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Repair dishwasher Zanussi

Repair of dishwashers ZanussiThe technique under the Zanussi brand has Italian roots. As for dishwashers of this brand, then in the domestic market there are mainly models of Chinese assembly. And therefore it is not necessary to talk about quality, but it is impossible to say that these are completely unreliable dishwashers. Any machines have flaws that lead to breakdowns and repairs. Therefore, we will discuss typical malfunctions of Zanussi dishwashers and figure out how to fix them and do it yourself.

Causes of Water Leaks

One of the main problems with Zanussi dishwashers is water leakage. On machine models equipped with the Aquastop security system and display, an i30 error code appears. In some cases, there is no error, but water from under the car still flows. The reasons for this failure can be:

  • tank crack;
  • drain hose breakthrough;
  • weakness of the connecting clamp;
  • jamming of the water supply valve in the open position.

It is very difficult to replace the tank in the dishwasher with your own hands, so this work should be entrusted to the master. It is unlikely that you will want to disassemble the entire dishwasher completely, filling up the kitchen with details.

But the replacement of the hose and clamps is quite feasible. The hose may crack from time to time, as a result of which holes appear in it. To replace it, you must:dishwasher zanussi

  • disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply;
  • close the water tap;
  • disconnect the drain hose from the water supply and from the machine;
  • connect and securely fasten the new hose.

The water supply valve is located immediately after the inlet of the inlet hose into the machine body. In the model in the photo, this is the bottom of the dishwasher at the back. First, the solenoid valve is checked with an ohmmeter for operability, in the absence of resistance, it must be replaced with a new one.

There is no water drain: we eliminate the malfunction

There may be water in the dishwasher for several reasons. The first of them is associated with a strong clogging of the filters, as a result of which the water does not leave the washing chamber and into the water tank. Such a problem arises not only in Zanussi dishwashers, but also in machines of other brands and all because users neglect a simple rule: remove leftover food from the dishes before loading them into the basket. In very rare cases, clogging occurs due to a foreign object getting into the filter and pump, for example, a glass fragment from a broken glass inside the machine.

Note! If there is no draining of water from the Zanussi dishwasher, the error code i20 may appear on the display.

The second reason for this malfunction is more serious and is connected with the failure of the pump. The main symptom of its failure is the absence of characteristic noise. Therefore, if you listen to the operation of the machine, you can understand whether the pump has broken or there is a blockage, because with a blockage, the pump still buzzes. Machine repair in case of blockage comes down to its complete cleaning, which is not very difficult to do on your own, we described this procedure in detail in the article How to clean your own dishwasher.

Repair to replace the pump in a Zanussi dishwasher can cost from 2000 to 4000 rubles, which can be very noticeable for the family budget. Therefore, you can try to replace it with your own hands, using pump replacement instructions on the example of other dishwashers, especially since their device is much similar.

Change the heating element

If the heating element fails, various symptoms are possible, so you need to take a closer look at them.

  • If the heater burned out completely, then the water will stop heating up, and at the end of the washing you will see not washed and wet dishes.
  • When the PETN contacts burn out, in some cases the water heats up, but the automatic machine of the electric network is knocked out.Sometimes even the smell of insulation appears. This is quite dangerous and can cause a short circuit in the electrical wires inside the machine.

In both cases, the heating element will have to be completely replaced, since this part of the dishwasher is not being repaired. Of course, Ten's contacts can be re-soldered, but such repairs cannot be called reliable and safe. To change the ten you must:

  • unscrew the bottom bracket of the case; in some models it can be removed without removing the side panels;
    replacement of ten in the Zanussi dishwasher
  • using a multimeter, check and verify that the heater is malfunctioning;
  • remove disposable clamps and disconnect the heater;
  • Install a new heating element, original production.

Note! Carrying out this work belongs to the category of medium complexity, repairs can cost 1,500 - 3,500 rubles, plus the cost of heating elements for Zanussi dishwashers, this is another 3,000 - 4,500 rubles.

Control Module Fails

The cause of knocking out plugs in the electrical network may also be a faulty control module of the dishwasher. In addition, if the control module does not work correctly, then this may affect some programs. The dishwasher can dry dishes poorly or freeze during the program. In this situation, the following repairs are possible:

  • “Flashing” an existing control module;
  • installation of a new spare part.

You can reinstall the control module of the Zanussi dishwasher with your own hands for this, you need to disassemble the door of the dishwasher. Then, carefully remove the faulty board by disconnecting all wires and sensors and reconnecting a new one. As for the "firmware", only a master engaged in electronics can handle this, so it is better to entrust him with such work, everyone should do his own thing. Repair for replacing a control module by different specialists costs between 2500-4000 rubles, the price of a spare part is not included in this amount.

So, in case of a malfunction of the Zanussi dishwasher, do not rush to panic and call the master. Sometimes you can fix it yourself. But if you are not at all versed in technology or something seems unbearable to you, then of course you don’t need to break into the dishwasher. So you only complicate the work of the one who will repair it.


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