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Repair and malfunction of various dishwashers

dishwasher repairEven a non-specialist understands that a dishwasher of any brand can theoretically cause any breakdown. If you start listing this so-called list of typical breakdowns, and even talk about how to fix them, you can write a whole book. When writing this article, we decided to take a different approach.

Leading service centers of the world keep statistics of malfunctions of dishwashers. We decided to describe the most common malfunctions that occur with specific brands of dishwashers, based on the data of these statistics, not forgetting to affect the repair of professional dishwashers, and this is what came of it.

Specific damage to Hansa cars

According to statistics from leading service centers, the main “sore” Hansa dishwasher is a water level sensor. Why it is often this sensor that breaks down on machines of this brand is difficult to say, maybe the design of the machine or low-quality parts is to blame, but the fact remains. In most cases, an electrician burns at the pressostat, so it can not be repaired, it must be changed.

How do I know if the pressostat of a Hansa dishwasher is out of order? What are the symptoms of a problem?Dishwasher hansa

  • Water in the dishwasher is constantly poured and drained.
  • Less water is poured into the tank of the dishwasher.
  • Water is poured into the tank of the dishwasher more than permissible.
  • The dishwasher abruptly stops work and stands without pumping water.

How do I repair a Hansa dishwasher in this case? It is necessary to check the pressure switch with your own hands, and then, depending on the result, replace it with a new one. How to do this is described in sufficient detail in the article. Replacing the pressure switch in the dishwasher. This publication describes not only how to repair a Hansa dishwasher aimed at replacing a water level sensor, but also how to properly check this item.

Note! Hansa dishwashers are mainly assembled in China, but surprisingly the quality is far from the worst.

Specific breakdowns of AEG machines

Experts say that the most common breakdowns of various models of AEG dishwashers are drain pump malfunctions. In general, the situation is quite surprising, given the truly German quality of this part and the impeccable installation, but, as they say, the statistics are inexorable. How to understand that the pump broke? In fact, by external symptoms, this cannot be done 100%, although some of their manifestations need to be taken into account.Dishwasher AEG

  1. The pump makes uneven sounds of varying strength, while the dirty water in the washing chamber continues to stand.
  2. At the moment when the washing program should have dirty water drained, the dishwasher freezes and stops working.
  3. After starting the washing program, the dishwasher freezes, giving an error I 20.

If one of the above signs of failure makes itself felt, this is an occasion to check the pump with a multimeter. How to check and repair AEG dishwashers? We do the following.

  • We disconnect the dishwasher from the mains, turn off the water and disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses.
  • We take out the dishwasher to an empty place, having previously put a rag there.
  • We take out the car and put it on the back wall.

Important! When you tilt the dishwasher, a little water will pour out of it on the floor.

  • Carefully remove the pan, find the pump (a pipe with a drain hose is connected to it) and connect to the contacts of the probe of the multimeter. Based on the test results, we decide to change the pump or look for the cause of the malfunction further.

You can do the replacement of the pump at the AEG dishwasher with your own hands, see how to better do this How to replace a pump in a dishwasher, although of course it is better to entrust this work to the master, because the dishwasher is expensive, you never mind.

Specific damage to NEFF cars

Dishwasher NEFFA specific breakdown of Neff dishwashers is the frequent operation of the leakage protection system. Users who first encountered this problem are very worried and run more likely to call the master, the master arrives in 30 seconds. eliminates the cause of the problem, receives money and leaves. It seems to us that this is not too fair, so we will now tell you how to repair Neff dishwashers in a couple of minutes with our own hands, and most importantly absolutely free.

To begin with, we will figure out how and why the leakage protection system of these machines works. The fact is that at the bottom of the washing chamber of the Neff dishwasher there is a rather large float, more precisely the upper part of the float mechanism of the leakage protection system. When water enters the pan, the float rises, the sensor is triggered and the machine stops. This happens under normal conditions.

Unfortunately, most often it is different. The food cover and dirt get under the movable cover of the float mechanism, it rises from this and the protection works. Of course, in this case there is no water in the pan and it is useless to look for it there. What need to do?

