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Rating of washing machines 2019

Rating of washing machinesThis article presents the rating of different manufacturers of washing machines for reliability. It is compiled on the basis of customer reviews and breakdowns fixed in our service center.

For several years, employees of various service centers collected statistics on the quality of washing machines. The following factors were taken into account:

  1. the number and frequency of handling breakdowns of a certain type,
  2. complexity of repair
  3. replacement parts cost
  4. and other factors.

How to choose the right technique

We always want to make a good choice when buying any household appliances. Whether it is a refrigerator, a washing machine, a TV, we need stable and high-quality equipment for many years.

Having the intention to spend a certain amount, we come to the store, hoping to intuitively choose the best model or to heed the arguments of the seller-consultant. Relying on the opinion of an internal voice in the choice of equipment is as risky as trusting the opinion of the seller. After all, it’s important for the store employee to sell you the “right” brand and model. He is paid for it.

It is better to spend time meaningfully searching for the material we need on the Internet than to spend nerves and money running around the service centers. You can find out details about each of the brands of washing machines, compare technical capabilities and specifications. And also see high-quality photos of models. The only difficulty is finding objective reliability data.

Visit specialized resources and forums with reviews of owners of washing machines will be a useful activity. However, since there is no generalized information, you will find many conflicting opinions. Whose opinion to believe and whether to believe at all? Each opinion is just someone else's subjective experience or a specially written positive review introduced by the manufacturer to advertise their own brand of washing machine, which does not differ in the positive quality of work.

Best washing machine

Trust, and then verify!

After receiving certain information on the forums, after reading the reviews, refer to reliable information sources - serious mass surveys or repair service centers. In the centers, on the statistics of which we rely in the article, several thousand repairs are performed annually. A lot of positive and negative reviews are recorded. Therefore, we are not afraid to take responsibility and compile a rating of washing machines of various brands according to the reliability of each of them.

Data taken into account when assessing reliability

  • Price.
  • Unit uptime during heavy use.
  • The quality of the parts used.
  • Features and design properties.
  • Build quality.

We took into account units with a spin and energy saving mode by classes (from "A +" to "B"). Marking “C” was not taken into consideration at all. In this rating, washing machines were not determined by the number of sales, since not every buyer can pay a very high price. And for the uptime in a three-year period from the date of purchase. Also, brands “Smeg”, “Schulthess” and other poorly distributed industrial models in Russia were not considered.

Model overview and seat allocation

“Miele” is a German “premium” equipment, the high price of which is determined by the perfect quality, which ensures that the machine will last three years without failure and even after fifteen years will not be disposed of. In the next graph, this brand is not due to a very low failure rate. Rare failures were due to the fault of the electronics or the customer.

Honorary leadership in the ranking belongs to the German brands “BOSCH” (Bosch) and (Siemens) “SIEMENS” (for the table we combine the brands into one and denote it as “BOSCH”).The number of facts of failures in their work in the first years of use does not exceed the bar of 5%. Value for money is excellent. Electrolux brand occupying the second place is 0.5% behind BOSCH. Zanussi (Zanussi), a brand manufactured by Electrolux, has confidently settled in 3rd place. It took into account, including customer reviews. The number of repairs of Zanussi is not more than 7.1%. Good inexpensive car with reliability.

“LG” (Algie) and “Samsung” (Samsung) are quite good models of production in Korea. They have an affordable price and a large lineup. For what they get the fourth and fifth places of our rating. The number of breakdowns of these machines is approximately 9%.

Former “Italians” now assembled by Russian factories: “Ariston” (Ariston) - 20%, “Indesit” (Indesit) - 25%, “Ardo” (Ardo) - 33% take places from sixth to eighth. A large gap of 11% is supposedly caused by the unpredictability of the Russian assembly, in which parts of not the best quality are used. Unfortunately, many units of these brands fail within three to four years from the date of purchase. But, if you're lucky, then 20 or 30 percent will last eight years.

The information collected has been relevant for over a decade. Each manufacturer sought to reduce the cost of production. And this led to a proportional deterioration in the quality of almost all brands. Reliability assessment was carried out on a five-point scale. The schedule is in descending order of quality.

Rating of washing machines (quality)

The first three years of use:% of service calls

Damage to washing machines

“Candy” did not get under consideration due to the deteriorating quality of the new line. However, history remembers the reliability and durability of earlier models. The “innards” of this brand are not at all valued at service centers.

We rightly allowed ourselves to ignore BEKO and forget about Rolsen. Not worth the attention and "Retona".

When choosing a machine, take an interest in the materials and quality of the tank. In cheap models, there is a high probability of leakage. And after-sales repairs will be too expensive for such a cheap car. Therefore, they are more often disposed of than repaired. By the way, in this case it is really useful for the wallet to read customer reviews for such a malfunction in an attractive model for you.

A study of the Russian market of washing machines showed that BOSCH (Bosch) and SIEMENS (Siemens) are recognized as the best rated washing machines in terms of reliability. Miele is on the podium and will be out of competition for a long time to come.

If you own a cheap washing machine - do not worry. It’s not a fact that it will necessarily break. Provide proper care to the machine. And it is possible that it will serve you for many years.


262 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Ignat Ignat:

    I took Siemens and I’m not worried, the German assembly and many useful programs make it a high-quality and necessary equipment in the house.

    • Gravatar NATALK NATALK:

      My SIME (Siemens Sivamat) turned 18. I bought it before the birth of the first-born with maternity money. Serves faithfully. Do not believe the plastic hook at the hatch lock broke, we can’t find it. I'm tormented with a choice. I would like a reliable unit.

      • Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

        Electrolux EW1677f (I write from memory) has been working since 2002, also purchased at the time of the birth of the firstborn. And unlike your Siemens - nothing broke, ttt))

        • Gravatar Lily Lily:

          We also have Electrolux, it has been operating since 2005. Nothing has broken.

        • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

          You haven’t broken anything yet today.

      • Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

        Find a turner, let him hook a hook out of a piece of plastic.

      • Gravatar Vyacheslav Vyacheslav:

        My Siemens, too, also broke, the hook for locking the door, removed, handed over to the factory - made of steel, for several years everything is OK!

        • Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

          Indesit, worked for 20 years.
          Now I'm looking for a replacement. You won’t find such a machine.

          • Gravatar Pauline Pauline:

            I also worked for 21 years.13 years of them worked for 2 families (my parents were ill). Now I'm looking for a replacement. Everything. Do not pull the "old woman."

          • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

            The vertical loading machine Indesit has been in service for 21 years.

      • Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

        Buy Mile, you will not regret it. The truth is expensive.

        • Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

          Mile is the worst technique, terrible reviews, forever everything breaks down, it is unclear why they take that kind of money, better Coopersbush then.

          • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

            You write where Mele occupies the 1st line and the lowest% of repair calls. Duck to whom to believe? 🙂

      • Gravatar Elena Helena:

        My Ardo is already 18 years old, the cheapest was, therefore, bought. We’ll change because the rubber has torn and started to leak (apparently they didn’t pull something out of their pockets). And so no complaints, but in the comparison table the most unworthy.

        • Gravatar Valentine Valentine:

          My Ardo is over 20 years old. Not repaired, Italian assembly. Gave in working condition. I think which one to buy. They said that Ardo has not been on sale for a long time. Vertical loading.

      • Gravatar Renat Renat:

        You can print on a 3D printer.

      • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

        3D print to help.

  2. Gravatar Anatoly Anatoly:

    I listened to the reviews and bought Elgie LG. Masters could not curb her. Galloped all over the bathroom. Beat the tile. Masters suggested changing tiles on the floor. Patience is over. Sold at half price though a new one. Here I have such an experience.

    • Gravatar Roman Novel:

      LG also took it. Even without leveling with the help of the level, only minimal vibration during spinning is noted, which is hardly noticeable to the eye.

    • Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

      There was the same trouble. Then I guessed to unscrew the plastic bolts. They are transportation, connect the body and the drum. The drum hung on the shock absorbers, and everything was fine. Virtually no vibrations.

    • Gravatar Sanya Sanya:

      I advised my sister LG with direct drive, not overjoyed. The tile was laid neither so hot and her husband did not equalize in level.

    • Gravatar Ivan ivan:

      The head must be treated!

  3. Gravatar Larisa Larisa:

    My typewriter AEG will soon be about 20 years old, I need to change, sorry.

  4. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    Our old washing machine was Siemens, the simplest one, it worked for about 15 years. Now they also took Siemens, but already an intellectual, IQ800. We use a little more than six months, the most positive impressions. A machine you can only dream of ...

  5. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Our Siemens turned 18 this year. Masters called only once for all the time, said that these are the best cars. I would like to change for something new already, and after reading the reviews, I feel sorry for my own.

  6. Gravatar Roman Novel:

    I have been working for LG Laundry for the third year. I am very pleased with her work. Model F1092

  7. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    I bought LG and I'm not happy, jumps, cracked the case, evaluate the quality yourself.

  8. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Ardo a800 is a mechanic’s command device, 10 years old, recently replaced the engine brushes - they have erased to zero. The machine has never broken, but the truth is made in Italy and not for Russia. All inscriptions are in Italian.

    • Gravatar Yaroslav Yaroslav:

      Our Ardo t80x (Italy) has already broken 10 times.

    • Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

      A800, for 15 years only changed belts. Noisy, however, during the spin cycle. But I lock her in the bathroom.

    • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

      My Ardo A1000X (Italy) has served for 20 years. He changed the engine brushes and the hatch opening mechanism. Now the tank cap gasket has broken. When parsing, I looked at the condition of all parts - almost like new (even bearings ideally). That's what the Russian assembly means!

      • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

        In our family, the washing machine INDESIT worked for 12 years (Russian assembly). Killed daughter falling asleep powder for hand washing.
        Build no complaints!

        • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

          For us, too, Indezit has been dying for 16 years, it seems that it has been dying (it is very vibrating during the spin cycle), and so it served faithfully ...

          • Gravatar German Hermann:

            Change shock absorbers. The price of the issue is 1200-1500 p.

        • Gravatar Your daughter Your daughter:

          Who killed whom? Where are the facts? Grounding?

  9. Gravatar Innocent Inocentius:

    I confirm about Siemens! We have been working without complaints for 12 years! When the time comes, I will take a similar one!

  10. Gravatar Michael Michael:

    I have a Candy 655 xt. She is already 20 years old! Faithfully recaptured its $ 300. Nothing has ever broken and is now on the go. Only the Cat, the bastard, tore the gum of the hatch, now it flows (((. And this is an occasion to buy a modern one. Sleep well, dear comrade!

    • Gravatar Dina Dina:

      LG has already 17 working for us. Just recently broke again, the electronics flew. The master said that such washers can be repaired forever. And new ones are now generally being disposable.

  11. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    Zanussia served faithfully for 12 years, now the first repair, there are no relatives, I'm sorry

    • Gravatar Anna Anna:

      And ours has been serving faithfully since January 1998, this is European quality! It’s a pity to leave, but I wanted to with more modern functions ...

      • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

        And our zanussi has been working since 1988. Italian assembly. From the repair, only the drain pump was replaced (I changed it myself - the pump costs 300 rubles). When disassembling, he drew attention to the quality of rubber, seals and hoses - they look like new. It seems that she will work quietly for the next 25-30 years!

        • Gravatar Al al:


          • Gravatar Olga Olga:

            My ZANUSSI has been working since 1996. Until now, everything is erasing and wringing. The lid is already rusted (my machine with vertical loading), and everything works

        • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

          I confirm. My Zanus has been serving since 2000. Once, about 5 years ago, I changed (myself) the engine in the pump and that’s it. Gold, not a car

        • Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

          I believe because Zanussi is an electrolux group.

          • Gravatar Roma Roma:

            In 2016, the narrow 32 cm ZANUSSI FL704NN, bought in 2004 for 18 thousand rubles, broke. The bearing buzzed and I bought a narrow 34 cm ELECTROLUX EWM1042NDU for 34 thousand rubles. They tell me why you didn’t buy Indesit or Beko for 15 thousand rubles. I will show your article in my defense!

        • Gravatar Galina Galina:

          Mine as much. Super machine!

  12. Gravatar maxim050 maxim050:

    I had Indesit, worked for about 7 years. Broke a couple of times. Then the bearings flew. After that I chose for a long time, I took LG. It works almost perfectly, it makes a lot less noise. 2 years - normal flight 🙂

  13. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Finally, it was the turn to change the washer. The SAMSUNG machine served 13 years during the service time, once the heater was changed. Very satisfied. Now I don’t know what to take.

  14. Gravatar Roman Novel:

    I have an Ariston AL 109X MARGHERITA 2000 Italian assembly. I worked without fail for 14 years. It was only this 2015 that she began to junk. He himself is not a master, but with the help of the Internet he changed the bearings that were the first to fail. I fixed it! Happened! from the third attempt. A little later, the machine stopped during washing. Having analyzed on the Internet, referred to brushes. Right! Replaced. Earned! The other day, software control was spinning randomly in a circle. He climbed back into the Internet. On the advice there, I rebooted the machine, setting the program to 0, pulling the cord from the outlet. The first time did not work. Only from the third. Earned! Recently, a pump (drain pump) growled loudly. Calmed down herself! A few days - the flight is normal! I will squeeze everything from the Daisy to the last. If anything, you have to look for a replacement. I will also look in the assembly of Germany or Italy 😉

    • Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

      My Daisy Ariston celebrated the 18th anniversary! I pray for her every day! Italian assembly, for all the time only minor repairs in the form of a pump ... I'm afraid you won’t find one today ....

    • Gravatar Oleksandr Oleksandr:

      I completely agree with Pan Roman. I wanted to take it myself, but it did not fit in dimensions. I had to take SIEMENS vertical. Siemens has served 12 years! In those days, MARGARITA ARISTON was the best in its class! Whoever took it then is afraid to change it to today's consumer goods!

    • Gravatar Alex Alex:

      We have been plowing for 23 years. Without repair. Italy.

    • Gravatar Katerina Katerina:

      Yes, and our Daisy has been working for 19 years, this year the heater was replaced. Where now to get the same)

    • Gravatar Marina Marina:

      And my Daisy has been washing for 16 years, no problem.But her case is rusted, and now she is not beautiful, but working 🙂

  15. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    Samsung is 11 years old. Changed the pump-5-6 washes per month cost 8800r.

  16. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Experts, where's the Whirpool ranking?)

    • Gravatar Philistine Common man:

      The comments are good about cars made 10-15 years ago, and the Virpuls have not worked out so much for statistics yet. Now the cars are unreliable, components from everywhere where they buy cheaper in bulk. I have Otsein for 21 years and has been working .. And now she has entered Candy- they do not praise ...

    • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

      My Italian-built Whirlpool tot worked for 22 years and only now the engine began to heat up and the drum stopped spinning. Only the plastic handle at the hatch was breaking a penny. Now I don’t know which one to choose. Judging by the reviews, you will have to count for 5-7 years no more. Since 1993, mother-in-law Siemens has been bartering and works as if nothing had happened.

    • Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

      Our washer Virpul has served for 14 years and 6 months. Four years ago we changed the pump. Now the caliper fell apart.

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      I now have a second Whirlpool.

      The first one worked faithfully for about 18 years. But there is no new one for 3 more years, but it has already broken 5 times. I got it already. I’m reading reviews and I’m already thinking, maybe a second-hand from Germany is better to buy than again a new “tricked out” one with which to bother and invest a lot of money 🙁?

