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How to repair a Bosch washing machine

washing machine boshBosch home appliances have earned the love of customers for their quality. German-made washing machines are admirable, ranging from the quality of materials used to manufacture machines to ergonomics. However, among this technique come across instances of machines that fail. That is why, we decided to write an article on how to repair Bosch washing machines on our own, and is it possible to do this.


Modern models of cars from Bosch are equipped with a special program that allows you to identify equipment malfunctions, without contacting the master. The instruction manual will probably tell you how to properly make such a diagnosis. If not, then we offer a detailed algorithm for testing machines, in the case when the drum stopped rotating:washing machine bosh control panel

  1. Close the door of the hatch of the drum machine.
  2. Set the program selection knob to the “Off” position.
  3. We are waiting for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Now turn the knob into spin mode.
  5. We wait until the Start button on the control panel of the machine flashes.
  6. Hold down the spin button.
  7. We wait until the Start button flashes again.
  8. We turn the knob to the "Drain" mode.
    Important! Turn the knob clockwise.
  9. Release the spin button.
  10. By Bosch error code determine the last fault.

Note! If the diagnostics of the washing machine did not start at all, then there is a malfunction in the system board.

In addition, the program provides for the removal of the last error from memory and the start of diagnostics of faulty elements. To start the engine test, you need to set the mode dial to position 3. When the handle is set to position 4, the check of the drain pump will begin, and to position 5 - Tena. Positions 6 and 7 are provided for the diagnosis of hot or cold water inlet valves; in position 8, testing of the water inlet valve will begin during the main wash, 9 - preliminary.

The most frequent breakdowns

The masters of Bosch service centers found that of all the possible breakdowns of washing machines, the following malfunctions are most often found in Bosch machines:

  1. Water does not heat up during washing.
  2. Water does not drain.
  3. The drum does not rotate.
  4. The noise inside the drum.
  5. No water is collected.
  6. The engine does not start.

Judging by this list, we can conclude that in washing machines of this company, the heating element most often burns out. If Ten burned out, and the electronic system remained intact, the repair will be carried out quickly and safely. Otherwise, you will have to change the expensive electronic modules, giving the equipment to the master.

Causes of malfunctions

What malfunctions can occur in the washing machine, everything is clear. And what can cause a breakdown, you need to find out. We will deal with everything in order.

If after a washing cycle the machine does not drain the water, then the reasons for this may be:

  • breakdown of the drain pump (pump);
  • clogged drain filter or pump;
  • faulty contacts between the pump and the power supply;
  • The water level sensor has failed.

In the case of a drum stop, the most important reasons are:

  • drive belt wear;
  • a problem with the electronics or control board;
  • very rarely the engine breaks down in such cars.

Noise inside the drum may be caused by:

  • faulty bearings;
  • a small object stuck in the drum;
  • damage to shock absorbers;
  • torn counterweight.

When water does not accumulate in the washing machine’s tank, the following reasons are distinguished:

  • lack of water supply;
  • clogged pump or Aqua Stop system;
  • occurred by a drain hose hall.

The engine of the Bosch washing machine may not start due to a breakdown in the electronics or an unclosed drum door. Having found out the cause of the breakdown and its severity, you can proceed with the repair yourself.

If the breakdown is not defined, we turn to the master.

Repair of pump, drain filter and pressure switch

Now we will describe in detail what kind of malfunctions you can fix yourself, how to repair the car. Let's start with the simplest thing - a clogged drain filter. It is located at the bottom, under the panel or cover. To rinse it from accumulated debris, you need to open the lid, carefully turning it counterclockwise. Do not forget to put a large rag so that the remaining water does not spill on the floor. Rinse the filter under running water and replace it. drain filterCleaning or replacing the drain pump will not do without removing the front cover of the machine body. This process is simple but time consuming. This work is described in detail in the article on how to repair a pump in a washing machine.

With your own hands, you can eliminate the malfunction associated with the fact that water does not accumulate. First, check if the water supply is turned off and if the water supply valve is open. Then the drain hose is inspected for creases and only then can the Aqua Stop filter be checked. If it is not working, then you need to replace it with a similar one.

