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DIY Kaiser washing machine repair

Repair of the Kaiser washing machineRepair of Kaiser washing machines is in many ways similar to the repair of washing machines of other brands, but there is still some specifics. This specificity is manifested, first of all, in the most common faults. We decided to talk in more detail about these malfunctions, as well as how to better fix them with our own hands.

What breaks more often?

What parts most often fail with Kaiser washing machines? To answer this question, we can’t do without summarized statistics provided by leading service centers. Based on these data, we concluded.

  • Most often, the washing element of this brand breaks the heating element. It’s hard to say what it is connected with, it’s possible the quality of the part, or perhaps the design features of the washing machine. However, most often the service centers receive citizens' appeals specifically with the problem of heating water in washing machines Kaiser.
  • In second place are problems with the collection and discharge of water. By the way, this problem arises not only for Kaiser washers. Any other washing machine does the same. Take at least a list of typical Electrolux washing machine malfunction.
  • In third place are complaints from citizens about the fact that their Kaiser washing machine has leaked. Hoses and nozzles are the weak point of all automatic washing machines. Machines of some companies suffer more from this “ailment”, some less, but the fact that this problem is always present is a fact.

Note! Kaiser washers sometimes have problems with the manhole cover, with the control module, belt, engine, but all of them are rare compared to the above breakdowns.

These are the top 3 problems of Kaiser washing machines. We decided to discuss them in the first place and most importantly tell you how to deal with these problems and how to prevent them in the future, because it is always better to carry out preventive measures than to spend money on repairing a washing machine, and possibly repairing a neighboring apartment.

Water is not heated

Most often Kaiser washing machines are fitted with a 280 mm standard 2000 W automatic heater for automatic washing machines. The spare part itself can be quite easily purchased at specialized retail outlets or ordered in the online store, the approximate price is $ 16, plus $ 2-3 shipping. Total maximum 19 dollars of costs, provided that you make the replacement yourself. If you invite a specialist, the issue price will increase by 2, or even 3 times, so self-repair is preferable. What are we doing?Teng washing machine Kaiser

  • We disconnect the washing machine from the mains, turn off the water and disconnect the washer from the water supply and sewage.
  • We take it out of the niche to an empty seat, and then deploy it.
  • We unscrew the screws holding the back wall of the washing machine, remove the back wall.
  • In the lower part of the tank of the washing machine we find two rather large contacts to which the wires go - this is the heater.
  • We take an ohmmeter or multimeter, adjust it, and then measure the resistance of the heating element. The operating parameter will be about 26 ohms, if the device shows much less, it is faulty, it must be changed.
  • Disconnect the wires from the contacts of the heater and the temperature sensor.
  • We unscrew the fixing screws and pull out the heating element.

Note! Teng is pulled out a little hard, but it’s not worth pulling strongly for the contacts, you can pull it out. It is better to pull the ten out slowly, swinging it from side to side.

  • We take out a new heating element from the packaging, check it with an ohmmeter, insert it into the place of the old one and make sure that it “has sat down in a niche”.
  • We connect all the wires to the contacts, put the back wall in place, put the car in a niche and connect the washing machine to the water supply, sewage and electricity. We check and make sure that everything works.


If you find an impressive puddle under the Kaiser washing machine, either after washing, or in the interval between washings, there is a leak somewhere. Before looking for a leak, you need to take urgent measures to protect your and your neighboring apartment from flooding. Turn off the tap responsible for the water entering the washing machine, then place a few large rags under the washing machine body, open the hatch located on the front wall in the lower right corner and unscrew the waste filter.

Once you have drained the rest of the water from the Kaiser and collected it with a rag, you can begin to search for the cause of the leak. Let's start with the hoses, because they are the easiest to check. Inspect the inlet and outlet hose. If the matter is drain hose, then it needs to be changed. And the inlet hose may have burst, but in this case there will be more water, and the leak will be most obvious. Replacing the drain and inlet hose can be quite simple, so we will not write about this separately.

The next possible reason is the nozzles. If the leak is inside, then to find it you will have to disassemble almost the entire Kaiser washing machine. It will not be easy to do this on your own, so it is better to consult a specialist. What can cause a leak inside:

  1. water pump;drain pump
  2. drain pipe;
  3. bulk nozzle;
  4. powder receptacle nozzle;
  5. hatch cuff;
  6. waste gasket gasket;
  7. emergency drain hose (its plug);
  8. filling valve;
  9. tank.

Important! Kaiser washing machines have plastic tanks. The bone from the bra that gets into the tank can pierce it, and this will cause leakage.

Problems with collecting and draining water

Similar problems with Kaiser washing machines can occur in several cases:

  • there is a breakdown of the drain pump;
  • drain system clogged with garbage;
  • poor quality of tap water;
  • clogged flow filter of the filling valve.

inlet valveWe will not exclude banal situations when the user simply forgets to open the water supply tap, or when the water is simply turned off. Such stupid situations are by no means rare. If the washing machine freezes and the display shows error E02, then first you need to check the inlet hose, and then intake solenoid valve.

If the washer generates an error E03, just right to check the drain pump. Perhaps it will need to be changed, or perhaps to clean - An autopsy and verification will show. In the future, so that the pipes and filters are not clogged, do not forget to carry out preventive cleaning of the washing machine with the help of special tools. To do this, you need to buy a product once a year, pour it into the powder receiver and start washing without things. In an hour, the product will clean the inside of the car, and half the problems will disappear by themselves.

In conclusion, we note that Kaiser washing machines are quite reliable. They can not be attributed to the number of household appliances that need to be repaired often. However, these machines also have weaknesses that the user must be aware of. Good luck


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  1. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    My vertical loading machine does not turn on. Mains voltage on the button - everything is there. The power button works, but when pressed, no indicator lights up, generally silence. I repeat the button I checked, there is voltage. What could be the reason? Help!

  2. Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

    During the operation of the machine, the Kaiser with a vertical loading jammed the drum with the door down. I can’t turn it around with my hands, it rests somewhere. What to do?

  3. Gravatar Gene Gene:

    Useful article, thanks.

  4. Gravatar Nastya Nastya:

    Kaiser typewriter.He doesn’t want to wash, he does a couple of turns and everything. After that I open the lid, and there is water in the drum. Squeezes almost normal. But she jumps so much that the child shudders. Have to turn off and on again to spin! What to do in such a situation?

  5. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Kaiser washing machine. It erases normally, drains water during washing, too, well, and the spin does not work. What with her?

  6. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    I get an error e11, please tell me what to do?

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