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Simple washing machine for the elderly

Simple washing machine for the elderlyIf you are looking for a simple washing machine for senior citizens, then this article is for you. Here are the most suitable models with intuitive controls, useful features and easy-to-read dashboard symbols. It remains to familiarize yourself with the options and choose your favorite.

Rules for choosing a simple technique

No manufacturer has a special line of washing machines for seniors. However, this gap is easily filled with a wide range of machines with different capacities, dimensions, functionality and price. But buying the most expensive and modern model is not recommended - grandparents will appreciate more understandable management and high-speed work. There are some more tips that will greatly simplify the process of finding the right option for older people.

  1. Analyze the habits and wardrobe of future owners of the washing machine in advance. If pensioners like to spend time in the country, then you need to look for cars with pre-soaking mode. For secular people who often visit theaters and restaurants, the delicate washing regimen is important. Allergy sufferers can not do without double rinsing, and some will be happy to have an economical wash.
  2. Do not overpay for unnecessary features. The ability to connect a smartphone to the machine is interesting and modern, but for grandparents it is completely useless.
  3. Think about management. Touch control is hardly suitable for trembling hands and myopia, so it is better to pay special attention to large keys and large print.
  4. Look at security. Ideally, complete protection against leaks, control of imbalance and blocking the panel from accidental pressing.
  5. Appreciate profitability. If you purchase a machine, then the owners themselves will pay for it later. Not everyone will be able to pull increased payments for communal services, so keep an eye on the energy class and average water consumption per cycle.

But there is no universal machine - the best option for an elderly person will be able to pick up only his loved ones. But there are several models that are definitely worth a closer look in the search process. Let us consider each of them in detail.

Bosch WLG 20060

The best option for a simple washing machine for a senior citizen may be the Bosch WLG 20060. This is a free-standing machine with a removable lid for embedding, which will allow you to put the machine in the kitchen or under the sink if necessary to save space. Also, the machine has a narrow case with a depth of only 40 cm, which is also useful in a small apartment.

Bosch WLG 20060 Zanussi ZWSG 7101 VS

Pensioners will also appreciate the capacity of the drum at 5 kg, as there will be no need to regularly overpay for large volumes of water and electricity, while you can also wash everyday things, and bedding, and rugs with down jackets. Machine maintenance is also inexpensive due to energy class A and a small water consumption of 45 liters per standard cycle.

The door of the hatch of the machine opens 180 degrees, which facilitates the process of loading and unloading linen.

Partial safety is present, and an extraction speed of 1000 revolutions will make it possible to get from the drum not only clean, but also practically dry things. It will facilitate the use of the washer and the presence of 15 standard programs, among which, among others, there is a delicate, quick and preliminary wash. Pensioners will like the mixed fabric mode, when you can not sort the laundry, but immediately start the cycle.

Zanussi ZWSG 7101 VS

Another frontal freestanding machine with simple controls. She will delight the elderly owner with a digital display that will help track the washing process and navigate by time. The elderly and compactness of the model should be appreciated: with a capacity of 6 kg, it has a depth of a record 38 cm. The remaining characteristics of the model are as follows:

  • energy class – A ++;
  • water consumption per cycle - about 48 l;
  • spin speed - up to 1000 revolutions with a choice of intensity up to complete cancellation;
  • panel lock - yes;
  • noise level - within 58-76 dB.

Basic programs 14. Among them, economical and fast washing, which is in demand among older people, as well as super-rinsing, preventing creasing and mixed mode, stand out. A convenient feature will be the ability to delay the start of the start of the cycle for 20 hours: it can be washed during a walk or sleep. Soundtrack will also come in handy, with the help of which the machine will inform about the finish with a pleasant melody.


Another narrow frontal machine with the ability to embed and an optimal capacity of 5 kg. In terms of performance, the model belongs to the average level, as it has an energy consumption class A +, spin up to 800 revolutions, water consumption of 44 liters, partial leakage protection, a 24-hour timer and a noise level of 59-73 dB. There is a digital display that makes it easy to set up and control the wash.


But Atlant can offer pensioner 21 a predetermined program, which will allow you to quickly start washing, choosing the most suitable option. So, with one click you can configure delicate, fast, sporty, mixed, preliminary mode or any other. Another feature is the warranty period of 1095 days, during which the owners do not have to worry about possible repairs.

Indesit IWUB 4105

If you need the most compact and economical model, then Indesit IWUB 4105 is suitable. Its capacity is limited to 4 kg, which affects a depth of 33 cm, low power consumption class A and water consumption of 39 liters. Other parameters.

  1. Spin up to 1000 revolutions with the ability to vary.
  2. Removable cover for installation.
  3. Automatic control of imbalance and foaming.
  4. Partial leakage protection.
  5. Delay start - up to 12 hours.
  6. Electronic control.

The machine cannot boast an abundance of programs, but there will be no confusion and will not have to overpay for unclaimed modes. The main thing is that there is a basic set - quick, preliminary, delicate washing and double rinsing.

Gorenje W 72ZY2 / R + PS PL95

If a pensioner lives in a country house and there is no way to connect to the central water supply, then you should not give up the benefits of civilization in the person of an automatic machine. You only need to pay attention to special washers, for example, Gorenje W 72ZY2 / R + PS PL95, which comes with a 100 l water tank.

Gorenje W 72ZY2 R PS PL95

This is a full-size machine with front loading and a capacity of 7 kg. Despite the impressive size of the drum and high power, in the home the unit will be relatively inexpensive. So, the machine consumes about 0.14 kW per hour, due to which it belongs to the category of energy-efficient class A ++ machines.

Spin can reach a maximum of 800 revolutions, while the intensity of rotation of the drum is set by the system or varies by the user. Partial leakage protection, but there is an automatic control of imbalance and foaming. Programs 18: the most popular direct spray, delicate mode, quick and prewash. For older men and women prone to allergic reactions, the possibility of washing off in large quantities of water is useful.


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