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Saltek sink above the washing machine

Saltek sink over the washerToday, few argue that the sink above the washing machine in a small bathroom is convenient, beautiful and largely practical. Not only that, with this installation option, the "home assistant" does not bother anyone, there is still space between the sink and the washing machine body in order to put jars and bags with household chemicals there. In Russia, consumers more often choose sinks of the Santek brand, invariably noting their practicality, beauty and high quality. We decided to review these sinks and submit it to your court.

Product Overview

Under the Santek brand, a huge number of different earthenware products are produced, including sinks for installation on a washing machine. Currently, the market has a whole line of such sinks. There are massive products of strict form, and there are traditional streamlined shells.

All these sinks combine a strict range of heights and a special arrangement of the drain. This hole they have shifted slightly to the side. They did it on purpose so that a special siphon could be connected to it. So, what kind of sinks you can install in your bathroom.

  1. Santek line "Pilot". As part of this line, several sinks for installation above the washing machine are produced: Pilot 50, Pilot 60, Pilot 70. Outwardly, all of the above models are very similar, they differ only in depth. Pilot 50, depth 50 cm, Pilot 60, depth 60 cm, etc. A distinctive feature of these sinks is the location of the drain, which is shifted not to the corner, but to the back. The average cost of the Pilot range is $ 25.Santek Pilot
  2. Santek Accord-56. Rectangular rigorous product, suitable for installation above the "home helper." The drain is significantly offset back, there is an overflow hole, the mixer is installed classically from the center. The dimensions of the earthenware product W x D x H - 56 x 45 x 16 cm. Price - 35 dollars.
  3. Santek Breeze-40. Earthenware sink with mixer hole pushed to the side. The earthenware product has a classic oval shape, but the drain is shifted back. Dimensions W x D x H - 40 x 26.5 x 15.5 cm, you can buy a sink for $ 12.
  4. Santek Ladoga-50. A rectangular sink for mounting above the washing machine, made of earthenware with a backward-discharged drain. Overall dimensions W x D x H - 50.5 x 42.5 x 16.5 cm. Cost - 18 bucks.

Some shells in this review are not specialized. In other words, not all of them were produced specifically for installation above the washing machine, but are suitable for these purposes.

Mounting Features

Now let's figure out how to install a similar sink. The sink is fixed to the wall just above the washing machine. Between the lid of the washing machine and the bottom of the sink there is a fairly significant gap. To fix the sink to the wall, special fasteners are required, which usually come with the sink. When you purchase a sink, be sure to check if there are fasteners in the kit, if they are not, then you need to immediately purchase them.

We take measurements and determine the location of the sink. We drill the wall, install the fasteners and hang the earthenware product. We connect a siphon. The siphon, in this case, needs a special one. In a conventional siphon, the drain pipe goes vertically downward, and in a siphon for a similar sink, the pipe goes sharply to the side, making room for the body of the washing machine.

It must be ensured that the sewer pipe that runs along the floor under the sink does not interfere with the installation of the washing machine. Further, as usual. We connect the mixer and its eyeliner, push the washing machine into place, connect the drain and inlet hoses. Do not forget to do the right thing in advance outlet for a washing machine in the bathroom. We turn on the machine in the power grid and check its operation.

Reviews on these shells

The sanitary ware mentioned by us from Santek is widely discussed at various forums on the Internet and at special sites of online stores. We decided to rewrite the most striking reviews to illustrate the attitude of consumers to these faience products for a washing machine.

Polina, Krasnodar

For a long time I could not decide to put a washing machine in the bathroom. I wanted to put a sink with a sink and a washer there, but the place did not allow me to realize this option. My friends told me to install a sink over the washer, but I didn’t like this solution due to the lack of space for numerous containers with household chemicals. As a result, I scattered household chemicals in the corners, and we installed a sink of the Santek brand above the body of the washing machine. I am satisfied with the result. The solution was not bad. The machine is convenient to use, it does not bother anyone, and the sink perfectly fulfills its function.

So far I have found only one minus. Even if you observe accuracy, the water from the bathtub or sink invariably falls on the body of the washer. The husband says that the machine will quickly begin to rot from this. Indeed, in some places on the sides of the hull of the washing machine appeared jagged, on which rust appeared. It turns out that the very fact of finding a washing machine in the bathroom kills equipment, you have to put up with it. In general, I am satisfied!

Lyudmila, Moscow

Installing a SANTEC brand sink over a washer is ideal for those who want to save space. We have nowhere to put the machine at all. If we did not fit it into the bathroom, we would have to shove it into the kitchen, and the kitchen and the washing machine, in my opinion, are not compatible. I am very glad that we put the washer exactly under the sink!

Elena, St. Petersburg

On the advice of the designer, we put the machine under the sink in the bathroom and are very satisfied. Sink brand Santek cost cheap, my husband installed it himself and we saved very well. We recommend this option to everyone!


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