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Who is the manufacturer of the Hoover washing machine?

Who is the manufacturer of the Hoover washing machineAmong the world-famous brands that produce washing equipment, you can sometimes meet a company whose trade name is not widely heard by the general public. Buyers, having noticed an automatic machine of an unknown manufacturer, are afraid to purchase the goods, fearing for its reliability and quality. To dispel possible fears, we offer to learn more about the unfamiliar to many American manufacturer of equipment under the Hoover brand.

Where did the Hoover brand come from?

The trade name - Hoover - literally translates as "Vacuum Cleaner". The main activity of the company for a century has been the production of this type of equipment. An interesting fact - the first vacuum cleaner introduced to the world was launched under the Hoover brand.

The creator of the enterprise was an American businessman named William Hoover. The founder’s own name became the name of the world's largest company, which established the production of vacuum cleaners. The start of sales was marked in 1908, and after 12 years, products began to be offered not only in the US domestic market, but also far beyond the borders of the country, in almost every corner of the world.Hoover has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners since 1908

In 1993, the company’s activities were divided into two branches: American and European, each of which was subsequently acquired by different corporations. The American branch of the brand has joined TechtronicIndustries, while the European branch has joined the CandyGroup. Today under the brand name Hoover produces household appliances from two of the world's largest brands.

Laundry equipment sold on the Russian market is being assembled in our country; the manufacturer of the Hoover washing machine is located in the city of Kirov. Other branded goods are produced in China. The production of equipment for cleaning clothes has three directions: the production of frontal washers, washers and dryers and devices exclusively for drying things.

Functional Features

In the production of Hoover washing machines, the latest developments and technologies are used. Let's see what functionality is endowed with the equipment. Washing machines are available in two series:

  • A distinctive feature of the models is the equipment with a special NFC module that allows you to control the machine from a smartphone with loaded software.
  • Automata can also be controlled using a smartphone. Management is carried out remotely via a WI-Fi network. A specialized application makes it possible to diagnose the system, detect equipment breakdowns, run the required washing program, select additional options for the main mode, etc.

In both series there is a convenient function “KiloMode”, which automatically weighs the laundry loaded into the drum. Having determined the exact mass of things, down to grams, the intellect independently regulates the amount of water needed for washing, and also determines the desired cycle time. Thanks to the integrated option, the amount of energy consumed by the washing machine is reduced.

The effect of the KiloMode add-on can be observed throughout the entire cleaning process: the cycle time of the main wash will change on the digital display depending on the weight of the laundry.

The “All in One” function makes it possible to wash a mix of colored items in 60 minutes, while removing the most complex and stubborn stains from fabric fibers, ensuring high quality cleaning. It seems impossible that in just one hour you can achieve the highest wash result, however this is the case. Water in the drum, when selecting the option "All in One ”, comes under strong pressure, in the form of several powerful jets, so the dissolved detergent instantly passes into the fabric structure and literally“ knocks out ”dirt particles in a minimal amount of time.

You can use this function when washing any products, including those made of delicate materials, since cleaning is carried out with water heated to only 20 ° C.This option has three variations, and can be used:

  • when washing children's clothes, in this case, the water warms up to 60 ° C;
  • for gentle cleaning of mixed textiles with water, a temperature of 20 degrees;
  • if necessary, express washing of mixed fabrics, the cycle time will be 59 minutes when heated to 40 ° C.dynamicwizard function

The intelligence of Hoover washing machines has been programmed with many useful features. The manufacturer was able to develop and implement add-ons that are extremely important for the modern user, helping to simplify the life of equipment owners.

Additional options

The functionality of washing machines manufactured under the Hoover brand is very diverse. In addition to these options, the machines are equipped with a bunch of useful additions. Depending on the model in the washing machine there may be a variety of functions.

  1. Aqua Stop. The addition allows users of equipment to leave the machine in the process, without worrying that there will be an emergency leak in the system. A built-in solenoid valve will prevent such damage.
  2. Day and night. The option is designed for comfortable use of the machine at night. When you turn on the "Day and Night" mode, the spin in the specified standard program will be canceled, and you will have to turn it on additionally, after waking up all family members.
  3. Delayed start. A useful feature that allows you to set the start time of the wash. Typically, the launch of the washer can be delayed for up to 24 hours.
  4. Additional loading of linen. With Hoover equipment, the user will no longer have problems with forgotten things that are not put in the drum. A special door will help to load products after starting the wash.
  5. Protection against child intervention. Due to the lock of the control panel during the operation of the machine, parents do not have to worry that a small child may interfere with the washing process.

