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Dismantling the washing machine

Dismantling the washing machineGood day, dear reader. In this article you will find instructions for self-disassembling the washing machine. Many models of washing machines from different manufacturers have a similar design. And after reading this article, you will learn how to disassemble front-loading cars with your own hands (Hansa, Indesit, Sumsung, LG, Simens, etc.).

Of course, some models will have their own distinctive features. Some of them will use other fasteners or the appearance of parts or other little things. But in general, their structure is similar, so using these tips, you can disassemble the washing machine.

Essential tool

In order to disassemble the washing machine, we need a tool. Most of the required tools are in almost every home. If suddenly, any tool is not enough, then you can buy it in a store or ask a neighbor for a while.

And so, we need:

  • Phillips and slotted screwdrivers.
  • Set of wrenches of various sizes.
  • Hammer.
  • Pliers are simple, pliers are bent, pliers, wire cutters, possibly round-nose pliers. All of these tools must be insulated.

Before you begin disassembling, we recommend that you assemble all the necessary tools. And also make sure that we disconnect our machine from water and electricity.

If you plan to later assemble the machine back, then you can photograph particularly difficult places of fastenings, wire connections and other parts. This will help you with the assembly.

Remove the front wall of the washing machine

Remove the cover of the washing machineStart disassembling the machine from the top of the case. That is, from the cover. It is fastened with two bolts on the back side. To unscrew, use a Phillips screwdriver. After the bolts are unscrewed, we need to push the cover from the front of the machine towards its rear wall. Then we can take it off.

Replace dispenserNext, remove the dispenser. In most brands of washing machines, for this we need to click on the point in the middle of the plastic tray and pull it towards ourselves.

How to remove the control panel of the washing machineThen we need to unscrew the screws that secure the control panel.
And carefully separate it and put it on top of the washing machine so that it does not interfere with us. Some models have a service hook with which we can hang it on top of the side wall.

Remove the cuff. Replace.Now remove the bottom panel. To do this, we need to remove the bolts securing it. Then we proceed to remove the rubber cuff of the hatch. Unlock the sunroofTo do this, open the door and remove the locking clamp. To remove it, we need pliers, a screwdriver or pliers (depending on the type of clamp).

After the collar is removed, we remove the cuff from the front wall of the machine. Next, we can unscrew the two bolts that lock the hatch.
Now we just have to remove the remaining locking elements. Disassembled washing machineThen we can remove the front wall of the washing machine.

We continue to disassemble the machine

After that, you can remove the inlet hose that fits the tank. In order to do this, it is necessary to remove the fixing collar with pliers. Then the hose does not hold anything and can be removed. Next, remove the hose going to the pressure switch. To do this, we again need to first remove the clamp.

Next, we remove the inner clamp, which fixes the rubber cuff on the tank of the machine. And remove this same cuff. Next, remove the back wall of the machine. It is screwed. We easily twist them with a screwdriver and remove them.

Next, remove the balances. They can be located both in front of the machine, and behind. In appearance, they are something like concrete blocks. They are needed so that the washing machine does not vibrate much during spinning and other washing modes. They are usually mounted on long bolts. Twist the bolts. We remove the balances.

Replacing the heating element of the washing machineThen we remove the heating element (TEN).In most cars, it is located on the back side at the bottom of the tank. In some models, it is located in front, also at the bottom of the tank. In order to remove it, it is necessary to twist the fixing nut. It is located in the middle. Then click on the protruding hairpin. The one with which you twisted the nut. It must be pushed inside. If this cannot be done with your hand, you can gently tap on it with a hammer. Next, we fake the heater with something flat and carefully remove it.

Remove the drive belt of the washing machineThen remove the drive belt. It goes from the engine of the machine to the pulley that is mounted on the tank. We also remove the wires that may be on the tank and the motor. We remove the fixing elements of the engine and remove it.

How to remove the washing machine tankNow our tank is suspended on springs from below and is fixed by shock absorbers from below. We twist the shock absorbers, we slowly remove the springs. And remove the tank. If you need to disassemble the tank, then this is not difficult. First, twist the bolt holding the pulley. Dismantling the washing machine tankRemove the pulley. Press the shaft into the tank. Then we divide the tank into two halves, for this it is necessary to remove the clamp.

By the way, some models include non-separable - disposable tanks. Some craftsmen saw them with a hand saw. And then assembled using bolts and waterproof sealant.

How to assemble a washing machine?

The machine is assembled in the reverse order. Photos will also help you if you took them during the disassembly process. On them, we recommend capturing the location of certain parts, as well as the methods of their fastening and wires suitable for them. Looking at these pictures, you can easily assemble a washing machine.

Also for clarity, we suggest you watch the video. In this video, the bearings will be replaced, during which the whole machine is disassembled. Recording in English, but also without translation, you can disassemble the machine, simply repeating the steps for the master.

How to disassemble a washing machine - video

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