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LG washing machine - malfunctions and repairs

washing machine lgKorean company LG produces magnificent washing machines with direct drive. This technology really significantly increases the working life of the engine and moving elements. However, these machines are also characterized by specific malfunctions, noted by service center specialists as the most common. If you own an LG washing machine, then in 80% of cases you will have to deal with the malfunctions discussed in this article.

Frequent malfunctions and their “symptoms”

Specialists from leading service centers of the world note the rather high reliability of LG washing machines. The most “survivable” unit of this machine is considered to be an engine that breaks down in only one case out of 500 calls to service centers, and then in half the cases factory failure becomes the cause of a module malfunction. Moving elements are also considered quite reliable, all but bearings carry out their repairs more often.washing machine lg

What components of the LG washing machine break most often? We list them:

  • a heating element;
  • pressure switch;
  • bearings;
  • wires and terminals;
  • drain pump;
  • filler valve.

Failures of these most important units of the washing machine manifest themselves in different ways. It is necessary to carefully analyze the "symptoms" in order to more or less accurately diagnose the module problem before disassembling the "home assistant". In particular.

  1. Broken ten gives out error code NOT. If the error on the display does not appear, then you need to carefully monitor the washing process: how the powder dissolves, how warm or cold the manhole cover, how well the laundry is washed. Finally, a module malfunction can only be determined after measuring the voltage at its contacts with a multimeter.
  2. Pressostat malfunctions most often impersonate by self-draining water. When water in the washing process is constantly drawn into the tank and constantly flows out of it. The sensor does not send a signal that the tank is full and therefore the filling valve is almost always open. A malfunction of this module can be eliminated by yourself.LG washing machine parts
  3. Broken bearings declare themselves with a strong crash and creak, especially when the drum rotates at high speeds. Not to notice it is very difficult. It seems that even your neighbors will find out about this breakdown. To make sure of the reason, you need to turn the drum of the washing machine with your own hands left and right, if at the same time you can hear a creak or a knock, the problem is precisely in the bearings.
  4. Sudden short circuits, shutdowns, and reboots of the LG washing machine's control module require attention to wiring and terminal failures. Malfunctions of the control modules themselves on such machines are much less common. More often the problem arises with wires going to the sensors of the units. They grind, close, burn, and the like.
  5. Due to the specific design, the washing machine drain pumps LG fail about one and a half times more often than the same modules in cars of other brands. The fact is that in such pumps the drain path is not very well arranged, because of this it is more often clogged and the pump cannot function. This is manifested in the inability of the machine to drain the water and the appearance of an error with the OE code. The decryption of the error code contains the machine manual.
  6. Often problems arise with the filler valve cuff. It's a shame because of one small gum to disassemble half the car. But nothing can be done. Problems with the filler valve are manifested in the constant supply of water to the washing machine tank. Moreover, this happens even if the machine is turned off. If the machine is turned off, and you hear the murmur of water in it, this is a filling valve.

Note! When diagnosing malfunctions of the washing machine with your own hands, be sure to listen and look at its work at the stages of washing, rinsing, spinning and draining.In addition, read the user manual, any abnormalities should alert you.

We repair ten and the electrician

To get to the heating element of the washing machine, you need to unscrew several fasteners yourself holding the back wall of the LG washing machine, and then dismantle this wall. Next, you need to pay attention to the bottom of the tank (near the bottom). Two pair contacts with the screw in the middle should stick out from there, to which several wires go - this is the heater. We check the contacts with a multimeter, if a value less than 20 Ohms is displayed on its display - the heater is faulty.

It is easy to extract the ten. We unscrew the screw we mentioned above with our own hands, pry up the sealing gum with a screwdriver and pull the ten out of the bowels of the tank. Visually check the status of the module. A burned ten rarely has no visually noticeable damage (usually burning spots). In most cases, ten breaks due to a layer of scale that settles on it. Also, a breakdown can provoke a voltage drop or water that has got on the contacts. Correctly remove the heater will help the guide filmed in the video.

Repair of this module of the LG washing machine is not possible, only a replacement. You must purchase the original spare part from the manufacturer and install it in the tank of the washing machine, do not forget to install the sealing gum. In the process of installing PETN, it is necessary to carefully pay attention to the sealing rubber of PETN. To make it better to sit in place, you need to lubricate it with a small amount of engine oil.

