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Repair of dishwashers Electrolux

Repair of dishwashers ElectroluxDishwashers Electrolux are quite widespread in Russia. Despite the relatively high quality of Electrolux equipment, it, like any other, breaks down and requires the attention of consumers and craftsmen. Before you repair a dishwasher of this brand, you need to find out what typical malfunctions occur in such machines, how can these malfunctions be better detected and what simple methods exist for eliminating them? Read about this and much more in this article.

Typical breakdowns of cars Electrolux

90% of Electrolux dishwashers sold in Russia are made in Poland. Their quality is slightly worse than that of similar Swedish and German-made equipment, but as they say, you don’t have to choose especially. Specialists of service centers note the following advantages of Electrolux equipment:

  • body parts are made of high quality materials and are very reliable;
  • circulation pumps are well made and have a long working life;
  • the manufacturer pays great attention to trifles: rubber bands, terminals, filters, wires, clamps - all this affects the overall trouble-free working life of dishwashers Electrolux

Machines of this brand have no obvious weaknesses, but, like all other dishwashers, they can have typical breakdowns. Here is a list of symptoms, the so-called typical malfunctions.

  1. Drain and fill paths become clogged.
  2. Water does not heat up according to the set program.
  3. Various problems may arise with the execution of the washing program.
  4. Problems with the quality of washing dishes.

Clogged inlet and outlet ducts

Drain and fill paths are blocked not only in Electrolux dishwashers, the model and brand have nothing to do with it - this is a systemic problem. Filler hoses, filters and nozzles clog the more often, the worse the quality of tap water. If the percentage of minerals in the water is large, then they will settle on the walls of the inlet filter and, in the end, they will clog it.

Repair of the Electrolux dishwasher in this case will be reduced to cleaning the clogged filter, and in the future, so that the problem does not recur, it will be necessary to twist it periodically and clean it from the resulting water stone. Chemicals that prevent the formation of limescale in this case are not helpers, because they protect only the inside of the machine, and they won’t get on the flow filter.

Conclusion, if you have hard water, then watch your Electrolux dishwasher carefully, check the inlet filter, hose and nozzles manually. How to do it?

  • Close the water supply to the dishwasher by shutting off the tee tap.
  • Unscrew the inlet hose with the flow filter from the tee tap on one side and on the other from the dishwasher.
  • Unscrew the small flow filter from the Electrolux casing (it is located at the beginning of the filling path, where the inlet hose is screwed).
  • We rinse and clean the hose and both filters, put everything in place.

Note! Some when installing a dishwasher do not place a flow filter between the tee tap and the hose. In this case, only one filter will be clogged (which is at the beginning of the filling path).

dishwasher filterGarbage filters, hoses and pipes for the drain path of Electrolux dishwashers get clogged even more often. Masters generally recommend checking and cleaning them at least once every 2 months, and if the machine is used intensively every day, then once every 1-1.5 months. In order for blockages to occur less frequently, it is very important to take preventative measures, which are generally described in the instructions for the Electrolux dishwasher.

  1. Before laying dishes in the washing machine tank, it must be cleaned of food.
  2. Only high-quality and proven detergents must be added to the cuvette.
  3. It is necessary to ensure that in a special container there is enough regenerating salt.
  4. After each dishwashing, quickly inspect the trash filters and clean them if possible.

To clean the waste filter, drain hose, nozzles, carefully read the appropriate section in the instructions for the dishwasher Electroluxor read the article on our website How to clean your own dishwasher, or purchase a special cleaning agent in the bottle, place it in the dishwasher and start the empty mode.

Problems with heating water

Teng for ElectroluxVarious malfunctions, the symptom of which is not heating water, are associated either with the heater or with sensors and modules. The topics that govern it. Dishwashers Electrolux is quite sensitive to power surges, low or too high voltage, and there’s more than enough of this in Russia. What can the voltage drop lead to?

In the best case, the fuse will blow, and in the worst case, one or more triacs of the control board. In such a situation, the control module simply will not be able to send signals to the Ten, or it will not be able to do this in the specified mode. As a result, the water pumped into the tank remains cold. Repair in this case can be quite complicated and expensive because you need:

  • partially disassemble the dishwasher;
  • check ten and his electrics;
  • check the details of the control module, identify the faulty and replace it with a new one.

Important! To protect the Electrolux dishwasher from voltage problems in the mains, a special voltage regulator will help, which must be purchased separately.

Diagnosis and repair in a similar situation is best entrusted to a specialist, especially if you have no idea how to work with a multimeter, electrical circuits and the like. Do-it-yourself repairs can cause additional damage to machine parts, which may well send your "iron assistant" to the landfill. But if you still want to do it yourself at your own risk, read the article Do not heat the water in the dishwasher.

The dishwasher does not execute a washing program.

dishwasher ElectroluxThe freezing of the dishwasher during the execution of the washing program is a very common occurrence. In most cases, the problem is resolved by rebooting the Electrolux dishwasher, in other words, you just need to turn it off, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it on again. But in some situations, the program freezes systematically.

The master of the service center of the Electrolux company describes the case when, with the Electrolux ESL95201LO dishwasher, all 5 washing programs invariably hung after the first 10-15 minutes of operation. Reboot did not give anything, freezing occurred constantly. After a deep study of the issue, the master came to the conclusion that there is a factory defect of the control module, replaced the entire board and the machine started working normally.

Note! For some models of Electrolux dishwashers, the control modules are so expensive that it is sometimes easier to buy a new machine than to replace a broken module with the old one.

Such cases are rare. Most often, the cause of malfunctions during the execution of washing programs is the poor operation of the sensors: aquasensor, pressure switch and others. If a group of sensors breaks down immediately, you need to think about the reasons for this, perhaps the cause of such system failures is a problem with the electrical network. What should I do if the cause of the failure to complete the washing program is an inoperative pressure switch? You can find out about this by reading one of the articles on our site, entitled Replacing the pressure switch in the dishwasher.

Very poor quality dishwashing

dishwasher ElectroluxWhy the Electrolux dishwasher stopped washing dishes properly and how to carry out repairs, you won’t understand right away, because there can be quite a lot of reasons. Electroluxes most often have problems either with water entering the system or with the supply of detergents. The latter can be easily checked if there is a tablet or undissolved powder in the cuvette after washing, which means there are problems with the supply of detergent.

If the machine tries to wash the dishes without water, this is also quite easy to check, because it either gives a system error and stops working, or at the end of the program gives out dry and completely dirty dishes. How to identify a malfunction?

  1. Check for water in the water supply.
  2. Check the inlet hose and filters for clogging.
  3. Check if the filling valve is working.
  4. Check the detergent dispensing valve on the cuvette.
  5. Check if you are loading detergents into the cuvette correctly.

Summing up, we note that if the Electrolux dishwasher suddenly broke, then its repair can be difficult. We will not reassure you, you will not be able to cope with all the breakdowns yourself, you will have to turn to specialists. But in some cases, you can try to make repairs yourself. Good luck


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