Washing machines also prevent imbalance in the drum and prevent excessive foaming. The dispenser of the machine is three-section, in some washers a compartment is provided specifically for liquid detergents. Cars have an interesting addition - the ability to write individual user programs to the memory of intelligence. Hoover washing equipment is very economical, units have the highest class of power consumption. The quality of washing is also referred to the high class “A”, so the device will help to cope with any dirt on the fabric.

Overview of these cars

On the corporate website of the corporation, 5 models of frontal automatic machines are presented to potential buyers for review. According to the owner of the brand, the best technologies were used to create them, capable of providing the perfect wash. The technique differs from each other in size, capacity, set of programs, maximum rotation speed of the drum during the spin cycle, etc.

All presented samples have a modern design. On the case, made in white, chrome or glossy programmers, rims of the hatch door look spectacular. The black digital display, which displays all the information about the washing process and the operation of the machine, also looks stylish.

The maximum allowable mass of laundry loaded into the drum varies from 6 to 13 kg. When choosing a washing equipment, it is very important to pay attention to the capacity indicator, so that during further operation do not experience any inconvenience. The enlarged manhole door makes the process of using the machine even more pleasant. So, the user easily puts even the most voluminous things inside the washer.

The noise level of Hoover washing machines with a main wash is no more than 56 dB, in spin mode - up to 77 dB.

A detailed description of all 5 samples of front-ends from Hoover is available on the corporation's website. We will give a brief overview of two machines: the most compact, suitable for installation in small spaces, and the most powerful, capable of serving about 13 kg of dry textile at a time.

Hoover DXOC3426C3 / 2-07 DynamicNext. The machine, despite its shallow depth of only 37.8 cm, allows you to simultaneously wash up to 6 kg of dry laundry. The maximum spin speed is also considered a record for such dimensions and is 1200 revolutions per minute. The device is equipped with a standard belt motor. Hoover DXOC34 26C3 / 2-07 has the following characteristics:Hoover DWFT413AH1-07 Hoover DXOC3426C32-07

  • the ability to connect to a smartphone via the NFC module;
  • hourly electricity consumption - 153 kW;
  • 16 washing programs;
  • existence of the Eco Mix mode for simultaneous cleaning of things of any colors at a temperature of 20 ° C;
  • the ability to process products with steam;
  • the presence of a self-diagnosis function of faults arising in the system.

The tank of the washing machine is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, which indicates its strength and reliability. In addition, steel makes the unit heavier, providing a reduction in the vibration of the housing during the spin cycle.

In more detail, we should dwell on the set of washing modes programmed in the intellect. The machine provides 3 express cleaning programs at once, lasting 14, 30 and 44 minutes. There are special modes in the arsenal of equipment that are focused on washing certain things, for example, bulky blankets, snow-white cotton, sportswear, black textiles, etc.

The list of programs, if necessary, can be supplemented by the user.

The washing machine has many small pleasant additions: the function of removing difficult spots, pre-ironing washed items. The user can independently assess the degree of contamination of the clothes loaded into the drum and save water and energy resources consumed by the equipment. The cost of Hoover DXOC3426C3 / 2-07 is about 26,000 rubles.

Hoover DWFT413AH / 1-07 DynamicWizard impresses with its capabilities and power. The machine, which has the usual dimensions - 85 * 60 * 66.5, easily removes up to 13 kg of laundry. This is a record value in the market of washing equipment, the previous favorite could only take 12 kg of textile at a time.

The familiar rotary knob for changing washing programs has been replaced by a modern, stylish panel equipped with touch sensors. The design of the device is unusual - the glass of the hatch door is darkened, this gives the image of the machine some mystery. This sample has an inverter motor, which provides the washer with a longer service life in comparison with devices equipped with conventional belt motors. Technical parameters of the brand Hoover DWFT413AH / 1-07:

  • the presence of the option "All in One";
  • the possibility of steam processing of linen;
  • 12 different washing programs;
  • the presence of a delayed start function;
  • the highest class of energy efficiency;
  • the ability to remotely control equipment via a Wi-Fi network.

The cost of a powerful representative of automatic machines is about 40 thousand rubles. Hoover today produces two versions of washer-dryer equipment. Both devices belong to the Dynamic Next series. Regardless of the country of assembly, the brand's equipment is of high quality. The stylish design of the machines with the drying function harmoniously fits into any interior. The functionality of the equipment will amaze the hostesses: 16 special washing programs, several different drying modes, not to mention additional options and features. The maximum drum capacity of the machines is 8 kg for the WDXOP45 385AH-07, and 11 kg for the WDXT 4118AH / 1-07. The approximate cost of equipment, respectively, is 35,000 and 45,000 rubles.


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