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Front-loading washing machine dimensions

washing machine dimensionsCurrently, front-loading washing machines can be found in almost every home. The immense popularity of such equipment encourages manufacturers to constantly expand their market supply, thanks to this, hundreds of models of cars for every taste and pocket can be found on store shelves. The modern consumer, in addition to the technical characteristics of the washing machine, takes into account its dimensions so that it can be placed in a predetermined place in the house. This moment, we will discuss in more detail.

The interdependence of the size and type of download?

Currently, there are two main varieties of automatic washing machines on the market: frontal (their hatch is on the front wall of the machine) and vertical (their hatch is on top). The vertical washing machines are narrow and tall, and the front-washing washing machines have a large width and depth, but a lower height.

Most of all, of course, front-end cars, why so? Let's look at the pros and cons of frontal “washers” and, based on this information, we will determine why they are so popular. Let's start with the merits.

  • Front-loading (horizontal) washing machines are perfectly integrated. Built-in machine models that are designed for installation under countertops, under sinks, and in various niches are very popular with consumers. This saves a lot of space.
  • Front-end cars are much cheaper than “washers” with vertical loading.
  • It is possible to see how the washing takes place. Maybe this is not important in all cases. But, for example, when you are not sure about the normal operation of the machine and look for a malfunction, the ability to see what is happening in its drum helps a lot.
  • The front car can play the role of a cabinet, on its top you can make packs of powder, bottles with bleach and other things.

front-loading washing machinesThe disadvantages of front-loading washing machines are: the need to tilt your head strongly in order to open the hatch door and throw laundry, as well as the need to leave space in front of the front wall of the machine for normal opening of the hatch. These cons for most people are not considered significant, they do not interfere with the normal operation of the household appliance, therefore 87% of buyers buy front-loading washing machines and only 13% with vertical loading.

Note! Top-loading cars are rarely bought, and most buyers of such machines prefer low-cost semi-automatic models. And only 1.5% choose automatic vertical washing machines.

The location of the drum in the frontal washing machines forces manufacturers to slightly increase their width and depth. The larger the drum, the larger the dimensions of such a machine. However, you need to understand that science does not stand still, modern developments allow you to create models of washing machines with fairly large and roomy drums, while the dimensions of the case either remain the same or slightly increase. Let's do a review and in its framework we give examples of models of such machines.

Height, Width, Depth, Machine Weight - Overview

Dimensions of front-loading washing machines may vary. A consumer choosing a specific model for embedding is interested in matching its desired size with an accuracy of one centimeter. Therefore, he will be interested primarily in not the average size of the front cars, but the specific size of a particular model. You can learn it only by studying the characteristics of various models of such a technique, we give examples.

  1. LG E1096SD A modern front-loading automatic washing machine with a drum holding 4 kg of laundry. One of the best cars in the Russian market.It is equipped with thirteen washing programs, a digital display, a nap filter, a leakage protection system, self-diagnosis of malfunctions and other useful functions. Weight - 56 kg. Dimensions (in cm): height - 85, width - 60, depth - 36.
    front loading washing machine dimensions
  2. BOSCH WGL 20060 OE. A simple and reliable washing machine created in the best German manufacturing traditions. The machine has a load of 5 kg, the necessary package of basic washing programs and a spin speed of up to 1000 rpm. There is a basic set of protective functions: leakage protection, foam control and imbalance control. Weight - 60 kg. Dimensions (in cm): height - 85, width - 60, depth - 40.
  3. GORENJE W8624H. Very high-quality automatic washing machine from Slovenia. It features a capacious drum - 8 kg load, a large number of washing programs - there are 23 of them in this model and an impressive set of protective functions. In particular, there is protection against leaks, foaming, imbalance control, protection against overflow and so on. Weight - 76 kg. Dimensions (in cm): height - 85, width - 60, depth - 60.
  4. SAMSUNG WW90H7410EW / LP. Very technologically advanced automatic washing machine from a well-known Korean manufacturer. It is crammed with various useful functions, such as: delayed start, easy ironing, accelerated washing, bubble washing, indication of the course of the program. It has 12 washing programs in its arsenal, it is protected from foaming and from children by locking buttons. Maximum load 9 kg. Weight - 73 kg. Dimensions (in cm): height - 85, width - 60, depth - 60.

