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Repair of dishwashers Indesit

repair of dishwashers IndesitIndesit dishwashers are assembled in Poland under the control of a head office in Italy. This technique attracts users with a low price and relatively good quality, of course, they are far from “Boschi", but nevertheless it is in demand among consumers. One of the main disadvantages of these dishwashers, the sensitivity to power surges, leads to the fact that the machine fails. How to repair Indesit dishwashers will be discussed further.

Frequent breakdowns

At the Indesit dishwasher, anything can break, especially if it lasts a very long time or the operating rules are violated. For example, a circulation pump, a temperature sensor, a water level sensor, a filling valve, rocker arms and cleaning filters clogged. But most often, according to the masters, in the Indesit dishwashers, the following details break down:

  • a heating element, as a result of which the quality of washing dishes decreases, since the water does not heat up;
  • a dishwasher tank, which leads to leakage of water and the appearance of extraneous noise. Replacing a tank is a difficult category of repair; a similar service costs from about 1200 rubles plus the cost of a new tank. In general, it is not as expensive as it seems at first glance, because you have to sort out and disassemble the entire body of the dishwasher, which is not so easy for an unprepared person, so for the sake of your peace of mind, it is better to contact the master who will probably fix the dishwasher;
  • the electronic control board is the “brain” of the dishwasher, which is responsible for the operation of all its internal “organs”.

Teng replacement

The heating element can burn out for various reasons: due to scale formation, power surge, wear. This breakdown refers to medium complexity, its elimination will cost around 1200 rubles, not counting the cost of the heater itself. However, it is possible to replace it yourself, but first you need to purchase an original spare part.

Note! If the machine stops heating water, then the AL10 error code should appear on the dishwashers with a display.

So, the replacement of the heating element is as follows:

  1. disconnect the machine from power and water supply;
  2. put on the back wall, previously laying something under it;
  3. unscrew the screws holding the bottom cover of the case and remove it; in some models it may be necessary to remove the side panels;
  4. under the cover you can see all the main details of the machine, as for ten, then in the dishwasher Indesit he goes with the pump;
  5. taking the multimeter in your hands check the heater;
  6. then remove the disposable clamps from the heater and disconnect it;
  7. you also need to remove the hose going from the pump to the tank with water, this is necessary in order to pull out the entire pump with heating element;
  8. Now you need to disconnect the ground wire from the pump;
  9. we take out the pump with the heater attached from the machine;
  10. then unscrew the heater from the engine counterclockwise;

    Important! The edges of the heater are very sharp, so take a rag and cover the heater, only then unscrew from the pump housing.

    replacement ten in the dishwasher Indesit

  11. Now you need to remove the old O-ring from the pump;
  12. then you need to grease the new sealing gum and the PETN walls with grease;
    replacement ten in the dishwasher Indesit
  13. we put on an elastic band and connect the pump and the heating element, you will have to make an effort;
  14. Now you need to replace the old clamps with new ones and install the pump with heating element in the car, connecting the hose and wires;
    replacement ten in the dishwasher Indesit
  15. Before assembling the dishwasher housing, you need to run a test wash to check the tightness of the connections.

What to do if the control board is faulty?

The control module is responsible for the operation of all parts of the dishwasher, receiving signals from various sensors and giving commands. This is a complex device, which for different models of dishwashers can cost 3000-6000 rubles and even more.Whether such repair is advisable, you decide. Replacing a module belongs to the medium category of complexity, so it is likely that you yourself can change it.

  • Unplug the dishwasher.
  • Loosen the six screws holding the front fascia.
  • Then unscrew the 6 screws that hold the control panel.
  • Carefully pull out the control panel and hang it on the door, be careful not to scratch the dishwasher.
  • Disconnect the black wire.
    replacement of the control module in the dishwasher Indesit
  • Unscrew the control module from the control panel.
  • Disconnect all wires from the module by releasing the latches.
  • Connect the electrical wires to the new module and reinsert.
  • Assemble the car.

So, repair of an Indesit brand dishwasher can be done independently if there is a desire, skills and time. Detailed instructions and videos help you get the job done. Have a good repair!


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  1. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    An error popped up, the indication of 3h and 6h blinked. The problem was in the air valve on the lower right side. Adjusted and everything was restored.

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