  17. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    In 1989 I bought "Eureka" (Zanussi license), it still works, only a year ago the sealant on the shaft flowed. I found a new seal on the market for her, I was very surprised.
    I put it myself, it continues to work. For many years I am trying to buy a new, modern machine, but as I read reviews about breakdowns in the internet, the desire disappears immediately. The last time I finished off reviews of breaking Miele, which
    Now harvested in the Czech Republic. What then to ask from other firms. 26 years of work. This is what the assembly was like in the Soviet Union.

  18. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    ... we’ve been using BOSCH for 18 years, we bought a German assembly, the very first ones that appeared. Washes 4 children and me and my wife. Roughly speaking, it works every day without any complaints. I recommend, thanks 🙂

    • Gravatar Marina Marina:

      My "little boshenka" is soon 20 years old. German assembly. I never called the master. Today will bring a new AEG. I change only because the old typewriter does not have a timer (I really need it). Bosch hand does not rise to throw, put in the garage.

    • Gravatar Roman Novel:

      We also have a Bosch of German assembly. 10 years already, repaired 2 times. Electronics flew, and so it erases perfectly.

      • Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

        Bosch's electronics and heating elements are weak and unreliable places.

    • Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

      Where can I get it now, of the German assembly ... of our production, that no recall is a repair.

  19. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    WHIRLPOOL-12 is a perfect job. The electronic plateau has stopped longevity. The master repaired for 3 washes. We are looking for a model of the same company. I love the car as a wife for beauty and reliability!

  20. Gravatar Babchenko Alla Babchenko Alla:

    I have Mele, for 3 years they changed three cars, because they tear things. I live in Italy, so there are no problems with the exchange of cars, but I am very disappointed with this brand and I will ask the company to return the money.

  21. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    We had a ball machine Ariston - were very satisfied, served 8-9 years. Changed to Hot point Ariston, enough for another 4 years, started jumping and rattling ... Now in search.

  22. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    We have been using Ariston Dialogic for 17 years. Nothing has ever broken. It’s a pity there aren’t any such products on sale. It took a second machine, bought Electrolux EWS 106410 W - it broke after 2 years. Here you have the ratings.

  23. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    The first machine was Indesit, worked for 12 years, gave it to my grandmother. The second was BOSCH, after 6 years it was covered, repairs cost more than the machine itself. Now we are racking our brains.

  24. Gravatar Lana Lana:

    The machine of the Turkish assembly ALTUS faithfully served ten years, sometimes performing several washing cycles per day. NOTHING broke A single time. And never had any problems.Blankets, bedspreads, down jackets, pillows, car covers ... Only sports shoes never washed. Well, and looked after, of course, with love and diligence for her. But all the same, and high-quality equipment has its own specific service life. In January, the glass of the hatch burst, as the master said, from time to time and a point-like “beating” of metal objects (for example, buttons from jeans). Because the car is rare, the assembly of Turkish, the glass waited almost a month, installed, sent glass from the eyelids, everything was perfect. Alas. Stopped squeezing water. Most likely a pump. I decided to buy a new car, because I suppose that in a ten-year-old typewriter repair investments may not be justified. But ... after reading the reviews, I think, maybe, to begin with, replace the pump?)))

  25. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    I have Italian Ariston 2003. I bought a warm mill in Auchan. For all the time the belt burst, and a microcircuit was covered in the brain. And nothing, just whistles during spinning like a turbine in a car, but bearable

  26. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    “Samsung” has been working for 17 years as “Papa Carlo” and now it is doing very well, only yesterday the seal on the shaft flew — it never broke. Sorry for such a hard work

  27. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    “We rightly allowed ourselves to ignore BEKO and forget about Rolsen. “Retona” is also not worth the attention. ” It sounds very snobbish. Why allowed? Explain. For example, BEKO cars have a lot of good reviews on the Internet, which can hardly be reduced to brand advertising. Affordable price, many buy, praise ... So what are the statistics for this brand? Anyway, any manufacturer deserves attention. Otherwise, it is very similar to a custom review ... What service centers collected data, for what exact period? Who analyzed the data? Using what methodology, what kind of statistical software? Or so, on your knee?

    • Gravatar Sristina Sristina:

      I have Beco 13.5 years without repair !!! And the day before yesterday it broke so that it’s just easier to buy a new one. Now we think what to take.

      • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

        VEKO from 2000 to this 2016 the flight is normal = zero breakdowns, but the spin is very loud. HZ take a new one or enjoy the roar?

        • Gravatar Rus Rus:

          It worked exactly three years and a month (just to fly off the guarantee), and now the bearings are so shaken that our high-rise is about to get such a feeling. The master’s conclusion is unequivocal - scrap. We will take Bosch. Before that, Zanussi plowed for 17 years.

    • Gravatar Anna Anna:

      They took Beko a year ago, trouble, not a machine ... elementary stains do not wash. And initially it seems that it is normal. Praise, probably because it’s cheap.

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      14 BEKO fulfilled. That's just broken.

      • Gravatar Olga Olga:

        We Veko served 18 years. I bought a craft.

  28. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    I had a Samsung for 10 years, it worked like a clock. I couldn’t even think that the appearance of the things you wear so much depends on the machine in which you put them on! Now I know it. Since the Samsung broke down and bought instead Ariston. This is uzhaaaaaas. Rinse -38 minutes minimum! Cycles of 2.5-3.5 hours. Things turn into washed washcloths. I will change.

  29. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    My washing machine ASKO W510D worked 12 years. The support from the side of the drive belt burst. I would like to repair. Can someone tell me where to buy supports and supports for this car, but not the left? Who will advise which washing machine you can now buy for the best quality? I do not see reviews on direct drive. Answer.

  30. Gravatar alexey Alexey:

    And why no one praises Vyatka? Serves more than 12 years without repair.

    • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

      I will praise Vyatka, the device is 14 years old, the program is all that is needed, without unnecessary bells and whistles, last year there was the first breakdown - the oil seal dripped, the master found a native - repair with my assembly-disassembly 650 rubles. - LAUGH!! That's for sure with the current reviews for at least another 14 years, keep Vyatka.

    • Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

      Yes! Vyatka is an excellent device! It has been serving for about 15 years. Somehow it began to wring out badly, cleaned the filter - everything was normal again.

    • Gravatar Irina Irina:

      We have Vyatka - automatic since 1996.And I really like it. The husband really repaired several times himself. 20 years served faithfully. Started to junk. I’m looking for a new one ...

  31. Gravatar Catherine Catherine:

    Bosch.German assembly. Serves 18 years. Yesterday the first breakdown.
    Replaced shock absorber and belt. The master said that they don’t do such quality cars. Service life 5, if you're lucky, then 8 years and a mustache.

  32. Gravatar Valentine Valentine:

    I agree with Sergey about VEKO. Worked out, honey, 15 years. It was necessary to transport from apartment to apartment. So now I took VEK. And the old one will also serve in the country.

    • Gravatar Irina Irina:

      Which one did you take? I traded Beco for LG. I regret it.

  33. Gravatar Alenka Alenka:

    ARDO A400, acquired in 1996, the native Italian assembly, survived until February 2015, faithfully practicing daily washings - the drum began to knock and hang, chewing underwear - was sent to rest ... Following the example of parents, she took BOSCH, they had a washing machine for 20 years, this day is alive and well, not a single breakdown) While happy with her)

  34. Gravatar Leonid Leonid:

    Elektrolux has served faithfully for 12 years. I got it yesterday. It's time, it's time to change to modern.

  35. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Samsung After 5 years, the replacement of the pump and after another 5 years, the replacement of the drum bearings since the stuffing box is out of order. And that 10 years 2 breakdowns. I'm sitting here choosing a new one.

  36. Gravatar Vera Vera:

    Beko has been working for me for the sixteenth year, moreover, without fail and without repairs, but noisy. The assembly was Turkish. But today I noticed that the pump pumping water to the drain began to rattle unnaturally and louder than the tractor. I'm sitting in thought ...