This brief review allows us to draw several important conclusions at once. Regarding the relationship between the depth of the washing machine and the amount of laundry that can be loaded into the drum, we can say this: the larger the maximum load the drum of the front washing machine has, the greater the depth of such a machine. In particular, the LG E1096SD3, with a depth of 36 cm, but with a load of only 4 kg, and SAMSUNG WW90H7410EW / LP, with a depth of 60 cm, but with a large load of 9 kg. In these examples, the relationship is clearly visible.

Note! In modern frontal washing machines with a load of 7, 9, 12 and 14 kg, the tank is very wide. The manufacturer intentionally expanded the tank and, accordingly, the hatch in order to partially compensate for the forced increase in the depth of the machine.

Experts advise against chasing very narrow frontal washing machines. After all, small-sized machines, in addition to a small maximum drum load, have another significant drawback - they vibrate quite strongly. The fact is that small washing machines they are not large enough and heavy counterweights, due to them the manufacturer, as a rule, saves space, making small-sized machines also lightweight.

The result is the following: when you turn on the machine for spin at maximum speed, it begins to sway strongly under the action of centrifugal force. In especially severe cases, the machine begins to literally jump from side to side making a lot of noise. Draw conclusions!

Typewriter in the interior: do dimensions affect placement options?

Over the past 20 years, designers have come up with hundreds of options for placing frontal washing machines, and an important role is played by such a factor as the dimensions of a particular model of similar equipment. What determines the variety of options for integrating a washing machine into a room? front-loading washing machine in the interior

  • From the size of the room. In a small kitchen or bathroom, every centimeter is expensive, so you will have to choose the most compact layout options than in a large room. In this case, the dimensions give a variety of design solutions.
  • From the furniture composition. If a kitchen set or furniture in the bathroom is ordered for the dimensions of the washing machine, then there will be no problems. But if the furniture is already there, and the washing machine needs to be replaced - there may be a problem of choice.
  • From the location of communications. If there is no way to transfer communications (water supply, sewage, outlet) specifically for the intended location of the washing machine, you will have to adapt to the finished version.
  • From the availability of interdependent technology. If you purchase both a washing machine and a tumble dryer at once, it is better to place them together, it is more convenient to use them and more expedient in the sense of connecting to communications.

By linking various individual characteristics and circumstances with sketches of designer compositions, you can get your own ideal interior, in which the frontal washing machine will take its rightful place. Designers have washing machines in completely different ways. If you have a dryer in your washing machine, you can create an interior pair by putting items of household appliances on top of each other. front-loading washing machine in the interior

Also, the car will fit well into the niche under the dressing table or into the niche of the sink under the sink. There it will not hurt anyone, the dimensions will not play a role, at the same time it will not occupy usable space and will not create inconvenience in use. The washing machine looks great under the countertop in the kitchen. If you don’t like the look of the front panel of the machine, you can choose the built-in option and place it under the countertop in the form of a cabinet with a door. front-loading washing machine in the interiorA good solution to us is also the location of the washing machine in the toilet over the toilet. Khrushchev’s apartments have rather small toilets, so you can effectively use only the space above the toilet, making a kind of niche and placing a typewriter in it. With this arrangement, the machine is more convenient to use, because you do not need to bend down to throw the laundry into the hatch. front-loading washing machine in the interior

Oddly enough, the dimensions of the machine rarely affect its placement in the interior, because the height and width of all models are the same and averages 85 and 60 cm. Therefore, if you plan ahead clearly where your “home assistant” will stand up - the sizes will be chosen by you clearly. front-loading washing machine in the interior

In conclusion, we note that the dimensions of horizontal-loading washing machines play an important role in cases where objects need to be placed in a certain space without a margin, that is, a centimeter to a centimeter. In this case, you need to choose a model specifically for size, while, of course, given all the other technical characteristics.


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