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Top-loading washing machine disassembly

Top-loading washing machine disassemblyUnfortunately, any household appliances fail. Washing machines are no exception. Vertical washers break as often as more familiar frontal cars, and damage to the verticals can be both typical, characteristic of frontal cars, and individual, typical of vertical SMA. We will figure out how to disassemble a top-loading washing machine to deal with breakdowns at home.

Getting ready for work

Before you begin to disassemble the machine with your own hands, you should make some preparatory measures. Firstly, it is necessary to de-energize the washer, disconnect the unit from utilities. Secondly, you need to prepare a workplace - it should be quite free. Thirdly, it is better to take care in advance of where the parts removed from the device will be stored, to allocate space for them on the floor or to free a small table.

Next, you need to collect all the tools and materials that will be needed in the process. To disassemble the "vertical" you must have at hand:

  • screwdrivers of two types: Phillips and slotted;
  • ring spanners of different sizes;
  • set of automobile socket heads;
  • nippers and pliers;
  • flashlight - for the convenience of working inside the case;
  • WD-40 universal aerosol grease.disassembly tools

In addition, you should prepare a small container that will be used to collect water left in the washer, and several dry rags.

It is best to have a camera on hand to be able to capture the progress of work, this will facilitate the reassembly of the AGR.

Start to disassemble

Before starting to manipulate the machine, it will be useful to find out how the vertical washing machine is arranged. This will help you better navigate inside the case, clearly understand what this or that part is called. Dismantling vertical boxes of famous brands such as Bosh Whirlpool and other firms carried out equally. Of course, there may be slight differences, but the basic algorithm of the actions will be unchanged.

  1. Unscrew the fasteners located on the sides, then pry off the main control panel with a screwdriver and carefully disconnect it.
  2. Tilt the panel slightly to one side and take a picture of how the wiring is connected. After that, you can disconnect and remove the node.
  3. Dismantle the board, for this, remove the remaining wires and unscrew the bolts.
  4. Unscrew the filler valve, to do this, slightly loosen the clamps and disconnect the rubber pipes, turn off the power and press on the special holes. These manipulations will allow squeezing the part.
  5. Unscrew the screws holding the side panels. Slide them slightly to the bottom and carefully remove.
  6. Remove the bolts holding the front wall, remove the panel to the side.need to remove the pulley and drive belt

Thanks to the actions taken, you will get free access to the drive belt, electric motor, drain pump, pressure switch.

In most cases, at this stage, you can replace the damaged part yourself and assemble the vertical machine back. In very rare cases, when the latch fails, which is responsible for holding the door after closing, you will have to disassemble the machine further:

  • lift the cover, unscrew the screws that hold it, and remove the part;
  • the top cover of the washer will be fastened with several bolts located under the sealing sleeve. It is necessary to unscrew the fasteners and remove the cover.

Thus, you will have free access to the CMA cuff and the door lock device. Please note that the vertical tank, unlike machines with front loading type, is not removed from the body. Therefore, when replacing the bearings of the drum or stuffing box, it is necessary to remove the balances and springs, and replace parts.remove the side wall and top panel

Analysis of the vertical washer is completed, as you can see, do-it-yourself work is not so difficult. When the failed elements of the machine are replaced, it is necessary to assemble the machine in the reverse order. If pictures were taken in the process of work, it is better to focus on photographs. Carefully monitor the correct wiring, incorrectly connected wires can cause a short circuit in the network.


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