    • Gravatar BOSCH BOSCH:

      Check if there are any foreign objects in the pump (often there are pins, a trifle from the pockets).

  37. Gravatar BOSCH BOSCH:

    BoschWV1201-works for 17 years! Damn-already so tired, I want something new! Not a single breakdown!

  38. Gravatar Ardo Ardo:

    Faithfully served Ardo 1996 release 15 years. Once only the pump was changed, but things were always washed carefully and with love (and tulle with silk, and plaid, and sports shoes). Four years ago I had to change to Zanusi. Guard!!! Tears things up, makes puffs, but I don’t speak about noise at all. Always howls and goes on take-off.

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      I have Zanussi for the second time, I have never torn my underwear. The first, however, began to jump after a few years, and the second now began to work only on cotton and spin, on the other modes the error shows, I’m going to call the master, if the repair is not too expensive, we will repair it, and if it’s expensive, it’s more profitable to buy a new one. In principle, Zanussi is a normal machine. It's just that now all the equipment is made short-lived, otherwise, where to put this abundance of goods ...

  39. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    For three years, LG erases quietly, does not skip, the vibration of the spruce is visible, not loud, so as not to jinx it :)))) The disadvantages are that the water remains in the gum and the drain is noisy, but it is not critical, it is happy as an elephant.

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      Yesterday I went around the store, looked at the washers. It turns out there is a tilt of rubber, so that with such water will drain.

  40. Gravatar Svetik Svetik:

    I have LG with direct drive, at one time pecked at advertising, after a year I changed the pump (5 thousand), it jumps like crazy, nothing helps (it stands on the level of rubber pads). Sometimes you have to hold it with your hands so that the door does not kick out. It is necessary to change, but what?

    • Gravatar Jozef Jozef:

      Try to remove the rubber gaskets. They are actively vparivayut in the store. There was a similar situation with LG- threw out gaskets and stands like a stone, does not tremble!

  41. Gravatar Tanya Tanya:

    Our Eureka machine has been working for 42 years

    • Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

      .. stunned ... here is QUALITY !!!!

    • Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

      So Eureka is a semiautomatic device.

  42. Gravatar Valentine Valentine:

    Indesit has been working for 15 years ... even erased self-tapping screws)). Disadvantages: the old model and vibrates during an extraction of 800 rpm.

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      Indezit iwub4085 worked for 4 years. When spinning, 800 rpm jumps. For 4 years, two electronic modules grunted. In short, I do not recommend it.

      • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

        Was LG, galloped like a stallion! Sold, took Indezit. Two years later, the brushes were erased ... the master replaced 2500r., A year later he replaced 300r., After a year again - the bearing flew! I do not recommend either LG or Indezit!

  43. Gravatar GNG GNG:

    Philips has been working without repair for 30 years, it could have been 20. But yesterday I ordered LG and now I think whether it was in a hurry. I wanted to change the technique before retirement.

  44. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Zanussi is the first delivery to Ukraine. Honest Italy. He’s been hammering for 20 years, he only once called the master recently, changed the bearing, said he will last three or four more years. Very satisfied.

  45. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    My HANSA car worked for 14 years without complaints or breakdowns. Easy to maintain, silent, with an inclined tank. Very nice car. Suddenly the drum stopped spinning. The master diagnosed a bearing failure. He said that relatives could not be found right now, and replacement with existing ones would cost nine thousand rubles. At the same time, the guarantee for work is only one month. Suggested to buy a new one. But which one to choose? I read reviews and see that there is no worthy replacement.

    • Gravatar Elena Helena:

      I have a candy, in the same way the drum stopped spinning. She served faithfully for 10.5 years. Do not know, try to repair, or buy a new one

      • Gravatar Glory Glory:

        CANDY worked for us for 12 years. Once changed the pump. Then the bearings hummed. We decided to change, they took LG, I knew I wouldn’t take it. After 2 years, problems arose, which in 12 were not with CANDY.

    • Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

      Do not believe the master. I myself changed the bearings in the machine. And shock absorbers. Everything works great. Bearings took on the market, new. He wants to make money on you and not bad.

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      Hansa Aqua Spray is my favorite of the German assembly. Since 2004, she worked for 2 families. Once changed the bearings, now we sin on the heater. It is disassembled, waiting for its fate. Reading reviews, disappointed. I will insist on repair. Well her, this lottery with the purchase.

  46. Gravatar Vyacheslav Vyacheslav:

    All my life I used Daewoo. What can I say, Japanese quality. It works until it decays.))

    • Gravatar Igor Igor:

      Japan? from what year?

    • Gravatar Vasily Vasiliy:

      Then it’s better to say quick-eyed quality; D

  47. Gravatar Gennady Gennady:

    LG intello washer. 12 years normal flight without maintenance and repair.

  48. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    I’m crying, I’ve been with Veko since 1997, I have never broken, passed all the moves, clever, quiet, washed my clothes very carefully, in general there are no problems with it, and today the rubber band of the hatch burst. I live in a village, naturally there are no workshops, what should I do? I do not want another!

    • Gravatar LERA LERA:

      Try to order, because the village is not in the remote taiga 🙂

  49. Gravatar Rashit Rashit:

    Bought in 2006 Electrolux top-loading. After 2 years of active operation, a leak appeared. An autopsy showed that the upper plastic part, which is put on the drum, is soldered with a soldering iron, and from the vibration the cracks again parted !!! The 5star store has closed by this time. Sealed with liquid plastic, and still works.

  50. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    The Atlant washing machine has been working for 6 years in my country house without breakdowns, it squeezes out perfectly and is not noisy. I bought a Hotpoint-Ariston RST 601W in an apartment, it wringes worse at the same speed, it is much noisier during washing and spinning, an unsuccessful purchase.

  51. Gravatar Michael Michael:

    Indesit, worked for 19 years, began to rattle during the spin cycle, the craftsmen were called, he said that the bearings needed to be changed, but rather the entire hub assembly. The issue price is 5.5 tr. And then something else breaks down, we’ve decided to buy a new one, which one to choose, we don’t know ...

    • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

      If you do not know, take BOSCH!

  52. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    Samsung has been working for me for 10.5 years, and today I got up at night and does not drain and do not wring out - it's some kind of pipets. So sorry, I love her very much, without exception erased everything in her

  53. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    My “Ardo” was produced in 1997, all the inscriptions are in Italian, the load is 5 kg, it works great, for all the time there is not a single breakdown, this is hope !!!

  54. Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

    CENTURY narrow, the top cover is heated. Please tell me what to do ???

    • Gravatar Roma Roma:

      This is the norm.

  55. Gravatar cutie cutie:

    Bosch took the machine, 1200 revolutions, a new model. It turned out that it is badly wringing out, a module replacement is required, that is, a replacement of the wringing program.

  56. Gravatar Vasilisa Vasilisa:

    And I have the “Burning” machine completely screwed up today. the master said, the bearing flew. Twice in it already (say in Russian, changed my brain). Galloped like a horse through the bathroom. She served 6 years. Very sorry . Although not cheap. Considering the option of Boch or Simens.

  57. Gravatar Vic Vic:

    What are you all about 12 years 18 years old, where are the reviews on modern models 2014-2015?

  58. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    DAEWOO with an airborne wash mode of 7 kg, works for the 8th year, wash every other day, assembly South Korea. The volume became small, I bought another 12 kg with drying, also DAEWOO, everything suits.

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      Where did you buy Daewoo, comrade? Vertical loading? I can’t find it, but I don’t want to buy another - I don’t believe that you can put a woolen coat in another and take it out like new

  59. Gravatar Electric Suite Electrolux:

    It has been working for three years, during this time eight thousand rubles have already been repaired twice and now there is noise repair will be approximately three to four thousand rubles, so think about it ..

