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Countertop for the bathroom under the washing machine and sink

countertop over the washerA sink with a countertop under the washing machine is a common practical decoration of a modern bathroom. It is not so easy to choose a countertop suitable for a washing machine, and even combine all this with a beautiful and functional sink. But if you manage to do all this, you won’t regret it for a minute. To make it easier for you to choose and install this interior item, we decided to write a publication on this topic, where many of the inhabitants were highlighted with the nuances.

The benefit of such a washing arrangement

A washing machine is a very necessary, but at the same time, very overall piece of furniture. Not only does she need to find a place in a cramped “Khrushchev apartment”, it is also necessary to organically fit it into the interior, and if not fit, then at least hide it in a niche or piece of furniture. Willingly, one has to consider the popular among the people interior solutions that make it possible to “attach” the washing machine favorably so that it does not interfere and occupies as little useful space as possible.

In the "Khrushchev" apartments, the bathrooms are so small that it is difficult to even turn around in them that it is successful to put a washing machine, however, this is done.

One of the most profitable options is to put the washer in the bathroom under the sink and countertop. In this case, we lose almost nothing. Judge for yourself.

  1. The countertop allows you to place on it a lot of necessary things in the household that will always be at hand.
  2. The sink will allow you to wash your hands and wash small things.
  3. The washing machine will be hidden under the countertop, and will not be striking, which will by no means interfere with its use, as before.
  4. The sink and countertop overhanging the body of the washing machine is a magnificent disguise not only of the washer itself, but also of various plumbing communications, such as pipes, hoses, siphons.
  5. An unusual combination of sink, countertop and washing machine can be interestingly played in the interior of the bathroom, creating, in the end, an unusual design.

We choose plumbing and furniture

It is better to think about installing a washing machine in the bathroom under the countertop with a sink in advance when the repair in the room has not yet been done. It is much more difficult to fit new interior elements into an already renovated room, especially if you did not plan this in advance. Before making a choice in favor of a particular countertop or sink, you need to consider all possible options. Let’s do it.

  • One piece construction. In this case, we are talking about a countertop, which is combined with the sink, representing a single whole. Such countertops are poured immediately with sinks. It turns out to be quite bulky and heavy, but overall quite attractive design. Make a countertop in the bathroom can be made of natural or artificial stone, although given the abundance of modern materials, there may be much more options.

one-piece countertop with sink

An integral sink with a countertop is a very durable design that does not have cracks and joints into which dirt will clog over time, which means it will be easier to wash and look cleaner.

  • Countertop with the possibility of inserting a sink. In this case, the countertop and sink are separate, although they are often sold in the same kit. The materials from which the countertop is made can be very diverse from the cheapest chipboard to natural stone. The sink is selected according to the material and appearance of the countertop and inserted into a pre-prepared hole. No sink mounts are provided.
  • Countertop with sink (bedside tables, drawers) and sink.This, in fact, is the same countertop with the possibility of installing a sink, only there is a sink in it, which, by the way, can be very convenient to put a washing machine on. In some cases, as a supplement to the sink, small bedside tables are installed with drawers and shelves for all sorts of useful little things.

Separately, we note that it is better to choose practical and beautiful furniture. The pursuit of cheapness may result in you buying a countertop from a glued chipboard in the bathroom, and it will swell in you after 1.5-2 years, having lost the appearance. It’s better, at worst, to buy a tabletop made of laminated MDF, although even this material is conditionally suitable for a bathroom, but natural or artificial stone is perfect, but such materials will be expensive.

countertop over the sink

Also pay attention to how the countertops you purchase will be attached. There are furniture items floor and wall. Both the first and second have a lot of advantages and disadvantages, so see for yourself what is best for you.

Features of installing a washing machine

In our case, it’s more correct to talk not even about installing a washing machine, but about installing a countertop, sink and washing machine. It will be necessary to think over the installation of three elements at once, one mistake and a washing machine, for example, will not go under a too low hanging sink or some other trouble will happen.

Very often, ordinary people, trying to install a washing machine under the sink on their own, buy an unsuitable siphon, which then prevents you from putting a "home assistant" in place. In general, before undertaking the installation of a countertop, sink and washing machine, read the instructions contained in the publication Washing machine in the kitchen under the countertop. In our case, we are talking about the bathroom, however, the provisions contained in this publication are quite applicable when installing furniture in the bathroom.

We intentionally did not focus on the general procedure for installing these interior elements, so as not to clutter up the article with a large amount of data. However, we will stop on some nuances.

  1. Before buying and installing a sink, countertop and washing machine, carefully compare the dimensions of all these elements, taking into account the margin for hosting communications.
  2. Be sure to consider the height of the washing machine. Remember that the standard height washer will make you pull up the sink with the countertop to a decent height, which creates problems when using them.
  3. Purchase a special siphon for a sink with a washing machine. It has a special design and does not hurt to put the "home assistant" in place.
  4. Take care in advance of communications for the automatic washing machine: moisture-proof outlet, drainage, pipe outlet with cold water.
  5. The countertop for the sink and washing machine should be well fixed, especially in cases where the fasteners are carried out only to the wall. Take care of buying special mounts in advance.

tabletop with washing machine

All pipe and hose connections must be carefully insulated and then checked several times for leaks.

We care for furniture and plumbing

take care of the countertopThe countertop for the bathroom requires proper care, otherwise the furniture, and the plumbing will very quickly lose its appearance. It will be doubly disappointing if you spend money on interior items made of expensive materials. In particular, a stone countertop should be regularly treated with special impregnation, which can be purchased at hardware stores. Impregnation will create a protective layer, not allowing dirt to gain a foothold on the furniture surface.

When looking after a glass or ceramic worktop, use a glass cleaner. Any tool will do, it will help tear off the surface to crystal clearness. Apply a little spray to the surface, and then wipe off the product along with dirt with a dry soft cloth.Repeat the procedure with a clean cloth - this will remove the stains.

If you are the owner of an inexpensive countertop made of laminated particleboard or MDF, treat the care with all care and rigor. Having taken a bath or just accidentally wetting a countertop, be sure to wipe it with a rag. Clean the ventilation, put the exhaust ventilation, it must not be allowed to keep excess moisture in the bathroom constantly. In addition to the countertop, also wipe the sink, the edges of the bathroom and the washbasin. Remember humidity - the first enemy of chipboard and MDF furniture, especially chipboard furniture. The laminated surface saves poorly.

A lot of the Internet is homemade, who ask about how to make a countertop under the sink and a washing machine with their own hands. The initiative, of course, is interesting, maybe we will answer this question in a subsequent publication, so stay tuned.

In conclusion, we note that even in a small, even in a large bathroom, the central element of the interior, besides the bath, can be a countertop under the sink and a washing machine. This combined design element will become not only a decoration of the room, but also its integral functional component. It remains only to choose and install it correctly, but this is exactly where problems can arise!


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