Important! If the sealing gum of PETN sits in the landing hole loose, water from the tank will leak to the contacts of the PETN and it will most likely burn again in the near future. Be careful.

Electricians repair a washing machine LG comes down to checking all the wires and terminals coming from the control module to all of its units. This is not only about checking all the wiring with a multimeter - this is by itself. It is also necessary to carry out visual inspection: torn clamps, fragments of wires without insulation, traces of burning and fusion of contacts. All wiring problems that can be detected during the test must be resolved by replacing damaged conductors and terminals - this is the repair of the electrician.

Problems with priming valve, drain pump, pressure switch

It is not difficult to identify the malfunction of the inlet valve of the LG washing machine on your own, and repairing this module with your own hands will also not be difficult if you act methodically, according to the previously planned plan. Dismantling and filling valve replacement do it yourself in the following order.

  • Expand the washing machine.
  • The inlet hose, which is connected at one end to the water supply, the other end is bolted to the inlet valve. Turn off the cold water supply by shutting off the tap.
  • Unscrew the inlet hose.
  • We take out, check and clean the filler valve filter, it may be clogged with dirt and water does not pass.
  • If everything is in order with the filter, remove the top cover of the washing machine, unscrew the two screws holding the valve, disconnect it from the nozzles.
  • Next, we need to check the rubber bands of the valve, in 90% of cases the problem is in their wear and inability to hold water in the future. If so, change the gum.
  • If it’s not about gum, then most likely the problem is in the control valve electrics. In this case, the valve must be changed entirely.washing machine lg

To the drain pump of the washing machine LG can be reached without even taking it apart. You just need to tilt the machine on its side, after which it will be possible to get to the unit through the bottom. We check the sensor of the drain pump with a multimeter, if everything is in order, then the problem is in the unit itself. Next, proceed in order.

  1. Unscrew the bottom of the front panel of the machine.
  2. We unscrew the fasteners fixing the drain pump.
  3. We substitute the basin, because water will pour out during the removal from the unit.
  4. Disconnect the plugs and remove the wires with the sensor.
  5. We disconnect the nozzles, drain the water and remove the unit to the side.

Note! Before putting the machine on its side, remove the powder cuvette as instructed by the user, as water remaining in the cuvette can spill onto the control unit and damage the electronics.

After the drain pump is removed, it is best to have it checked and repaired by a specialist. Only he can finally say whether the pump really came to an end, if so then you need to buy and install a new one. Assemble in the reverse order. Easiest change the pressure switch (water level sensor) of the washing machine. If you manage to disassemble it correctly, then make a replacement with your own hands will not be difficult.washing machine pump

Why bearings break, do their repair

Bearing failures are a matter of time or factory defects. The user can influence this process only by the intensity of operation of the home assistant. Bearing malfunctions need to be fixed immediately, because if this is not done, the loose-hanging pulley can damage the tank and then the repair will be very expensive. In this case, the user manual does not help, you need to either contact a specialist or study specialized information.

Thanks to direct drive technology, which is implemented on most models of washing machines from the company LG, bearings, engine, pulley and other items wear out much more slowly and last longer. Nevertheless, there are still cases of bearing failure, and this poses a problem for "lovers of self-repair." how remove the bearing correctly not everyone knows from the drum, but to start doing this, you need to remove and disassemble the tank of the washing machine.

Bearing repair must be done very carefully using a special hammer with a bronze impact part and a thin metal rod. The bearing must be pulled out by striking at its opposite edges. First, put the rod on one edge of the bearing and apply a light blow to it with a hammer, then transfer the rod to the other edge and again apply a light blow. The procedure must be repeated until the old bearing pops out, after which a new bearing can be put in its place.

In conclusion, we note that malfunctions of any module of the LG washing machine can be repaired. Of course, even if you study the relevant technical information and expert advice, a successful repair is not guaranteed, but you should definitely try, especially in most cases you have to deal with typical breakdowns. If something does not work out, you can read the manual for the repair of washing machines.


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  1. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Why is the breakdown that sometimes happens after 5-7 years of normal use not mentioned? This is when the dissolved needle of the crosspiece breaks down and you have to make serious repairs with the replacement of the crosspiece, bearings and stuffing box. Also, in such cases you have to solder the drum.

    • Gravatar Serge Serge:

      And you do not use citric acid and you will be happy!

  2. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    The washing is going well. But after the end it doesn’t turn off, but the Cotton and start indicator lights up again. What could be?

