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Dimensions of the top-loading washing machine

vertical loading washing machine dimensionsIn the CIS countries, the majority of the population prefers to buy washing machines with horizontal loading. Most people mistakenly believe that this technique is the most advanced, modern, compact and functional, and washing machines with a vertical load are the last century. In fact, this is not so, in modern machines with vertical loading the most advanced technologies are implemented, and their dimensions can be much smaller than that of similar machines with horizontal loading.

Does the type of machine load affect its size?

Based on the basic structural principles of the two types of washing machines, we can draw quite definite conclusions. In washing machines, a machine with horizontal loading and the tank is located horizontally (as if lying down). This leads to the fact that the designers are forced to increase the depth of the machine automatic, in order to ensure the correct placement of its tank and drum. In addition, the increase in depth is due to the need to make the drum quite roomy, and this is not always possible.

Note! Machines with horizontal loading are usually lower in height, but deeper and wider than “washing machines” with vertical loading, which are quite large.

Thanks to advanced technical solutions, it was possible to reduce the depth of modern machines with a horizontal loading machine by increasing the diameter of the drum. But even despite this, the maximum load on most of these machines does not exceed 12-14 kg. Another thing typewriter machine with vertical loading. Their tanks and drums are located vertically, which can significantly reduce their overall depth and width, while the capacity of the drum can be ensured by its height.vertical loading washing machine dimensions

Vertical washing machines can have a maximum drum load of 36 kg or more. Dimensions of such roomy cars also have rather big ones. They can even wash carpets, but among household models you will not be able to find a machine with a similar load. Since compact or relatively compact models with a maximum load of up to 7 kg are especially popular with consumers.

The main advantages of washing machines with vertical loading can be distinguished.

  1. Compactness. Such automatic machines are usually much narrower and smaller in depth than their counterparts with horizontal loading. In addition, there is no need to provide a place for opening the hatch. Therefore, they are more compact in appearance. There are quite small models.
  2. Ease of placement. A vertical loading machine can be put in a corner or in any other place and connected, if only there is access to the hatch, which is located on top.
  3. Convenience when loading linen. A machine of a similar design has a fairly decent height and the sunroof is conveniently located, so you can throw laundry into such a machine without bending over.
  4. Silence. Vertical loading machines are not only more compact, but also produce much less noise during operation, which captivates many consumers.

Similar washing machines have significant disadvantages. The main one of which is considered a minus associated with the inability to embed the machine. You cannot put a washing machine with a vertical loading under the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen. You can’t put it in a neat cabinet with a door, although some integration options are still available. You can, for example, put a similar machine in the kitchen under the countertop with a hinged lid, however, the model of the machine you need to choose is not too high.

Machine Dimensions, Weight and Loading - Overview

It is better to talk about the dimensions of washing machines with a vertical load using specific examples.In addition, it is advisable to consider this component in conjunction with some other characteristics, so we decided to review and provide examples of specific models of cars.

vertical loading washing machine dimensions

AEG L57126TL. Typewriter machine with vertical loading push-button control and text display. It has 12 washing programs in its arsenal, foam control, imbalance control and leakage protection. The maximum load of things - 7 kg. With a weight of 65 kg, the washing machine has the following dimensions: height - 850 mm, depth - 600 mm, width - 400 mm.

Hotpoint-Ariston ARTXF 1297. The machine is a top-loading machine featuring electronic control and a digital display. There are 10 washing programs, including a crease prevention program. There is balance control, foam level control and leakage protection. The maximum load of linen is 6 kg. The machine weighs 73 kg and has the following dimensions: height - 850 mm, depth - 600 mm, width - 400 mm.

Bosch WOT 24255OE. Vertical washing machine with electronic control and digital display. There are 10 wash programs, including express wash, crease prevention program and delicate fabrics. There is balance control, foam level control and leakage protection. Loading - 6.5 kg. The machine weighs 60 kg and has the following dimensions: height - 900 mm, depth - 650 mm, width - 400 mm.

Whirlpool WTLS 60912 ZEN. Vertical automatic washing machine with digital display and electronic control. There are only 5 built-in washing programs, but there is an intelligent mode that allows you to create and save your own programs. There is a system of protection against leaks. Load 6 kg. The machine has a weight of 56 kg. Dimensions: height - 850 mm, depth - 600 mm, width - 400 mm.

There is also rating of the best washing machines with vertical loading, where deployed, the characteristics of such a technique are presented. Get acquainted with this rating, you can on the pages of our site. If you analyze the dimensions of most washing machines with a vertical loading machine, you can draw certain conclusions. The most common are vertical washing machines, which have the following dimensions: height - 850 mm, depth - 600 mm, width - 400 mm.

Placement of the machine in the interior, taking into account its dimensions

Forming the interior composition of the bathroom or kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of household appliances, including the dimensions of the washing machine. A machine with a top cover, as we have already seen, does not take up much space, however, it is necessary to foresee where to place it. Designers offer the following solutions for the placement of washing machines of this design:top-loading washing machine

  1. In the corners of the rooms. The corner of the room is the least functional part of the room. There are not many design solutions to fill it out. A vertical washing machine will fit perfectly into the corner and nothing will stop you from using it. Its dimensions are ideal for the corner of the room.
  2. In the empty space between large pieces of furniture. A vertical washing machine with a housing of a certain color can be beaten in such a way that it plays the role of an interior transition from one large piece of furniture to another. In some cases, it turns out very washing machine
  3. In the bathroom near the sink. If you own a fairly wide bathroom, you can place a vertical washing machine both to the right of the sink and to the left. The machine is quite narrow, so it will look good next to the sink.
  4. In the toilet, next to the toilet. If the problem of free space is very acute, you can squeeze small-sized vertical washing machines into the toilet to the right or left of the toilet, or if the place allows it, opposite washing machine

Important! Some people manage to build a vertical washing machine very nicely, making a special cabinet for it.Such a cabinet closes the machine with beautiful walls on four sides, and the top cover of it leans back - opened the cover, turned on the machine and washed.

Summing up, we note that the modern automatic vertical washing machine in its functionality is no different from the popular machine with horizontal loading, while its dimensions are usually smaller. Small-sized models of such cars practically do not take up space at all, since individual specimens are similar in size to travel suitcases. Sometimes it is difficult to fit a vertical washing machine into the interior composition of a room, but if you use the advice of specialists - it will succeed!


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