  60. Gravatar Lana Lana:

    Domestic assembly with vertical loading indesit. It has been faithfully serving for 10 years, there has not been a single breakdown, but one trouble has rotted the top cover, although we still use it today.

  61. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Bosch German 13 years Replaced heater Normal flight

  62. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    20 years Otsein washing vertical suitable time to change, and what to replace? Reviews do not reassure. How to approach the choice of 25 to 35 thousand. Tell me.

  63. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Ardo has been working at my place for 15 !!! years never contacted the service

  64. Gravatar Valentine Valentine:

    The LG model WD-8023CG (narrow) was purchased in August 2003. Sometimes it jumps, jumps (most likely from the mood), the legs rotted from the back, the rusty metal sides, but it continues to work further. Now a hard worker at the cottage and again settled on LG.

  65. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Siltal has been working with me since 1998. I repaired two times: the belt and threw out the capacitor. Three years will work. Wonder car.

  66. Gravatar Valery Valery:

    On the 2nd wash, the SIEMENS machine “died”, but under the guarantee the control module was replaced and it has been working for 12 years.

  67. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    And about Vyatka bought 1993 and still serves. Ten and a transparent plastic cap have been changing for a pretty penny now and I can’t remember.

  68. Gravatar Nick Nick:

    We have ARDO 800. has served 14 years. At 6, they changed the belt, I suspect that the master cheated ... then another 7 years! The belt is as good as new! And the grief began, three or four repairs of electronics, brushes, electronics again ... the master for 2 weeks can’t give a mind ...
    We are thinking of taking a new one, which one, such a choice ...

  69. Gravatar Oxana Oxana:

    Margarita Ariston plowed 15 years without a single repair, recently began to leak and morally obsolete Assembly Italy. Replaced by Bosch 6 series a couple of months ago. Assembly Russia. It works quieter, user-friendly interface. Overall satisfied. And the old “Margot” even managed to be sold on the slando without hiding her venerable age

  70. Gravatar Alexandra Alexandra:

    They obviously didn’t hear about Whirlpool. It costs the longest. Bosch did not last a year, repair expensive, bought LG, 2 years lived their vaunted motor broke down. And Virpul is worth 3 years. Super machine !!!

  71. Gravatar Ale Ale:

    We have Bosch for almost 20 years, still of German assembly. Big 7kg machine. Only brushes changed two years ago ... and that’s it !!! For all the time there was no repair !!!! Good, love her !!!

  72. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    Zanussi served 21.5 years - Italy assembly. During this time, there was one repair - they changed the belt and it was clean or Tena. Spoiled either from frequent blackouts (Crimea), or from the fact that I washed a silicone dog bed in it and silicone got under the drum. More truly the last.

  73. Gravatar Ainur Ainur:

    Does anyone know West WM 1040 E 4. Families offer a new one. Is it worth taking?

  74. Gravatar DIM Dim:

    My Whirlpool broke down exactly one month after the end of the warranty, that is, after 2 years and 1 month. The control unit burned down, repair cost more than half of the new car. Bought a new one. I’ll never buy Whirlpool again, everything at home from Philips was broken, in general I said goodbye to this company, I hope forever.

  75. Gravatar Ioannina Ioannina:

    Guys, I have ASKO and I'm not worried at all. The machine is 10 years old, it just erases SUPER. It does not spoil things, at a speed of 1000 almost everything is dry but not crumpled (you do not even need to iron) At one time, there was a BOSCH shit. If you change it only to AEG or ASKO

  76. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Whirlpool AWG853 worked for 11 years. Washed a lot, there were 3 washings a day (2 children and sick father-in-law). 1 out of 2 springs on which the tank hangs broke, I can not find the spring. Now toil the choice of a new machine

  77. Gravatar Good Good:

    Everyone, everyone, everyone! Take a purebred German namely: made in Germany. German is German.

    • Gravatar Irina Irina:

      At us, Siemens faithfully worked 15 years. Three times there was a repair - replacing the ten and something with bearings. Now I began to shake during push-ups and it seems that the programs are “junking”. We are thinking of taking a new one ... What ?????

      • Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

        Definitely not BOSCH-Siemens (twin brothers)! Since 2002, Electrolux has already survived cars, including Bosh, Simens from friends, relatives, not a single failure! When they write here that the machine works faithfully 15, but during this time it was under repair 3 times, I find it funny, honestly)))

  78. Gravatar Arthur Arthur:

    All the rays of good! And good health to your white laborers. At the very whirlpool vertical. They took 8 years ago thousand. for 14. Chose method dumb stupidly because of the dimensions. Pah-pah, herrachit excellent !!! Here, such annual numbers are covered, 10-20 years. That’s real, now with the current dollar rate, what cost of a washing machine can be calculated so that it lasts these 15 happy years ???? Surely up to 20 thousand. You will not find a worthy assistant now.

    • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

      I would say from 40tyr 🙂 In Europe there are whole separate companies that develop materials and components with such consumer properties that they last a little longer than the warranty period and no more. The radio engineer himself - in the last 6 years he began to constantly encounter microelements (resistors and capacitors) which, after 4-5 years of operation, the sputtering of the conductor (even under varnish) dissolves and the product breaks down. Also with solder (which oxidizes in 3-4 years), bearings (3-4 years and kirdyk), plastic parts, etc. etc.

  79. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Our General Electric machine has been working for 22 years. Assembly England, then cost $ 715. Three brush repairs on the engine. The laundry does not tear, there is a "spring rinse", 1200 revolutions spin-almost dry laundry. Now the bearing is "dying". Do not undertake repairs. I am looking for a new one, but GE is not importing. It's a pity!

  80. Gravatar Julia Julia:

    remembered ... when the trees were big and vodka at 3.60. Question - what to choose from now? Ross and korean. assembly. From the worst to the best

    • Gravatar Alex Alexey:

      So I’m talking about it too, put it in for more than 15 years, it works, but it’s very noisy, and now it’s not clear what to buy, reviews about everything are the same, good and bad

    • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

      It was not at 3.60.
      3.62 - was.

  81. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    We Vyatka Katyusha worked exactly 11 years from 2005 to 2016 without complaints and repairs, washed and did not tear clothes, she had all the details were Italian, stainless steel tank, unlike modern plastic! and now it broke: the water level regulator flew, a hundred led to burnout ten. I gave 3300 for repairs already, and here the command device completely dulled, began to spontaneously drain water during washing, and today and during rinsing: pick up - and then the water goes away ... repair of the “brains” still costs 3 thousand, and the bearings have already sprinkled, in short, I decided to change the machine, although very sorry !!! But I can’t choose anything: the prices bite, and the quality, judging by the rating and reviews, only the super-expensive ones have remained at the level of ... sadness !!!

  82. Gravatar Artem Artyom:

    Whirlpool AWE 7527/1 has been in service since 2008, with a European build. Until it broke. We erase 3 times a week. It erases a bit noisy, but without breakdowns. We want to change, also for Whirlpool, but do not know the latest models are as durable? Tell me. Change due to relocation.

  83. Gravatar Lion Lion:

    The Ariston AVSL 100 has been serving excellently for 11 years without a single repair. Italy, however. I heard that aristons of the Russian assembly do not shine with quality.

  84. Gravatar Guest a guest:

    Zanussi assembly Italy 20+. One so - a small model “Fiat” “parked” into a powder hatch. The master went away in shock since the state of the device is 5+. Now at a crossroads, it is necessary to be updated.

    • Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

      Zanussi is an Electrolux, therefore such reliability)

  85. Gravatar Stanislav Stanislav:

    I read the comments, 3 years, 12 years old ... but how are you 32 years old? Vyatka automatic 12, did not change anything, the bottom rotted, continues to wash. He takes hot water by the way.

  86. Gravatar den den:

    Hard worker Samsung dies, has worked 12 years. I only changed the drain pump. We decided to change the hard worker, as he was barely breathing. But which one is better to choose LG or Samsung? Tell me, if not difficult.