  3. Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

    Hello! TE lights up, the heater produces 33 ohms, which means it seems to be a working temperature sensor. 4.5 kOhm also seems to be the norm, and a sensor error is displayed on the machine. LG F 1280 NDS. Tell me, what else could be? Thanks in advance.

    • Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

      Check ten for breakdown on weight

  4. Gravatar Lesa Lesya:

    When spinning, sometimes something rumbled in the typewriter. The last time, in general, it rang hard, I had to turn it off. Now, with the rotation of the drum with his hands, he rubs something. They removed the shadow and saw that the drum does not rotate smoothly, but like an ellipse.Could this be a bearing? Is this a warranty case, given that Skis give a 10 year guarantee for direct drive and a 5 year machine?

    • Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

      The shock absorbers under the drum are out of order.

    • Gravatar Kolyan Kolyan:

      What did you do?

  5. Gravatar Stepan Stepan:

    The machine works, the pump shakes, but the drum does not spin. Direct drive. What is the reason?

  6. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    I cleaned the drain pump filter. I unscrewed the lid, cleaned it, screwed it back (tight until it stops). Turned on the car, water flowed. When I was cleaning, I took out a piece of plastic film about 2 * 2 cm. Tell me, do I need this piece of film or not?

    • Gravatar Timur Timur:

      Sergey, this is a very common problem when tightening the drain valve cover on LG machines. The fact is that when tightening the lid, you need not only to turn the thread forward, but also to apply strong pressure. Only in this case will you close the valve normally. It is strange that LG does not write about this nuance in the manual for its washing machines ...

  7. Gravatar Sasha Sasha:

    The machine works, the drum spins, but no water comes in. How to fix?

    • Gravatar Zar Zar:

      After washing, the machine does not open. Disconnected from the network for half an hour, launched spin modes - nothing. There are options?

    • Gravatar Alex Alexey:

      Sasha, good evening. Find out the reason or not? I have the same. But the valves are not energized. If you find out, please write. Thank you in advance!

  8. Gravatar Yurik Yurik:

    The machine is spinning. At 11 minutes worth, no further traffic. Reboot. May repeat up to 4 minutes. Then he jumps to 12. What could it be?

    • Gravatar Nastya Nastya:

      Did you find the cause of the breakdown? Should I call a wizard? Same problem.

  9. Gravatar Galina Galina:

    When spinning the laundry at a given speed, the machine stops and as if the drum does not rotate smoothly.

  10. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    The machine does not start from the start button

  11. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    When you turn on everything went out in the LG washing machine

    • Gravatar Boris Boris:

      When you turn on the water heater after 5 minutes, the machine is knocked out in email. shield. The machine performs all other operations normally. Put a new heater. The result is the same. Please tell me what is the reason?

  12. Gravatar Vital Vitalia:

    I turned on the car, the electric part does not work, it does not turn on

  13. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    The machine does not start from the start button

  14. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    The machine starts to crack (even without laundry) and shows the error "engine overload".

    • Gravatar Alex Alexey:

      Somehow solved the problem, do I have the same thing?

  15. Gravatar Antonina Antonina:

    I used to leak a little, it was not entirely clear where. And after cleaning the compartment below, on the right, water began to flow out.

    • Gravatar Arkady Arkady:

      There was the same problem! I had to thoroughly clean the plastic (on the lid and the body) from scale. The sealing ring also needs to be descaled, and also turn it over. The leak has cleared up. How to spin, read above.

    • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

      We have the same problem, did you figure out what the problems are? Tell me.

  16. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Dismantled the machine, got the stuffing box and bearings. There is a hole in the place where the gland is placed. What is it for?

    • Gravatar Alex Alex:

      Gland Leak Indicator.

  17. Gravatar Val Shaft:

    The machine is new. When turned on, half of the indicators are off and the scoreboard is half off, what could be?

    • Gravatar Alex Alex:

      Broken display board.

  18. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    For four months, when rinsing and wringing the pillow, the LG-10B8QD started to jump, immediately turned it off, I'm afraid to try again, it is tight on the floor, when installing, all shipping bolts were removed according to the instructions. The first wash of the same pillow was normal. May uneven distribution during the spin cycle. Is it worth repeating? Advise, I will be grateful.

  19. Gravatar Asya Asya:

    LG washing machine 2 weeks.When rinsing at the end of a creak, what could it be?