If the water level sensor is broken, then it must be replaced. There is a sensor under the top cover in the right corner. To remove the cover, just unscrew the two screws on the back. The sensor itself is pulled out by pressing the latch. Then the hose is removed and the contacts are disconnected. In place of the faulty water level sensor, a new one is installed.Bosch water level sensor

We change TEN

How to change the heating element in case of breakage? A similar malfunction can also be fixed with your own hands. Opening the back cover of the washing machine, below, under the tank, you can see Ten. To replace it you need:

  1. Remove the bolt holding the heater on the tank.
  2. Disconnect all wires.
  3. We take out the ten.
  4. We take serviceable ten.
  5. Putting it all in reverse order.Ten in a bosh typewriter

Replacing bearings and drive belt

More difficult is the job of replacing bearings in a Bosch washing machine. After all, you have to almost completely disassemble the washing machine in order to get to them. In addition, tools and dexterity are required. A detailed video was shot about this. In it, all the work is done by real masters.

One of the common causes of engine shutdown may be wear on the drive belt. You can replace it yourself, showing patience and dexterity. Carry out this as follows:

  1. open the back cover;Bosch back cover
  2. we take a photo of the drive belt and its proper fastening on the pulley grooves to make it easier to put on a new belt;
  3. take the belt with your right hand just below the pulley and pull it towards you;Bosch washing machine belt
  4. with your left hand slowly turn the pulley counterclockwise, with this movement, the belt will be removed from the pulley easily;
  5. we take it out of the typewriter body;Bosch washing machine belt
  6. now we take a new belt and first we put it on the engine;
  7. pull it with your left hand, and try to put the belt on the pulley with your right hand;Bosch washing machine belt
  8. Continuing to tighten the belt, turn the pulley counterclockwise while trying to put on the belt to the end;
  9. close the housing cover.

Eliminate the noise in the drum

bosh washing machine shock absorbersAs we already noted, worn bearings, shock absorbers and a torn counterweight can become the causes of noise and hum in the drum. With the replacement of bearings figured out, we will consider how to eliminate other malfunctions.

Before changing shock absorbers, carefully inspect the drum of the typewriter, shining a flashlight inside, perhaps a foreign object is stuck in it, which can be pulled out without disassembling the typewriter body and tank. Perhaps it is this object that rattles during the rotation of the drum.

As for shock absorbers, they, as in many other washing machines, change according to one algorithm. There is a detailed article on this subject, how to change springs, shock absorbers and dampers.
If the cause of the noise is a counterbalance loosening on the mount, then tighten these mounts. The counterweights are located under the upper housing cover and below.

If it is not possible to fix the counterweight, then you need to replace it with a similar one.This failure is quite rare.

Bosch washing machine counterweight

What to do with electrics, electronics and engines?

German electric motors for washing machines are an example of quality that breaks very rarely, however, this happens.

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first involves the dismantling of the engine and its transfer for reassembly and repair to specialists. There is a chance that they will be able to fix this expensive unit. If repair is not possible, then you will have to make a replacement, and this in some cases almost 1/3 of the cost of the washing machine.

Getting to the engine is easy. It is only necessary to dismantle the rear wall of the machine, and then look under the tank, there is an engine with a drive mechanism. To remove it, you need to disconnect the power wires and the sensor from it, and also unscrew the three fasteners that hold the engine. Before removing the engine, experts recommend checking the performance of the sensor capacitor. To do this, arm yourself with a multimeter and connect its probes to the contacts. The value on the display should be from 20 to 50 ohms.

Bosch washing machine electronic moduleA multimeter will also be required to check the electrics of the washing machine. If you suspect a malfunction in the wiring methodically check all contacts, terminals, plugs. With prolonged use of the machine, the wire could, for example, fray and create a problem - check everything, do not be lazy and you will be rewarded.

If you suspect a malfunction of the control unit of the washing machine, the only thing you can do is either call a specialist who will come and solve the problem, or dismantle the control unit and transfer it to a service center. Experts strongly do not recommend climbing into the electronics of German technology: changing programs, reflashing, connecting to a computer and testing. To do this, you need to know a lot of nuances - entrust this work to professionals.

Why did German Bosch cars break down more often?

So what happened, why Bosch's proven washing machines on the market began to break down more often, because this is one of the most reliable companies? And all because part of the enterprises from Germany was transferred to Turkey and Russia, where they began to use cheaper parts.

So, for example, the metal tank was replaced with a plastic one, some of the parts were purchased in China. Cheaper products and led to lower quality.

The German quality standard remains only in those washing machines that are assembled in Germany.

Therefore, acquiring such a machine, you need to pay attention to where it was going. And if there is a breakdown, then the specialists will be able to repair the Bosch machine without any problems. Although partially, it’s still Bosch.

So, repairing an automatic Bosch machine with your own hands can be overwhelming, in some cases you can not do without the help of a specialist. However, serious breakdowns in this technique are quite rare, after all, Bosch washing machines are of high quality. And in each individual case of a malfunction, it is necessary to approach the repair creatively.


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