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Repair of dishwashers AEG

repair dishwasher AEGThe AEG dishwashers assembled in Poland have relatively recently been criticized by specialists. Was launched even a small advertising (or rather anti-advertising) company against these machines. In fact, this is nothing more than a manifestation of competition. These machines were and remain very high quality, as eloquently testified by the statistics of service centers. Repair of AEG dishwashers is not often required, and the list of typical breakdowns that occur with this technique is very short. Let's discuss it.

What to do if an error occurs?

It’s not uncommon for AEG dishwasher users to rush to call the service center, as soon as a system error appears on the display. Do not panic ahead of time, perhaps it’s not a breakdown at all, just a short-term malfunction arose in the electronics of the machine, which can be eliminated by rebooting. What should be done?

  1. Press the button that is responsible for power supply and cut down the machine.
  2. Unplug the power cord.
  3. Wait about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Turn on the machine and try to start the washing program.

For fidelity, you can repeat the reboot 2-3 times.

It is likely that the error code will disappear and will not return. If the error is again on the screen, you need to decrypt it and try to look for the cause of its occurrence.

Typical defects

As we have already noted, typical faults for AEG machines are few, but they can cause a lot of trouble, so the user must know in advance what he is faced with. We list these typical defects.

  1. All sorts of problems with the drain pump, including its clogging and complete failure.
  2. Incorrect intake valve operation. His coil may burn out or it may become clogged. It may also interrupt its power supply.
  3. Pollution and blockages of a very different nature, which in 90% of cases occur due to the fault of the user.

In general, we have decided on the list of defects, now we need to disassemble them. It is necessary to decide how to get to one or another part, how to check it and repair it, if at all possible, because in some cases only replacement helps.

Incorrect operation of the drain pump

Pump for cars AEGThe behavior of the AEG dishwasher pump may vary. It may buzz, but not drain water. She may not show signs of work at all. It can also drain water, but do it too slowly. Each problem is indicated by its error code, but somehow you need to get to the pump, take it off and study it. How to do it?

  1. We disconnect and disconnect the equipment from all communications.
  2. We drag the machine into the middle of the kitchen.
  3. Unscrew the fasteners that hold the right and left walls of the housing.
  4. We remove the walls.
  5. Having gained full access to the contents of the pan, remove the pump, first unhooking its wires.

The space between the washing chamber and the tray is enough to work with almost all the parts below.

  1. We check the part with an ohmmeter, if it is working, we also check the wiring.
  2. If the pump burns out, the defect can only be repaired by replacing the part.

If the ohmmeter does not show problems with the electrics of the pump, you need to carefully inspect it. Physical damage or contamination can also adversely affect part performance. Hair and threads are often wound around the impeller, slowing its rotation. All this needs to be cleaned, then you will give the details a new life.

Intake valve dysfunction

inlet valve AEGThe inlet valve is responsible for supplying water to the dishwasher. At the command of the control module, the valve opens and closes, supplying as much water as needed to the machine, with an accuracy of a tenth of a liter. If water does not flow into the AEG machine, check the coil of the intake valve.If the coil is functioning, you need to see how well the valve opens and closes, does it allow water to pass through. If the slightest problem is found, the valve must be replaced without pity.

If the valve does not work, but during the test it was not possible to identify problems, you need to inspect the wiring that supplies this part and ensures its connection with the control module. Broken wires should be replaced. You also need to check the control board itself and its software. Perhaps a valve malfunction is electronic in nature.

Pollution and blockages

Clogs can quickly become the scourge of an AEG dishwasher if the user does not care for his "home assistant" and does not follow the rules for its operation. Without cleaning the dishes before putting them in baskets, the user will quickly contribute to the pollution of the trash filter. From this, the water will cease to circulate, and the machine will stop right with the water. These kinds of problems can be easily fixed by cleaning the trash filter. How to do this is described in the article. Replacing and cleaning the filter of the dishwasher, now we will not focus on this.

But not only a clogged filter can create a serious problem. If you do not ensure that salt is always in the AEG machine, the ion exchanger will quickly fail. As soon as this happens, after half a year the car will begin to overgrow with limescale from the inside. Limescale will cause blockages inside the dishwasher and the equipment will go to a landfill.

“Fly into the pipe” your 900 dollars. So the machine needs to be monitored in both eyes and every 3 months to arrange the technique of general cleaning.

Another problem may be clogging of the flow filter, which is located on the inlet valve. In the water supply, the water is not quite clean. It contains grains of sand, various small debris that accumulates on the flow filter and blockage occurs over time. To avoid this, once 4-6 months you need to unscrew the inlet hose, pull out the net and clean it. Then you will avoid clogging problems.

So, we described the most common defects of AEG dishwashers. We talked about why these defects occur and how to eliminate them with your own hands. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or on our forum. We hope we have provided you with useful information. Good luck


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