  20. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    After 10 minutes after starting, water flows out from the bottom of the load loading cover. LG direct drive, 2 years of operation. The filter is clean, everything is fine with empty work. What kind of problem is this, tell me?

  21. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Good day! When turned on, something sparkled inside the tank, after which the machine turned off and now does not react at all when connected to the network. Tell me, how serious can the malfunction be and is it worth trying to fix it yourself?

    • Gravatar Irina Irina:

      Check the serviceability of the outlet, we also had this, it turned out just a power strip-tee closed.

    • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

      I had a similar situation, the heater closed.

  22. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    I beg you, tell me! The panel does not start, pause, what should I do?

  23. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    The machine starts to crack (even without laundry) and shows the error "engine overload".

  24. Gravatar Galina Galina:

    Tell me please! Typewriter lg 2 years. During the wash cycle, at first there was a buzz at times, but now constantly. All other loops are fine. What could it be?

  25. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Galina did you find the reason? We have the same problem.

  26. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    Machine F14A8TDS5. After three years of trouble-free operation, an extraneous sound appeared. It sounds like a buzz. Only in washing mode, i.e. with slow rotation of the drum. When rinsing, spin this is not. The farther, the more often and long this sound. It looks like an electric bounce or resonance vibration of a part. Does not produce any errors. The filter is not clogged. By the way, after his (filter) check, this sound disappears briefly. Water leaves a limescale (kettle, plumbing).

  27. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    So has anyone solved the problem? Wash does not start when you press the Start button?

  28. Gravatar Vasilisa Vasilisa:

    The machine sucks water for a long time, but otherwise it works fine.

  29. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    Why is water flowing from the washer, not from the door?

  30. Gravatar Ken Ken:

    The machine works, water enters, and the drum does not spin. Dismantled normal bearings, what is it?

  31. Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

    The door does not open, the lock is springy, but cannot be unlocked. We complete the washing process, after everything goes out, but the hatch is locked.

  32. Gravatar Tanya Tanya:

    In the car, does LG display F (inverted) on the display? What does it mean and how to fix it?

  33. Gravatar Tanya Tanya:

    The error F is flipped (inverted), how to fix it?

  34. Gravatar Pavel Paul:

    The typewriter is turned off for 10 years when the water is heated, tell me!

  35. Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

    LG F1096QD3. During weighing an extraneous sound appeared - a rattle. Then the LE symbol appears, it does not start work. Please tell me how to fix it.

  36. Gravatar Mom Mama:

    The LG 6 kg machine works, but it only erases with cold water. The wizard was called, he said that the computer had burned down. What can be done, tell me, please?

  37. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Water flows through the powder loading hatch.

  38. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Water that is poured into the powder tank is sprayed and part flows out. Advise?

    • Gravatar Peter Peter:

      The upper edges of the trough should be flat and fit snugly against the guides. Try to pour the powder directly into the drum.

  39. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    After washing, the machine does not open. Disconnected from the network for half an hour, launched spin modes - nothing. There are options?

  40. Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

    LG F1068SD1 poorly rinses the powder after 3 rinses on dark whitish spots.

  41. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    The machine erases Cotton in one mode. Sometimes it switches, but more often it erases this one mode. How can I fix it, tell me please?

  42. Gravatar Boris Boris:

    When the machine is running, water is constantly being added to the tank.

  43. Gravatar Rashid Rashid:

    The board is on, everything else is not working. Trying to switch the mode - it doesn’t work. Who did not come across this?

    • Gravatar Anwar Anwar:

      When the programmer is twisted, the operating mode is not selected (all red indicators continue to light). When you press the Start button, only the default mode is activated - 60 degrees pop.

  44. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    Good day! The 2.5 year old LG direct drive does not turn on. Yesterday it worked fine and didn’t portend a breakdown. And today, the start button does not turn on and the machine is dead. Socket working - checked. The husband "called" - the current flows. What could it be?

    • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

      Marina, why did you find the cause of the breakdown? And then I, too, everything went out and does not start.

  45. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Thanks, helped!

  46. Gravatar Serg Serg:

    Good day! When the plug is plugged into the network, an RCD is triggered. The cord is normal - checked. Somewhere apparently short circuit?

  47. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    The board works, the modes turn on, the water enters, the relays trip, and the engine does not spin ...

  48. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    After moving, turned on the machine. And the water is poured constantly, until you cross it. Maybe tell me what to do?

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