to the middle class. However, this is the case when there is confidence that the module will have to be completely replaced one hundred percent. But in some situations, the module can be repaired by replacing individual elements on it. This is of particular importance, because the module itself is quite expensive, in some models its price is one third of the price for the entire machine. Cases when people refuse such repairs and buy a new automatic machine are not uncommon.

Work with electronics is specific, it is necessary to possess not only the skills of working with tools, but also knowledge in a certain area. Therefore, in such a situation, it is better to contact a specialist who accurately diagnoses the malfunction and can replace the element correctly.

Note! There were times when some craftsmen independently changed the control module, connecting all the terminals and sensors, and as a result, the new module burned down.

Bearing replacement

The most difficult repair, according to experts, is the replacement of bearings and seals in Ardo washing machines.That's because you have to almost completely disassemble the car and get out the tank, and the bearings themselves are difficult to remove. Special tools, patience and dexterity may be required. In such a situation, giving the machine to the masters is much more reasonable than fixing it in your apartment, where there isn’t much room to turn around.

For those who still want to save money or gain experience in repairing washing machines, we offer you to watch a detailed video on replacing bearings.

Thus, only by assessing the complexity of the repair and your real abilities, you can proceed to fix the malfunction with your own hands. Sometimes it’s better to pay a specialist than pay twice later for a failed repair attempt.


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