  • Turn off the dishwasher with the on / off button.
  • Open the washing chamber door.
  • Grasp the cap of the float protection system with your hands (there is a float next to the trash filter).
  • Raise and lower the float several times, you can immediately immediately remove the dirt that has accumulated under it with a cotton swab.
  • Next, turn on the machine and check how it will work.

Do not believe it, but the repair of Neff dishwashers can be completed, unless of course we are talking about this most common malfunction.

Note! Often in the hole under the upper part of the float foreign objects get stuck (chicken bone, a fragment of a broken plate, etc.), preventing it from working normally. If a foreign object is not removed, the protection will not work.

Specific Breakdowns of Whirlpool Cars

Dishwasher WhirlpoolIn Virpul dishwashers, according to all the same statistics, the inlet valve most often fails. In order to carry out repair of Whirlpool dishwashers in this case, it is necessary to accurately understand that its electrical part has broken - a coil or a mechanical part. If the electrician fails, then the valve must be replaced, if the mechanical part is broken, there is a chance to reanimate the part. What actions should be taken?

  1. Turn off the machine, and then unscrew the front panel immediately below the door.
  2. In front, on the left side of the machine, you will see a filling valve with a hose connected to it.
  3. We disconnect the wires from the coil of this valve and install the ohmmeter probes on the contacts. We set the minimum value of resistance on the device and begin the measurement. If the device shows a value from 500 to 1500 Ohms, the electrics of the intake valve are fully operational, if the resistance is much greater than these values ​​or less, the valve is broken.
  4. If the electrician is serviceable, but the valve still does not work, most likely it is clogged with lime deposits, you need to untwist its body and clean the mechanism.

If even after the above manipulations the valve is not restored, you need to change it. As you can see, repairing a Whirlpool dishwasher, at least with regard to this malfunction, is not difficult. Any good owner will do it yourself without any problems.

Specific damage to Krona and Kuppersbusch machines

The main weak point of Krona dishwashers is generally recognized as the control module. If the remaining parts of this dishwasher are quite reliable, then problems often occur with the control unit. In 99% of cases, there is a factory defect, then the tracks are poorly soldered, then the circuit board elements are poorly contacted. Some experts have the opinion that the manufacturer began to purchase control modules for their machines in China, but it is not possible to verify this information.

Important! If you suspect that the control module is out of order and the dishwasher is under warranty, immediately call the master and send the machine for repair to a service center.

Dishwasher kronaHow to repair Krona dishwashers? In this case, we can definitely say - do not do the repair yourself. The control module is an expensive part, unskilled repairs can completely ruin it and you will have to buy a new module, spending about 10,000 rubles. It is better to contact a specialist right away - it will cost less. Masters repair Krona dishwashers quickly and professionally, saving you time and nerves.

If the control module often breaks down in Crohn's dishwashers, then there is not even statistics on frequent breakdowns of Kuppersbusch dishwashers. Does this mean that repair of Kuppersbusch dishwashers is so rare that it makes no sense to keep such statistics, or is the manufacturer making efforts to prevent such information from reaching the consumer? With great difficulty, we managed to get some information from several masters who claim that more often the repair of Kuppersbusch dishwashers is required when the on / off button breaks.

Symptoms of failure in this case are simple - the dishwasher stops turning on and off with the button. In this case, how do I repair Kuppersbusch dishwashers?

  • Open the door of the dishwasher.
  • We take a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the inner wall of its door.
  • We turn off the control panel and clean the contacts of the on / off button. Very often, moisture contact oxidizes and ceases to function. Cleaning for a while helps, but in the future the problem may recur.
  • We fasten the control panel into place, assemble the door and check the operation of the dishwasher.

To summarize, we note the repair of industrial dishwashers, as well as the repair of household ones, it is far from always possible to do it yourself. Of course, a lot depends on the skills and aspirations of the user, but most often it is better to entrust the repair to a professional, because "the health of your iron assistant" is at stake. Good luck


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    Good day. The dishwasher works for 15-20 minutes, then it knocks jams. The wiring is normal. He opened the pallet, it is dry. What kind of malfunction?

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