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Reviews of the sink above the washing machine

sink over the typewriterThe unusual placement of the sink above the washing machine causes a lot of controversy. For some, this installation option is the most optimal, someone is categorically against the washing machine under the sink. We found a lot of reviews on this topic, we present them to your attention.

Sink Santek Pilot

Ponochka-21, g. Lipetsk

After buying a washing machine, Bosch had a question about buying a sink. Accidentally learned about a special sink for placement above the washer. In the store we saw one, it was a Santek Pilot sink. After a long search, it was Santek Pilot who bought it, because there was nothing more to choose from.

She looks just fine. It is washed easily with any detergents. The sink faucet was bought a new one, the general faucet for the sink and the bathroom did not fit because of the height difference. Since the washing machine is of a standard height, it’s honest to say that it was inconvenient to wash yourself, now we’re used to it. A flat siphon was used to connect the machine, a small gap was left between the machine and the siphon so that the machine did not touch the siphon during spinning.

Over time, this space was occupied by children's bathing toys. In general, this sink is the best option for installing a standard washing machine in a small bathroom.

korobok77santek-pilot sink

Hello! I am not writing the first review of repairs in my bathroom. This time I want to share my impression of the sink company Santek. I am very glad that she appeared, because when buying an apartment, we didn’t have a sink at all, they put a standard-size automatic washing machine in its place.

When the old car broke down, I bought small-sized candy machine. She is almost 10 cm lower. I saved up money for repairs, and finally bought a Pilot sink. In her, unlike a conventional sink, the siphon does not go to the bottom, but to the side. Very happy with the purchase. Saving space on the face, and the sink itself is large and quite comfortable. Recommend!

different, Samara

My family and I live in an apartment of Khrushchev’s building, which means that the bathroom, toilet and kitchen are very small. The issue of placing the washing machine in the bathroom arose sharply, they thought for a long time where to squeeze the equipment. On the advice of designers, we settled on the option of installing the machine under the sink. I had to buy a car and a sink. The car was chosen by Zanussi, but with the sink it was not so simple. Only two options were found: Santek for 3400 rubles and Seva Mix for 5500 rubles. Of course, they bought a Santek sink.

So, the sink is inexpensive and saves space, but the pros end there. The quality of the sink is below average; during installation, chips were found. Yes, and set the sink a little crooked. The minus of the sink is that it is small, it’s inconvenient to wash, and splashes fly.

Due to the flat siphon, which, incidentally, is included, water stagnates in the sink, which leads to its rapid contamination. The drain mount quickly rusted and spoiled the look of the sink. In short, you should not expect from cheap plumbing, something supernatural. Get ready for flaws.

Ksanka, Cheboksary

These reviews are taken from thematic sites and forums.

Excellent sink company Santek exceeded all my expectations, looks attractive. In the bathroom everything fell into place. Due to the flat siphon of this sink, it is easily installed above the washing machine. This plumbing is mounted on anchors. Ready to put the sink five points with a plus. Water flows smoothly into the sink and does not scatter. It is convenient to wash, washing off the mask.

Kolianishe, Vologda

They installed a flat sink in the bathroom on the advice of friends. Initially, the idea of ​​placing a sink over the washer did not like, but still decided to try. There are basically no models of such sinks, and so they bought the only existing one from Santek. This piece of plumbing is quite heavy and at the same time is attached to the wall with anchors, which, in my opinion, is not good. You never know, the child will hang, and the mount will not stand. But most importantly, the sink saves space, and the rest is a matter of habit.

Sink "messenger" water lily

Sink the MessengerEkagrg, Moscow

The sink of the “Messenger” water lily caught our eye by chance, and we bought it on occasion. The fact is that a few years ago we put an automatic washing machine in the bathroom. Of course, this is convenient, but the sink had to be abandoned. All family members except the cat are used to doing without a sink in the bathroom. Our cat, Muska, used to go to the toilet sink for many years, got used to it, but then the sink was removed. To accustom an adult cat to the tray is still a task, in short, after several years of torment, we gave up and bought a flat sink, the “Messenger” water lily.

In general, almost no one uses this sink except a cat, but Muska is happy and this is the main thing. Among the disadvantages of such plumbing, one can note a shallow depth and a drain displaced to the side - the water runs off poorly, and the dirt is also washed off heavily. On a five-point scale, you can evaluate the sinker “Solid” on a solid four.

Krank, Kostroma

Two years ago, surfing the Internet, I came across curious publications, which were called either the sink above the washing machine reviews, or the washing machine under the sink reviews, in general, somehow. And I liked this notion so much that I decided to implement it in my tiny bathroom, finally freeing the kitchen from the automatic washing machine. After listening to the advice contained in the articles I read, I chose the sink of the “Messenger” water lily and did not lose.

Washing hands in such a sink is a pleasure, but it looks so beautiful in general. Having admired a lot of new sinks, I decided to update all the plumbing in the bathroom, and at the same time completely renovate. So the new sink influenced me positively, if all purchases were just as successful, life would definitely change for the better!

Elena, Novosibirsk

For a whole year now I have been using the sinker Gonets Water Lily Light and I am almost happy with everything. The sink is quite comfortable, wide enough to cover the body of a miniature washing machine, which is installed underneath. In any case, no spray on the "home assistant" does not fall. It looks beautiful and is well washed, and what else is needed! As a minus, I note only an exorbitantly high price, perhaps such sinks will be much cheaper over time. I’m putting the sink. The highest score.

This review was written on the forum five years ago since then “a lot of water has flowed” and market prices have seriously changed.

Sergey, Moscow

He made repairs in the bathroom, and a friend Oleg, a plumber, advised me to put a washing machine in it and fix the sink on top. I liked the idea. Oleg also told me to order the sink of a Gonets Light water lily. I was surprised that complete with this sink are all the necessary "bells and whistles" for its connection, and apparently I liked it. Installing this sink was a pure pleasure. As a result, she closed the washing machine with herself, but water, of course, sometimes gets on it, though I, admittedly, are not very accurate either.

As objective minuses, I highlight: curved brackets and asymmetrically located holes for drain and overflow. For me, these are trifles, so I put a sink rating of five, I recommend it to everyone!


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