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How to open an LG washing machine if it is locked

the door does not openEven with a careful attitude, a moment comes when modern household appliances fail. There are many reasons for this. Often the system crashes and you just need to unlock the LG washing machine. The device is programmed in such a way that 2 minutes after the completion of washing, the hatch is in the closed position. It happens that after a while the door still does not open. Consider in detail how to find a way out of this situation.

Why does the door not open?

The main reasons for blocking the hatch can be:

  • automatic blocking that occurs during washing for safety reasons. Sometimes it is not possible to open the door after the end of the session;
  • the handle is jammed or the hatch lock is broken;
  • The program crashed
  • the appliance does not drain water because the drain is clogged;
  • a power outage or a power outage has occurred. It will be impossible to open the washing machine, if it is locked;
  • is included child protection function.

To remove the lock, you need to find out the true reason, and then take action.

Getting ready for an emergency opening.

Desperate attempts to open the hatch may not give a positive result. You need to understand when the failure occurred. If after some time after the completion of washing the door cannot be opened, you can try to enable one of the options: “Spin” or “Rinse”. If there is no result, check the drain hose, there may be a problem due to clogging. In this case, the cleaning and subsequent launch of the spin laundry.

It often happens that after a while the unlocking occurs in automatic mode, it is enough to disconnect the device’s cord from the mains. The waiting time is from ten minutes to thirty minutes. If there is still no result, take urgent measures, making sure that there is no water in the unit. To do this, you must:

  • open the filter cover to collect debris;
  • find a hose for emergency drain (usually located on the left side);
  • put a deep basin next to the washing machine, open the cork and drain the water.

discharge of water from SM

Unlock quickly

If the lock breaks, unlock to subsequently open the hatch of the washing machine using a special cable does not always work. However, there is a reliable and proven method. Initially, you should turn off the device and move it to a spacious room for a detailed inspection.

The top cover must be removed, let your hand go deeper into the body and touch the flag to emergency open the door. Press it and at the same time try to open the door. The attempt should succeed. If the reason for the lock is due to a breakdown of the handle or lock, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

CM LG without top cover

There is another way. To remove the top cover, you need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the nuts on the back of the washing machine, and then slightly pull the cover up. Special efforts are not required so as not to damage the panel. Now you need to tilt the device so that the drum is shifted away from the wall. At this moment, take out and push aside the fasteners. The lock should be removed.

In addition to the above, there is another interesting way to open a locked door. You need a little dexterity, a strong thread and a thin flat screwdriver, you can take a metal nail file for manicure. So, take the thread and push it into the hole between the body and the door with a screwdriver, as if putting a thread on the door.

Note! The thread must be thin otherwise it simply will not crawl into the slot under the door.

open the door lg

Having put the thread on the door from the side of the lock, it is necessary to carefully pull the ends of the thread with a little effort. Under pressure, the lock will click and open.

If you still cannot open the washing machine yourself, you should contact the service center in order not to aggravate the situation. A qualified specialist will identify the cause and quickly fix the problem. Otherwise, the repair cost will increase significantly.


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