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Repair of dishwashers Kandy

repair PMM KandyUnfortunately, Kandy dishwashers have been breaking records for the number of defects for many years. More often than not, Indesit dishwashers are in service centers. Nevertheless, everything in this technique does not break. There are several weak details that are constantly having problems. Today we will discuss the repair of Candy dishwashers, focusing on the most frequent breakdowns.

Common defects

Standard, narrow, compact Kandy dishwashers have a similar device and similar problems. This technique can potentially break anything, but most often the following elements fail:

  • drain pump;
  • inlet valve;
  • a heating element;

Often, the flowing heater of a Kandy dishwasher breaks through, giving a current leak to the body. If you, touching the metal parts of the case, feel a shock, urgently de-energize the machine.

  • thermistor
  • leak detection sensor.

When diagnosing a dishwasher for certain defects, remember that in all cases the problem may be hidden in the control module. Sometimes semiconductor elements fail, and sometimes firmware just flies. In any case, if as a result of your research you find that the problem is precisely in the electronics, do not meddle yourself, contact a specialist. If you suddenly break the module, the new one will cost a third, or even half the cost of a new machine, depending on the model of the Kandy machine.

The problem with the drain pump

The pump may break down in other dishwashers. For example, in Bosch dishwashing equipment, the pump has a rather peculiar impeller, on which hair is often wound, and different dirt, which ultimately blocks it. The pump rarely breaks from this, but it will not work until you clean it. In Kandy dishwashers, the pump, as a rule, goes silent forever. It’s enough to listen, at the stage of discharge, how it works and you can say with 90% certainty when it will end.

Kandy Dishwasher PumpA striking symptom of a pump failure is not the pumped waste water that is in the machine system. First, we make sure that there are no blockages in the trash filter and drain hose, and then do the following:

  • unscrew and pull off the side wall of the dishwasher;
  • unscrew the narrow front panel, which is located under the door of the machine;
  • Having gained access to the pump, remove it by disconnecting the wiring;
  • with our own hands we check the drain pump with a multimeter switched to ohmmeter mode;
  • we throw out the faulty pump and put in its place a new one.

Perhaps if the manufacturer had guessed to put a fuse on the pump, then it would have served at least twice as long, and so the average duration of its operation is 3 years. Sad but true. By the way, the self-diagnosis system of the Kandy machine determines the problem with the pump using the E2 code.

Water does not pour

Suppose a Kandy machine cannot pour water and start executing a washing program. This is immediately noticeable. Firstly, the inlet valve will click in vain, and secondly, the dishwasher will immediately display the error E1. How to check this item?

  1. In the same way as in the case of the pump, we disassemble the dishwasher.
  2. We find the bulk valve.

It is not difficult to find the inlet valve, since the inlet hose is screwed to it. Look where the inlet hose fits in the machine body and you will find the part you are looking for.

  1. We remove the wires from the coil of the valve and check its contacts with a multimeter.
  2. Values ​​close to zero will indicate that the part is broken and needs to be changed.
  3. We unscrew the old valve and put in its place exactly the same new one.

On average, the filling valve on the Kandy dishwasher serves 4 years, but factory marriage cannot be ruled out. In addition, frequent power surges in the Russian power grid do not at all contribute to the long operation of machine parts, so be on the lookout.Experienced craftsmen, in order to extend the work of the equipment, are advised to set dishwasher stabilizers. They really help, but you need to consider the cost of these "stray". While the Kandy dishwasher itself can cost $ 315, a good stabilizer will cost $ 240. Although it should be noted that two or even three devices are usually connected to one stabilizer.

Water stays cold

Kandy instantaneous dishwasher heaterIf the water in the dishwasher does not want to heat up at all or is heated “per hour on a teaspoon”, measures must be taken to check the thermistor and the flow heater. Malfunctions in these elements occur frequently, but the supply list and the control module should not be dropped from the list of reasons. By removing the left side wall of the machine, you will get free access to the thermistor and the heater. For safety reasons, turn off the power to the machine, turn off the water, and only then carry out any manipulations in the case.

First remove the thermistor and check it with a multimeter, then check the wiring of this part. If everything is normal, then you can go to the heating element. First we check the resistance of the heater, and then for a breakdown. AtIt is possible to eliminate the breakdown of the heater only by replacing the part, since the burned-out heaters cannot be repaired. It is necessary to loosen the clamps, remove the old heater, not forgetting to remember the location of the wires, then you need to put in its place a new part, carefully tighten the clamps and return the wires to their place.

Water leakage sensor triggered

A list of typical faults is completed by water leaks. Clamps and rubber pads, this is the real scourge of Kandy dishwashers, it’s good that there is a leak detector, otherwise the neighbors from below would have to say hello. The leakage sensor is triggered when the pan is partially filled with water. It turns off the water supply to the dishwasher and blocks its operation, saving your property and the property of your neighbors from the flood.

In some cases, the sensor triggers spontaneously, without water, but more often the water in the pan does appear. What should be done?

  1. It is necessary to disconnect and disassemble the machine.
  2. Check the sump, if there is water, it must be drained by tilting the machine body to the side.
  3. Check pipes, hoses, rubber gaskets for leaks.
  4. Having eliminated the leak, it is necessary to return the valve float to the working position and check the machine for operability.

So, we highlighted the main defects of the Kandy dishwasher. Each problem has a bunch of nuances, which are impossible to discuss in a single publication. Ask your questions on our forum or in the comments to the article, our experts will be happy to answer them. Have a good repair!


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