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Repair of dishwashers Ariston

Repair of dishwashers AristonDamage to the dishwasher causes a storm of unpleasant emotions, forcing the owners to wash the dishes by hand, albeit temporarily. The first decision that comes to mind is to call friends. There is a possibility that they faced such a problem. Or you can start looking for a solution to the problem on the Internet. That is why we decided to write an article on how to repair Ariston dishwashers. We will deal with what often fails, how to fix the malfunction, in which cases it is easier to contact the master.

What most often fails

Ariston dishwashers are similar in design and repair features to such Bosch and Electrolux dishwashers. However, not always breakdowns that happen with the Boschs can happen with the Aristons. Of course, as in other equipment, dishwasher parts are subject to wear, but still the following malfunctions most often occur in Hotpoint Ariston dishwashers:

  • failure of the heating element, which can lead to poor-quality washing of dishes, as well as knocking out plugs of the electrical network;
  • water intake into the machine is very slow or absent, the cause of this is a blockage or breakage of the filling valve;
  • water draining during non-stop water intake; this malfunction is also a result of a breakdown of the bulk valve or water level sensor;
  • the dishwasher makes unusual noise and sounds, this indicates either a blockage of the rocker arm inside the tank of the machine, or a malfunction of the circulation pump;
  • a water leak in the machine informs of a breakdown of the drain pump, a violation of the tightness of the hose or a loose door;
  • the lack of drain also indicates a breakdown of the drain pump and clogged filters.

Important! If you independently try to solve any problem with a dishwasher, which is under warranty, warranty service will be void.

Change the heating element

A malfunction of the heating element in Ariston dishwashers is most often manifested by the appearance of an unpleasant odor. In this case, there may be no error on the machine’s display, the water heats up to the desired temperature, the machine works fine, the dishes are washed well. In fact, the appearance of smell alone should be a warning to you of danger. After all, this is the smell of burnt wires, further melting of the insulation can lead to a short circuit and fire.

What to do in this case? Let us describe all the actions in sequence:

  1. First, the dishwasher must be disconnected from the mains, water, sewage and put forward for convenience.
  2. Next, disassemble the walls, if any, marking where necessary with a marker where the screws should be, this will help not to get confused during assembly.
  3. Under the soundproofing material of the right wall of the Ariston dishwasher there are wires going to the flowing heating element, they need to be examined for burnout.
  4. The heating element itself is located on the bottom side and looks something like in the photo, usually the terminals burned in a red circle burn at the heater. You cannot replace them separately, so you will have to completely change the entire ten.
    Ten dishwashers Ariston
  5. Having opened the clamps, you need to remove the heating element and connect a new one in its place, this should not cause any difficulties.

    Important! To fix a new ten, four new clamps will be required, since the old ones are not subject to reuse. An independent replacement of this unit will cost you about 3000-4000 rubles.

  6. After installing the heater, you need to start the shortest wash. To check the tightness of the joints and how the machine works.
  7. If everything is in order, then collect the dishwasher and put it in place.

Replacing the filling valve and pressure switch

dishwasher pressure switch AristonIn case of a malfunction of the filling valve, water is either constantly collected in the machine and drained immediately, or water does not enter the dishwasher at all. In the valve, contacts can be burned, the operability of which is checked using a multimeter, or it can jam the shutter in the open or closed position. In both cases, the valve will have to be replaced. Make it easy.

The water inlet valve is located inside the dishwasher once after the connection point of the inlet hose. Depending on the model of the Hotpoint Ariston dishwasher, you will have to remove the side panels of the machine and the back wall.

Note! When collecting and continuously draining water, an error F5 appears on the display of the Hotpoint Ariston dishwashers.

Constant collection and draining of water can also be caused by a malfunction of the water level sensor. The pressure switch itself either fails as a result of prolonged use, or the sensor contacts are oxidized. In case of oxidation, you can strip and renew the wires with terminals. If the sensor itself breaks down, it is necessary to replace the pressure switch. How difficult it is to do it, evaluate for yourself, having studied the article, Replacing the water level sensor in the dishwasher.

How to replace the circulation and drain pump

Before deciding to replace the circulation pump and pump, it is necessary to check them and make sure that these elements are malfunctioning. It may turn out that one of these units is working, and we are already tuned in to expensive and dreary repairs. How to check for a malfunction in the circulation pump and pump in a Hotpoint Ariston dishwasher?

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains and disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses.
  • Stele the rags somewhere in the empty space in front of the dishwasher, and then push the machine onto the rags so that you can put it on the back wall.
  • Unscrew the rear bottom panel of the Arpoint Hotpoint machine, and then put it on the back wall and unscrew the bottom.

Attention! When removing the bottom of the dishwasher, be careful with the leakage protection sensor, do not tear off its wire.

  • Now we have access to the desired units. We take an ohmmeter, set the minimum value, and then put the probes on the contacts of the pump, and then the circulation pump.
  • If the value on the ohmmeter display is about 1500, you can not touch the pump or pump, most likely the problem is not in them, but if the value is much lower, you probably have to think about replacing these items on the Arpoint Hotpoint dishwasher.

Make sure that the pump does not work, we will change. First, disconnect all wires and connectors from the pump and unscrew the drain hose. We unscrew one screw that holds the pump near the sump. We take a new similar drain pump, install a new rubber o-ring and put the new pump in place of the old one. We fasten the drain hose, install the connectors and wires.
repair dishwasher AristonIf there is a need to change the circulation pump, refer to the detailed instructions in the article How to replace a pump in a dishwasher?

To summarize, we note that it’s quite possible to fix the Ariston dishwasher with your own hands, especially in cases where you have to deal with the typical malfunctions that were discussed in this article. Have a good repair!


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