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How to check the washing machine without connecting to water

washing machine checkTesting of washing programs in the machine is possible only when it is connected to the water supply. However, the question arises, how to check the washing machine when buying or when delivering home, because if this is not done, then you can purchase non-working goods. In fact, checking the washing machine needs to pay special attention to how to do this, let's discuss.

What needs to be checked?

The first check of the washing machine should take place in the store where you buy it. It is necessary to check:

  • housing for damage and defects;
  • drum;
  • operability when connected to the network;
  • availability of a warranty card and its correct filling.

Upon delivery of the washing machine by store employees, it is also checked:

  • the availability of all components;
  • legs;
  • integrity of the drain and inlet hose;
  • transportation bolts in place;
  • housing for defects.

If you yourself will deliver the machine to your home, then pay attention to the above items immediately at the place of purchase.

Visual inspection

When choosing a washing machine in a store, the first is to inspect it from all sides. There should be no scratches, dents, or stubborn stains and dirt on the machine body. Inspect the drum hatch, close and open it. It should close well and open without problems. Check the cuff for tears.

drum checkBe sure to check the detergent tray, try pulling it out and inspecting it. Smell the smell of the hole under the tray. The new car should not have any smell. In a used machine, the smell of powder or rinse aid is possible. But if you smell mold or another putrefactive smell, then you should not take such a machine.

For external inspection, be sure to pay attention to the drum of the washing machine. Its inner surface should be perfectly smooth so that washing delicate and silk items does not turn into a problem in the form of torn items. Such a check can be carried out using a female nylon stocking. Putting it on your hand, swipe along the surface of the drum, if the stocking remains intact, without puffs, then everything is in order. Also twist the drum by hand in order to see how it rotates, there is no play, is it well centered, are the bearings operational.

Important! Inspect the buttons on the control panel, try to press them. They must not sink.

Upon delivery of the typewriter home, immediately check for the transport bolts, only with them the machine could be delivered to you. Inspect if the transport bolts were removed, it is possible that the machine was under repair. In addition, you need to check the presence of all legs and their integrity. When buying a used washing machine, you can ask to check the nozzles. The coarse nozzles may soon break through, then repair cannot be avoided.

Verification of documents and components

The next step is a component check. In this case, the presence of hoses is checked: drain and bulk. See in advance whether the length of the factory hose is enough for you or whether you should buy another longer one. Also, plastic plugs for the holes for the transport bolts must be supplied with the machine.

Documents for the washing machine include instructions and a warranty card. The coupon must indicate the date of purchase and be stamped. In the absence of this document and any components, warranty repairs will be refused.

documents for the washing machine

Check performance

You won’t check the operability of the washing machine in terms of washing in the store, but you can check the operation of its individual components. For this, it is not necessary to connect to water. First of all, they check if the machine works when it is connected to the network. It is necessary to select the "Spin" mode and follow how the drain pump works and the drum rotates.Check in this way (without water) if the heating element is working, it will not work, but you can find out if the pump starts.

spin mode

Important! It is not worth running the washing machine at home in the presence of the deliveryman in winter, wait until the equipment warms up in the room.

Further operation of the unit must be checked after connecting to water, testing the machine in different modes. The sooner a serious breakdown is detected, the more chances you will have to take money for the goods or exchange it for a similar one.

If you carefully inspect the washing machine, according to our recommendations, then the risk of buying low-quality goods is reduced. For details of checking a used washing machine when buying, read the article How to choose a used washing machine. Have a good purchase!


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