  87. Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

    I read the rating and also do not agree about the EECA. We have a refrigerator of this brand and a washing machine have been serving for 13 years. The machine also survived more than one move and is still working for us for joy, unlike Indesit (sister's machine), which has already had 3 repairs in 5 years. Now we plan to move, we will also take VEKO.

  88. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    After re-reading the entire Internet, it is still at the point of departure. The choice has not been made ...

    • Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

      Price-quality, better than Iberna, have not yet been juggled, we must take. Although the assembly is Russian, the materials are Italian.

  89. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    It is simply impossible to take anything Russian / Ukrainian / Chinese assembly. I will not advise you to get in touch with Turkish and most Italian products either.

  90. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    The famous BOSCH WFR-2141 German assembly. On the first day, he refused to turn on: when the harness is moving, it works (probably some wire in the control board was not soldered. Under warranty, the entire board was replaced. It worked for 10 years without comment. This year the bearings rustled. He disassembled and replaced it. Reason: in the gland they didn’t put the sealant and the leaked water destroyed the bearings. Here is the German quality.

    • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

      Is the tank soldered?

      • Gravatar Alex Alex:

        All Bosch and Siemens tanks are collapsible, that is, there are no problems with replacing the bearing. Indesit, Hotpoint Kriston, Electrolux, AEG. There, the bearing is changed only in assembly with the tank. And often such a repair is not practical at a cost; it’s easier to buy a new one.

  91. Gravatar als als:

    You read all the reviews and you see that almost all machines have the same breakdowns with the same service life. And people take purely by brand.

  92. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    Was LG, worked for 7 years and would have worked even more flawlessly if ... The daughter-in-law began to often wash the plaid and voluminous jackets and the drum warped from overloading. I bought Bosch, I’m not letting anyone in, I’m only erasing myself, the same story with the drum. Immediately after the installation, I began to notice a small chatter, but my family convinced me that I was finding fault. But no, now she is already tapping and the drum is shaking during the spin cycle. I called the service center, they say that it looks like Bosch, but I don’t overload it, they straighten out the laundry, I generally think that my thing is the best. I think that they sold me an old repaired machine. They take old equipment to the store, I think it got to me. I’ll go to the store, still under warranty. It’s very disappointing to buy for such money, but she didn’t work for a year.

  93. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Siemens worked for 24 years, they broke the door, broke it, can it be repaired or someone will give it back?

  94. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    AEG vertical has worked for 14 years. The “brain” flew, the rest is in a super-good state. Where to get the control unit? No services.

  95. Gravatar Ksenia Ksenia:

    My Siemens machine worked without repair for more than 15 years, there was not a single repair, only my son put a chestnut in the pipe for the gulf of water, they called the master pulled out. I was surprised that the machine, like new, after 10 years of service, now electronics flew. I will change, then we will think about another.

  96. Gravatar rvp rvp:

    I took a Siemens wm14q4400e car - I was happy for 1 year and 1 month. Warranty is over. The drum thundered. For repair in the workshop half the price. Made in Spain (probably not by Europeans).

  97. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    ..Zanussi 1029 .. worked 7 years, after 3 years there was already an easy repair ... then, at intervals, it leaked, before it didn’t work in some modes, then it didn’t flood / not drain ... etc. I think whether it is worth repairing now ?. Here Kandy was, plowed for 15 years, without repair. They gave it to old relatives (due to the purchase of this Zanussi) - Kandy still works for them (for 21 years already). Only some gum changed ... ehhhh ... and this Zanussi is expensive and served a little ...

  98. Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

    LG has worked for 25 years and continues to work. For some reason, nothing breaks.

  99. Gravatar Rus Rus:

    Kandy worked for 12 years, during which time the ten changed once, I read comments and reviews didn’t decide what to buy, although I thought about repairing it (the drum does not spin)? It used to be easier, in a stupor, what to do, how to choose?

  100. Gravatar Tai Tai:

    For me, the first requirement is the quality of the wash. It is very annoying to wash the same thing several times, provided that a good powder is used. Such are, for example, Koreans, the middle price range. Plus, they are only in reliability, despite the bad water and power surges. Maybe because of its simplicity.
    The last machine Ariston, loves a stable voltage in the network. In our conditions, it is reliable only with a voltage stabilizer. Plastic parts are not very durable (Koreans are better).
    It erases perfectly! Because of the powder fragrances in young children, redness occurs, I myself really do not like this smell. Ariston also cleans well if you put half the powder. As a result, the smell is very faint and there is no irritation in children. I believe that expensive cars wash even better. But my Ariston cost about 600, he honestly fulfills this price.
    Regarding frequent replacement of drain pumps, absolutely all brands. One serviceman admitted to me that the main item of their income is the replacement of a working pump. Only by the fact that the owners are armless or too lazy to unscrew the filter below, and just shake out the little thing and toothpicks.

  101. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    ZANUSSI, model-3105, assembly - Italy, loading - vertical, purchased in January 2007, 2 repairs - bearing replacement. It works noisily on the spin (well, okay, what should I sleep next to it or something). A month ago, bearings again rained down, despite the fact that I wash very often, I do not overload the machine, I squeeze it at 400 rpm. I went to look after a new one, yet I worked for 9 years and 11 months. I looked, listened, read on the Internet ... I concluded - I will repair my own. Yesterday they took it. They’ll bring it today. Repair price 700 (repair) +100 (transport) = 800 UAH. By the way, the young in the store told me in a whisper that they are now producing bad cars and it is better to repair old ones, if the repair is before 2000 UAH.

    • Gravatar Elena Helena:

      Here's what has changed over the year. Over the past period, the machine is operating normally. But the lid rusted very much, I had to cut a piece of sheathing with scissors for metal, which did not make it possible to fully open the lid, clinging to the control panel (rust swelled at the junction of the lid and the control panel). Replacing the cover in the service center will cost 60 euros for a new cover + about 700 UAH for work. For everything = 2600 UAH. Lot. I decided to use it to the end. Let erases as much as possible. The reason is that currently there are no normal machines on the household appliance market. Even the option of buying a used original will be better than the new one for 4-5 years for a lot of money.

  102. Gravatar Msl Msl:

    Lg worked for us for 9 years with an average load, after it was Bosh, intensive use led to its death after 4 years (bearings) ... while in search of a new machine, repairs are expensive according to the masters. The combination of noiselessness and reliability for reviews not found (

    • Gravatar Vlad Vlad:

      Daewoo air bubble, 25 years. A water pump flew, unfortunately, there is no replacement. There are no complaints to the rest.
      Will have to change.

  103. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Simens IQ500 worked for 3 years and just did not turn on. A board that costs from 12 thousand burned out. That's the "quality".

  104. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    I advise you to pay attention to the company Curting.

  105. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    I have a Miele. Works perfectly for 6 years. Before her was LG - in the fifth year, the drain pump died.

  106. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    Do not confuse the quality of previously released washers and today's. 5 years of work today is above the norm. Regarding Bosch and Siemens, I would argue with the author of the article. Now buying is a lottery, which is in economy, and in luxury classes.

  107. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    The Bosch WOT 20352 OE washing machine was purchased in February 2013, under warranty, the electronic unit was changed, today is February 8, 2017, again it was covered with email. block. Disappointed.

    • Gravatar Alex Alex:

      Bosch doesn’t have his own top-loading machine factory like yours. Therefore, verticals under this brand are assembled at third-party factories. Previously, these were Brandt factories. The last few years have been made by Whirlpool. So vertical lines should not draw conclusions about the quality of Bosch. Their cars, from their own factories they have - this is front-wheel drive.

  108. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    I have an OKA-6 two-mode station wagon, it has been working for 30 years. Bearings do not need to be changed, just grease. I am satisfied. The car is a beast! Serves faithfully.

