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Who is the manufacturer of Hansa washing machines?

Hansa washing machineHansa washing machines are known as reliable European appliances. They relatively recently appeared on the Russian market, but they have already been appreciated by many users. What are the advantages of Hansa brand washing machines, what are their weaknesses, and in which country they are assembled: we’ll talk about this.

Brand history

Hansa is not a household appliance factory, it is just a brand owned by the Polish company Amica Wronki S. A., founded in 1921. The first products of the plant were kitchen utensils, then heating appliances.

The Soviet Union is well acquainted with gas stoves of this company, produced since 1961. The further history of the production of equipment began to change only in the 90s:

  • in 1992, a plant for the manufacture of embedded household appliances appeared;
  • in 1996, a factory was built to collect refrigerators;
  • in 1997 a brand was created Hansa, under which they begin to sell stoves and other equipment;
  • in 2000, another plant for the manufacture and repair of washing machines appeared.

Note! Amica has only 4 factories in Poland, which are engaged in the production of a certain type of equipment. This equipment is supplied to stores in 50 countries around the world, both under the delirium of Amica, and under the brands Hansa, Premier, Gram.

On the market in Russia there are washing machines and other Hansa equipment not only of Polish assembly, but also of Turkish and Chinese. It is not known for certain that these are subsidiaries or enterprises operating under the license of Amica, the copyright holder of this brand. Make a conclusion yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hansa washing machineDespite the country in which Hansa washing machines were assembled, they are recognizable, have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the pros:

  • firstly, Hans washing machines have low power and water consumption;
  • secondly, wide functionality, some models of cars have up to 23 washing modes and functions, for example, the Hansa AWB 508LR;
  • thirdly, cars have a low level of noise and vibration;
  • fourthly, they have clear controls, such washing machines are easy to learn and use;
  • fifthly, Hansa washing machines can last a single year, even with heavy use.

Note! Hansa washing machines have a large drum load of 5 to 9 kg of dry laundry, some models are equipped with a drying function. Models are available in classic white, and in dark gray and even red.

The negative characteristics of washing machines of this brand include:

  1. weak bearings and a pump that break more often than other parts;
  2. a short inlet and drain hose, which complicates the connection process;
  3. low quality of steel used in the production;
  4. fast clogging of filters;
  5. difficulties in acquiring spare parts in case of breakage, although these machines break extremely rarely.

User reviews

In order to understand how good Hansa washing machines are, we decided to find reviews, here are the ones that interested us the most.

khudoteplaya, KrasnodarHansa washing machine

For four years I had a Hansa Comfort 1000 washing machine, and all this time I was sure that it was assembled in Germany. I could not get enough of it, I liked the design in it, compact dimensions and a large number of programs for different fabrics. I learned about her true Polish origin only when I decided to write a review. I bought this car, thinking it was German, I appreciate the German quality, but I did not guess the assembly country I could read on the packaging.

The water injection system during washing is delightful in this machine, which gives a positive effect when washing. The display always shows the exact time until the end of the wash. But there were flaws in it. The main one is fast clogged filterto be cleaned very often.The second is the presence of a large gap between the drum and the door, various small things fall into it, which is extremely inconvenient. Despite this, I loved the machine very much, but it broke due to a circuit, the control board burned out. The replacement was too expensive, and therefore it was decided to buy a new Belarusian one.

slavnayas, Chisinau

I really don't like the Hansa Comfort 1000 washing machine, there is nothing to compare, I have the third one. I bought after the beautiful words of the seller in the store, persuaded. But almost immediately after the purchase, problems began to appear. Firstly, the machine responds to overload or underload, since it has a weight sensor, after washing it hangs and refuses to squeeze out the laundry. It infuriates getting things and laying them again when you're in a hurry somewhere.

Secondly, the instruction is incomplete. It is not indicated how to remove a program failure, which button to press. Thirdly, in seven years of operation, the machine was repaired 6 times. Changed the heating element and the drive belt twice, changed the drain hose and bearings once. Plus this machine only in a large number of convenient modes.

ataraxi, MoscowHansa washing machine

We really wanted to buy a washing machine with drying function, for a long time we were looking for a model at an affordable price. We stopped at the Hans typewriter model WDHS1260L. The machine performs its functions perfectly. On full drying, things are overdried, and therefore I choose medium drying. Now I haven’t seen such machines, but I advise everyone to buy such equipment.

ela1994, Chisinau

We bought a washing machine Hansa AWB 508LR and have been using it for more than six months now. The car has many modes that are easily customizable. The machine spends little water and electricity. Perfectly launders laundry. I trust German quality, my husband chose what is needed. I hope my review will help you make a choice.

As you can see, washing machines of this brand are in demand because of their affordable price. But not many people know that these cars are assembled in Poland, China or Turkey, some are still sure that the country is made in Germany. This does not mean that they are of poor quality, but that they are different from the German, that's for sure. Be careful when making your choice!


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  1. Gravatar Vera Vera:

    Hansa - a good machine. I worked for 6 years, then the program flew, the masters changed for 3500. A year passed and the exact same thing ... but with all this, its advantages are huge, it takes a lot of linen, rinses well and the pump practically does not need to be cleaned (there is simply nothing to clean how much it opened). It’s a pity that it broke!

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