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Sizes of dishwashers

dishwasher dimensionsWhen creating an attractive kitchen design, every centimeter of space is important, especially if this space is limited. To arrange household appliances in the kitchen and not to forget anything, you need to know its dimensions. As for dishwashers, they are different, and which ones we decided to tell, especially in this case there is something to talk about.

Dimensions of built-in dishwashers

All dishwashers are divided into two large groups: built-in and freestanding. Many people today prefer built-in appliances; sales of built-in dishwashers are several times higher than those that do not have the ability to be embedded in kitchen furniture. At the same time, the equipment can be built in completely when the dishwasher is not visible behind the furniture facade, and partially when the control panel of the machine is placed on the facade.

By size, all built-in dishwashers are divided into three more groups.

  • The first group is full-sized dishwashers, the height of which is from 60 to 85 cm, the depth is from 54 to 63 cm, the width is from 55 to 65 cm.
  • The second group is narrow cars, the height of which is 81-85 cm, the depth is 51-65 cm, the width is 44-45 cm.
  • The third group - compact dishwashers, whose height is 43.8 - 60 cm, width 54.5 - 60 cm, depth 49.5 - 60 cm.

Note! Most often, built-in dishwashers have a height of 83 cm - the standard height for installation under the countertop.

Here are some examples of models of such dishwashers, presenting the information in the table.

dishwasher sizes

However, in addition to the above three groups, there are dishwashers, the dimensions of which are non-standard and it is very difficult to assign them to any group. As an example, the following dishwashers:

  • Kuppersbusch IGVS 6609 - size (WxDxH) 60x55x87 cm;
  • Kuppersbusch IGS 6908.1 GE - size (WxDxH) 60x57x91 cm (very high machine);
  • Smeg STO905-1 - size (WxDxH) 86x55x58 cm;
  • Samsung DW50H4050BB - size (WxDxH) 45 x 65 x 82 cm.


If you look at the size, then these dishwashers can be called very large. When buying, you need to be careful, otherwise in a standard kitchen such a technique may not be suitable for height, depth or width. By the way, full-size equipment has the advantage of functionality and spaciousness, which is important for large families, read more about this in the article Overview of built-in dishwashers 60 cm.

Dimensions of freestanding dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers can also be divided into two large groups: floor-mounted dishwashers and tabletops. They can have different sizes, depending on what they are divided into:

  • full-sized have a width of 60 cm, a depth of 55-68 cm, a height of 80-89 cm;
  • narrow ones have a width of 45 cm, a depth of 54-64 cm, a height of 82-85 cm;
  • compact ones have a width of 54.5-55.1 cm, a depth of 49-53 cm, a height of 43.5-60 cm.

Important! Despite the specified dimensions in the passport of the dishwasher, be prepared for the fact that the manufacturer indicated inaccurate dimensions with an error of plus or minus centimeter. In some cases, this centimeter can be decisive.

dishwasher sizes

Note one more size feature of the dishwasher. Such well-known equipment manufacturers as Bosch, Candy, Siemens, Electrolux, Hansa are oriented to the Russian consumer to a greater extent. The dimensions of their machines can be called standard, most often they are ideally suited to the dimensions of the furniture. But dishwashers of such brands as Smeg, Kuppersbusch, Miele can significantly differ in size from standard ones, so you need to be careful.

Note! A full-sized or narrow freestanding dishwasher can have a removable top cover, which allows you to put the dishwasher under the countertop. Typically, these machines have back latches or screws holding the cover.

The smallest dishwashers

Separately, I want to say a few words about miniature or compact dishwashers.In an effort to put a dishwasher in a small kitchen at all costs, people are looking for appliances that are not only 45, but also 40, and even 30 cm in size. In only where should these 30 and 40 cm be, in width, or maybe in depth? In fact, this is not important, because such dishwashers with a width or depth of 40 cm, and even more so 30 cm, are simply not on sale.

If on request in Yandex you find not a dozen sites offering you such mini-dishwashers, then do not rush to rejoice. This is just a trick, it’s enough to study the characteristics of a specific model of the machine, and you will see that its width is clearly not 30 cm, it is not even 40. What is 30 cm is the outside size of the dishwasher in width or depth, but then what will be the inside size and the volume of the washing chamber? You can’t put two sets of dishes in such a machine, not to mention pots. In addition, what should be the spare parts for such a dishwasher of 30 cm, how to place them inside a small case? In short, it is technically impossible or very difficult and not reasonable to create such a dishwasher.

In general, the minimum width of the dishwasher is 44.5 cm, there are few such machines, yet the most models are 45 cm wide. As for the depth, the minimum for the dishwasher is 49 cm, for example, the Dometic DW2440 dishwasher is 55 wide and 45 cm high. .

Note! The smallest machines are desktop, built-in compact dishwashers a few centimeters more. But this does not prevent to hide such a machine in a cabinet under the sink.

So, having carefully studied the sizes of different models of dishwashers, we came to the conclusion that most of them are standard. If you carefully choose the dishwasher, then for any kitchen you can find the best option. Good luck with your purchase!


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