  109. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    Ariston, she washed only in the winter, and not every day, but in the summer I was in the country, I got not a machine, but bullshit. Last year I changed bearings, and now I’m gaining water, and the drum does not spin. So I’m thinking of buying a car, but I'm afraid that again there will be an error when choosing. The daughter bought Zanussi in December, she is not happy with it. She said that I would not take this. Help out which washing machine to buy?

    • Gravatar Pavel Paul:

      LG - this is good!

  110. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    We have Indesit, for 15 years. It is necessary to change the belt.

  111. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    They wrote about ARDO, but I have 16 years old, a car with dryer, 300 bucks, an Italian assembly - not a single breakdown! So there you go, gentlemen, gentlemen of the master!

  112. Gravatar Ilyas Ilyas:

    Indesit WISL103 one of the cheapest, worked for 7 years. Then the heating element failed, followed by the electronic module (brains). The cost of repair is about 5 tr.

  113. Gravatar Larisa Larisa:

    Bosh WAA20727CE was purchased in 2012 - five years later the tank cross burst. Replacing only the complete tank assembly is more than half the cost of a new machine. So much for BOSH.

  114. Gravatar RonnieKem Ronniekem:

    It is a pity that 2 years ago I did not read it: O (

  115. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    It is necessary to take into account not the time of ownership of the device, but the time of actual operation in hours. The bachelor’s machine will generally be idle, and accordingly, wear will be minimal. And in a family with three children, this same machine will not last 2 years with daily washings simply because of banal wear. Our Siemens Siwamat Plus 7471, purchased in 1996, generally without those. maintenance survived until February 2017, when the control board burned down. True, they didn’t wash it often (about 2 times a week).

  116. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Bosh WLK24271OE purchased in 2016. It works fine, but it erases very aggressively on all programs and spoils the laundry, you definitely can’t put thin and delicate, although there are programs. Programs differ from each other only in washing time and temperature.

  117. Gravatar Cyril Kirill:

    BEKO was purchased in 1998. In January 2017, the shaft bearings broke and the gland flowed.
    18 years (!) Worked without breakdowns and repairs.
    I bought a set of bearings (2 pcs), seals and sealant, repaired in a couple of evenings. Works ))
    Turkish assembly, if not mistaken.

  118. Gravatar Maria Maria:

    I had an Italian-made Indesit Moon machine, easy to drive and easy to use, it lasted almost 8 years, but alas, oh, the bearings broke. They made a repair, but it didn’t last long, only for six months, now it’s broken again. And I’m in thought and shock, I don’t know what to buy since it’s problematic to buy real foreigners, and I absolutely do not want to assemble the Russian assembly.

  119. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Well, I don’t know, I have never broken in 4 years, the machine erases with a bang. Yes, and the functions are very convenient. Apparently the matter is in people and their treatment, because everything works very well for me.

  120. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    LG 11 years ago two months ago changed TEN. I did it myself.

  121. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Electrolux ewt-911- thing! 13 years plowing.

  122. Gravatar Valeria Valeria:

    Ardo put in last place. My worked 16 years without a single repair and claims, erased everything. Apparently a lottery. The day before yesterday, I did not wring out the laundry, the master from the company tried to fix it, looking at the white case and poking at all the buttons. Now it doesn’t wash, rinse, squeeze or drain water. He broke it, and if the “kettle” hadn’t come, I’m sure that I would have worked for another 5 years, everything is like new. Today I will take it apart myself.

  123. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Ardo since 1998, eight years ago, changed the heater, and this is because the sock wound on it and jammed the drum. The truth is booming scary, depreciation does not work.

  124. Gravatar Semen Semen:

    Samsung M1200 2000, three years ago changed the pump. Yesterday I covered myself, a door lock, dragged a thyristor, a strapping resistor, an electronic key chip. Everything was charred. Apparently, the control processor is also the end. It would be worth the relay to control - repair a "penny" and put almost any. And so a replacement washing machine.

  125. Gravatar Larisa Larisa:

    People, if you want to save your health, do not buy Bosch! It erases disgustingly, does not wash anything, you have to wash it first with your hands, and then put it in the machine. But the worst thing is that it even more disgusting rinses out ... especially terry towels. I heard on TV that it is necessary to thoroughly wash the laundry from the powder. I threw 2 terry towels 70x140 into the machine for cotton at 60 degrees, the cycle went through, everything seems to be normal. I decided to rinse further, Rinsed 7 times and all the foam. Where from? I began to rinse all the linen additionally - the same thing, however, only towels 5-7 times, bed linen 1-2 times. She became furious from such washing, thought that the typewriter was 7 years old - it was buggy. 3 days ago I bought a new one, the same 80x60x40 (others in terms of parameters do not pass) and the same picture. Bosch is yesterday!

    • Gravatar Anna Anna:

      Please write a model, were going to buy Bosch.

  126. Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

    Samsung has worked for 10 years. From the very beginning, the tank was flowing. Made under warranty and no more damage. And now the hatch lock and control board have burned down. Repair more than 10 thousand.

  127. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    Those who complain about Bosch, you most likely have a Russian assembly, German cars are heaven and earth!

  128. Gravatar Stanislav Stanislav:

    Unpretentious Zanussi FA832 (Italy) from 2006 to this day has been serving without a single repair, we’re afraid to buy a new one if only Bosch is of German assembly or Siemens, but there is already a corresponding price tag, neither LG nor Samsung (both assemblies are Russia), given the reviews and videos on YouTube, like the new LG after two washes, the drum broke, this video alone was enough ... it feels like it's from the softest tin, horror! In short, Zanussi, live! 🙂

  129. Gravatar Lada Lada:

    I have a Hotpoint Ariston. I am completely satisfied with her; it has been serving me faithfully for more than a year. I have never contacted a service yet.

  130. Gravatar Mikhalych Mikhalych:

    We have Indesit with a vertical load, worked faithfully for 13.5 years. Now it started to fail (it will turn on, it will hang), I don’t see any reason to repair, I decided to buy a new one.

  131. Gravatar Anya Anya:

    I would never have thought that Indesit would break so often (judging by the rating). I may be lucky, but for 4 years there have never been any breakdowns, but it seems like it is not expected ..

  132. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Well, by the way, I have a Hotpoint Ariston, most likely of Russian assembly. I can’t call him unreliable; for three years nothing happened to him, at least. Yes, and erases well.

  133. Gravatar Stanislav Stanislav:

    We bought Ariston Hotpoint (a rare muck), worked for three years, brains broke, and now the bearings are screwed! The tank is non-separable, repair is 6-8 thousand, we think what to buy new. The first car Ariston Margarita Cashmere has been working for 15 years for sure, changed the water pump and bearings!

    • Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

      I myself saw 4 of these tanks and assembled with skf bearings. The villagers are happy.

  134. Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

    I want to change the washer. My narrow Sumsung worked for 18 years.All would be nothing, but all operations slowed down. He draws water for a very long time. Thought reviews would help pick. Praised by old cars. I have the same old one. And what about the modern say, did not understand.

  135. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    I have an Electrolux EWT11420W washing machine, purchased in December 2011. In 2015, I changed both bearings, and now I need to replace the electronic board. We must buy another.

  136. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    I have a top-loading Electrolux EWT11420W washing machine. Purchased in December 2011 - in 2015 both bearings flew - replacement of 100 Euro. And today, not a single program works and you need to change the electronic unit. I am looking for a new washer.

  137. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Zanussi FLV 504NN. She worked in the ranks for 18 years, 2 years for 2 families. Replacing the pump was 4 years ago and that’s it.

