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Bosch dishwasher door repair

door repairDoor breakage is a real scourge of modern Bosch dishwashers. Even 12 years ago, the company produced "non-killable" equipment, but why not, because they did not use small plastic parts, only metal. Now, unfortunately, there is more plastic, and brittle plastic. Oh well, let’s leave it to the conscience of the manufacturer. Now our task is to repair the door of the dishwasher, but first we need to understand if it really broke and what is the cause of the breakdown.

Failure symptoms

Understand that doordishwasher bosh broke is not so difficult. A breakdown will necessarily manifest itself as obvious symptoms that cannot be ignored. What can happen?

  1. The door will cease to hold in a half-open position, it will start to fall with a roar if it is not held by hand.
  2. The door will no longer snap into place, and it may snap into place, but only after the door has been properly pressed.
  3. The door will creak terribly and jam. Moreover, its movement is very difficult.

In the worst case scenario, the door will jam so that it generally stops opening and closing.

The door is simple enough, so there can only be three reasons for the appearance of the above symptoms. Either the locking device is broken, or the soft opening mechanism is damaged, or the hinges require lubrication or replacement. Let's try to figure out how to eliminate these three types of malfunctions.

Door falls or closes poorly

The most common problem is related to the door falling. As soon as we open it, it, under the action of gravity, freely falls into the "open wide" position. With such a fall, the door may receive additional damage, so you have to hold it when you open it. The bad thing is that with such a breakdown, the door cannot be left ajar, so that the washing chamber dries out after the program ends, which in turn is fraught with the formation of mold inside and the destruction of rubber gaskets. How to identify a problem?

  1. We completely disconnect the dishwasher from all utilities and remove it from the niche in which it was installed. The facade of the door does not need to be removed.
  2. Some models have side walls, they need to be removed.
  3. We go around the dishwasher on the side and look at the very bottom of the case. There is a groove in which there is a spring, a cable and plastic adapters.
  4. Surely in such a situation, either the cable broke or, most likely, the plastic adapter broke, disconnecting the cable from the spring. This led to a breakdown of the locking mechanism.

Having specifically determined what has broken, we can go two ways. Firstly, we can go to the Bosch company store (you can visit the online store) and order a new plastic part. It costs a lot, but after repair there is no guarantee that the problem will not happen again because the plastic is fragile, and the load, taking into account the weight of the door facade, is quite large. Secondly, we can slightly redo the mechanism, make it much more reliable, but for this we will have to try a little more. We offer the second option, so that "humanly", made and forgot.

  1. We remove the spring and the cable from the groove to the side so that these parts do not interfere with us.
  2. At the end of the groove from the back wall, we drill a hole for the bolt. Take a bolt 5 cm long.
  3. We retreat three turns from the edge of the spring and insert a washer with wide fields.
  4. On the reverse side of the spring, insert the bolt so that it passes through the washer inserted in the spring. The thread of the bolt should almost completely come out of the spring.
  5. We dress the washer on the thread, and then wind the nut, firmly connecting the bolt to the spring. Tighten tightly so that the washers do not move to the right and left.
  6. We take the end of the cable going to the spring, put on it a washer, and then a nut.We tie the end of the cable with a knot so that the nut and washer do not come off.

Instead of a washer and a nut, you can use a hook made of steel wire, but the connection will turn out not so reliable.

  1. Carefully bend the three turns of the spring from the opposite side with round-nose pliers.dishwasher door repair
  2. We insert the washer with the cord between the turns and tightly clamp them. At this stage, you may experience some difficulties, but you must try.
  3. Thus, the spring is connected to the cable, and a rather long thread comes out of it at the other end.
  4. We put the spring with the cable into the groove, and thread the pin through the drilled hole.
  5. We put a washer with wide margins on the thread that has come out, and on top we wind the nut, firmly fixing the spring in the groove.

What did we do? And we got the following. The spring sits firmly in the groove, and the cable is securely fixed to it, without any plastic “gamyr”. To break such a connection, you will need to at least break a strong cable, which consists of synthetic fiber, and this is very difficult. We check how the door opens and closes, if everything is fine, then we collect the machine and connect it to the communications.

The door does not snap

The locks on Bosch dishwashers are quite reliable, they rarely break, but they are often blocked. It is necessary to put too much pressure on the door when closing and now, the problem immediately looms. A locked locking device stops functioning. After that, you can slam the door as much as you want, it will not close. What to do?

First of all, do not panic, this is not a breakdown, but rather an annoying flaw in the locking mechanism. We take a screwdriver, open the door of the dishwasher and look at the top of the washing chamber. A small metal tongue should stick out there. We press on this tongue with the tip of a screwdriver with a little effort, it should click and go into the bowels of the locking mechanism. Trying to close the door. If the door latches normally, then the problem is fixed.

In the future, so that the problem does not recur, snap the door with a slight movement, without effort. Do not press on the door.

Squeaks and moves tight

If the door of the Bosch dishwasher creaks and moves tight, you must first grease the hinges. Take WD-40 fluid and spray onto each loop from the can through the tube. Stir the door several times so that the grease disperses according to the mechanism. Leave the dishwasher alone for 10 minutes, and then try opening and closing the door again. If the problem persists, you will have to look at the loop mechanism for integrity.

Remove the side walls of the dishwasher and inspect the hinges. In some cases, they may become slightly deformed from impact during transportation, or a foreign object may get into them and cause jamming. Repair will depend on the cause and nature of the failure, but usually this does not create serious problems. Bend the deformed elements with a flat screwdriver and pliers, after which the loops should begin to perform their function normally.

So, we examined the typical problems that may arise with the door of the Bosch dishwasher, as well as how to fix these problems. If you have any questions, write comments on the article, as well as create topics in our forum. Our experts will definitely analyze your failure and give a qualified consultation. Good luck


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    And you can order such a repair, as described in the article on the cable?

  2. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Thank you very much for the video! Made in the end according to your principle, only with the help of rigging brackets.

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