  138. Gravatar Luda Lyuda:

    We’ve been erasing Hotpoint for 6 years now! It withstands very large volumes of washes. Well done 🙂

  139. Gravatar Nikita Nikita:

    Typewriter Candy CY 124 TXT, bought in May 2007 for 13 tr, assembly Italy. I chose it because of the depth of 33 cm (in fact 37 cm, taking into account the hatch), capacity 4 kg. Despite the fact that narrow cars tend to “walk” in the bathroom during the spin cycle, I have not experienced such a problem since was set by level.
    Recently, the sound of rubbing metal appeared during the spin cycle. I thought of exchanging for a new Candy, but the bulk of the reviews on this brand are negative and the assembly is already RF. In general, the problem, what to change? The choice at this depth is very limited.

  140. Gravatar Roman Novel:

    Hmm, yes, in short now really one garbage is coming. The quality sucks, we have been working on a removable hut Indesit for about 7 years. Although her neighbors mercilessly overloaded constantly. She was already twisting it, although at the end the tank was already shaking during the spin cycle. And I didn’t like her. Constantly, all the linen in the obligator will be in the duvet cover 🙂 And the thing is that we don’t do our thing. It is necessary to launch its production, not feed China. And then everything is done there now. And all the slop quality.

  141. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    We bought a Samsung machine with the possibility of reloading during washing. The lowest model in the lineup. The most amazing thing is that you can not hear the motor, only the water gurgles. But socks get stuck between glass and elastic - there is a niche and small things get there.

  142. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    I have just such an Indesit model as mentioned in this article. I can confirm a good unit. We have never been upset.

  143. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    I have a 1998 Indesit machine. Italian assembly. It works without a glitch. There was not a single repair.

  144. Gravatar Zheka Zheka:

    I have a direct drive LG. Bought in 2009. After 7 years, the stop / start button began to jam. Dismantled, pulled out the button. Now there is a small hole, but it works. I just turn it on gently by clicking on the sensor. I am very pleased with the wash. Recommend.

  145. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    LG has been working for 7 years. Pleased with the machine.

  146. Gravatar Mike Mike:

    Washing machines. By quality and technology:

    • V-Zug;
    • Shulthess;
    • Miele
    • Asco;
    • All the rest.
  147. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    In December 2002, bought Indesit W105TX. In February 2018, a rattle of the bearing appeared and the handle of the command device constantly rotates. The first is clear - you need to change. And what can be with the device?

  148. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    We have a hacker. Pure Chinese. Bought in 11 year. Breakdowns: pump, filter, bearing block, heater, oil seal. I erase 2-3 times every day. At the last repair, the master said that there was simply nothing to break. Will serve more faithfully. I noticed a good build quality, but said that the water in our region is very harsh and hence all the problems.

  149. Gravatar Whale Whale:

    Virpul erases the house for many years, no problems with it. I can recommend this brand to everyone who is in search of a good home washing machine.

    • Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

      Apparently you bought it for a long time. Old cars are almost all good. We bought it 4 years ago. He lives his life, wants-erases, wants-stands. They repaired three times. A warranty case is not set, so for your money. Today it’s broken again, but what’s new to buy? I will not repair anymore. The nastiest machine that we had.

  150. Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

    I own Hitachi washer brought from Japan. From the domestic market. Collected also in Japan.The device is just space! Build quality is filigree! It works barely audible. Prior to this, like all decent Russians, Bosch and Siemens and Electrolux owned. In various places of their residence, from removable to their own. And what I tell you. To all these brands, as far as the moon to my car of mine, the services of which I have been using joy for over 8 years now. But we must take into account that I took then (in 2010) a rather simple device in comparison with what was offered to me. In Japan, there were already cars then, which even now cannot be bought in Russia. Perhaps, in addition to the luxury segment, where there are not bad offers. But this is from 100 thousand and above.

  151. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Better Vyatka machine there is nothing. Serves since 1985. Already 33 years old. Of course, they repaired a couple of times. Parts are still there.

  152. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    It's great when people are so thrifty 🙂 and cars they have from the time of the king of peas and spare parts for them. But the design and noise quality, I am sure, leave much to be desired. My Indesit has also been washing with us for many years, but it looks pretty decent, despite the fact that at one time it was not bought for expensive.

  153. Gravatar Tanya Tanya:

    I have a German-built Bosh washing machine that has been working for 18 years now. Of the breakdowns, only the heating element was changed three times, because Our area has very hard water. There is also a Bosh dishwasher, 13 years old without a break.

  154. Gravatar Katya Katya:

    And we have AEG. The old woman worked for more than 20 years. I don’t even know how much she really is. We were no longer given a new one. The machine is space. For all the time it was washing perfectly, not a single breakdown. But she also retired. I also want only AEG.

  155. Gravatar Ira Ira:

    My ZANUSSI has been working since 1998. Until now, everything is erasing and wringing. The lid has already rusted (my machine with vertical loading), and everything works. Do not overjoy!

  156. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Was Bosh, bought about 20 years ago. Assembly Germany. We suffered with her for about 6 years. There was no breakdown, she worked quietly. But the quality of the wash is horrible! I had to include rinsing 2-3 times. Things washed, slippery and sticky from the powder after washing. They sold it.

  157. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Ariston Margherita 2000 broke down. She served 15 years. Does not pick up water. I don’t even know what to buy. I read reviews, I can not find a reliable model up to 30 thousand rubles. Can you tell a reliable model with front-loading?

  158. Gravatar PolinVardanceva Polinvardanceva:

    I'm lucky, Indesit has worked for me for twenty, like a clock (not in terms of what time shows, but in terms of without breakdowns and malfunctions).

  159. Gravatar Tori Tori:

    We have been using the Hotpoint VMSG 622 ST B model for a little over a year, it cost us a little less than 20k.

  160. Gravatar Michael Michael:

    I do not know anything worse than modern Bosch domestic assembly. That washers, that refrigerators work exactly until the end of the warranty period. This is the service the masters say. Their service is littered with Boschs. Repair is super expensive. At first, the hatch lock flew, then the electronics died. On the empty place! Model - Classixx5.

  161. Gravatar Alexander B Alexander B:

    The most reliable is Tula. Housing tank aluminum. For 50 years of operation, only the network cable has changed. Decayed rubber insulation. I gave it to the village.

  162. Gravatar Stas Stas:

    Zanussi has been working with her mother since 1997 (21 years old). For all the time, only the handle on the door broke in the 15th year of operation. Nothing rusted, the case is intact. It still works.
    Another one in a rented apartment has been operating since 2001. The owners say that it is still of Italian assembly - the indestructible Zanussi FA822-1 AquaCycle 800.

  163. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    We bought in 2003 Samsung (Korea) for 3.5 kg. It works flawlessly. If I buy, then only Samsung, but where do they sell Korean? Find is a big problem.

    • Gravatar Vova Vova:

      In Korea)))

  164. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    We bought the ARDO A800X in April 2001, in operation since November 2001. In September 2018, I replaced the belt, because the old one began to flake. Then it began to overflow with water and not wring out. Replaced the presostat, but it turned out that the hose going to the presostat was blocked. Then the heater burned out, replaced. And today, on November 20, 2018, the electronic module burned down, its cost is 7400. The machine faithfully served 17 years. Looking for a replacement.

  165. Gravatar igor igor:

    Bought Siemens (walked on barter) works since 1990.The body rusted in some places, but it works, only the pump changed.

  166. Gravatar Borya Borya:

    I also have no problems with Hotpoint. Once it was that traffic jams in a thunderstorm were cut down sharply in the evening, the telly stopped turning on (the board turned out to be burned out), and at least the henna to the washer. But for the future we’ll try not to fall asleep with the devices turned on 🙂

  167. Gravatar Gene Gene:

    Now cars greatly save water. And this is a big minus. We have Electrolux EWF1287EMW for one year, I like everything, but I have to add water.

  168. Gravatar Alina Alina:

    Recently bought a Hotpoint washing machine. And I’ll say that this purchase has greatly simplified my life. You can even calmly wash the down jacket on a delicate wash so that the fluff does not get knotted down.

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