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LG Professional Laundry Washing Machine Review

Professional SM LGIn laundries at restaurants, hotels and dry cleaners with an endless stream of dirty laundry, only professional washing machines can handle it. Unlike their "home" counterparts, they are more economical, more functional, more powerful and more reliable, designed for round-the-clock operation and huge loads. All in order for the business to function in full force. True, among the best models there are leaders, and in the laundry sector, LG professional washing machines occupy a special place. What are good LG units - we will consider in detail in our review.

How is a household machine different from a professional one?

Appearance and high price are far from the only parameters dividing washing machines into domestic, semi-professional and professional. The latter have a number of undeniable advantages, which differ from all others.

  1. Quality. The high quality of washing laundry units allows you to remove heavy dirt without pre-treatment or soaking.
  2. Strength. Direct-drive inverter motors and parts made of high-strength materials significantly increase the wear resistance of the machine. Thanks to this, professional models are designed for at least 30 thousand cycles, while semi-professional models are designed for 5 thousand, and household ones - less than 1000.
  3. Speed. Equipping laundry machines with several heating elements allows you to heat water faster and start the washing process. Also, the possibility of conveyor use without interruptions, an accelerated drain system and an enhanced drum rotation speed reduce the working time to 50 minutes instead of two hours in a household unit.
  4. Functional. Professionals have a digital control panel that controls the water level, washing time, spin quality and other washing parameters. In total, it is possible to install up to 200 different modes and programs.
  5. Warranty. In the contract of sale of non-domestic automatic machines, special attention is paid to technical and warranty service. So, in case of a breakdown, the industrial units are repaired by the manufacturer.
  6. Drum capacity The process of loading and unloading linen is also simplified due to the large size of the hatch, accommodating from 6 kg of dry linen.

The high cost of professional washing machines conceals great potential, allowing you to use machines around the clock in hospitals, laundries, restaurants and factories, without fear of breakdowns or poor-quality washing. Household models with such a load can not cope, therefore, are purchased only for home use.

The most popular LG cars

The model range of industrial washing machines of the South Korean brand “LG” includes machines with various technical characteristics. The most popular among them are:

  • WD-12A9 (FH2A9TDP3S);
  • WD-H0C7FD3S;
  • WD-H069BD3S.

Each of them is equipped with a stainless steel drum, electric heating and a modern inverter motor with direct drive, which provide reduced vibration, strength and extended service life of the machines. Each model also has its own characteristics.

WD-12A9 (FH2A9TDP3S) Opens the rating of the most popular LG professional washing machines “FH2A9TDP3S”. It compares favorably with an affordable price tag, compactness, simple control interface and economy. The technical characteristics of the machine deserve attention:

  • dimensions 85/60/55 cm (height / width / depth);
  • loading of linen - 6 kg;
  • LED control panel;
  • the presence of 20 washing modes;
  • cycle time - from 52 minutes;
  • washing status indicator;
  • locking system (door lock, password setting);

Despite the fact that the equipment is professional, its noise level is less than 62 dB. The water consumption for one cycle is up to 45 l, and the rotation speed is 45 rpm (when washing).There are additional options: a timer, automatic balancing, a quick drain system, independent variation of the water level and sound accompaniment for washing.

Professional SM LG_2

WD-H069BD3S. The WD-H069BD3S model is suitable for larger enterprises, as it is designed for more intense, longer loads and has a special receiver for coins. Compared with the previous version (“LG WD-1069BD3S”), the updated machine does not require fixing to the floor, automatically distributes water, protects the machine from leakage due to the detergent tray placed on top. Technical parameters are as follows:

  • dimensions 98/68/75 cm;
  • loading - 10.2 kg;
  • rotation speed 45 rpm;
  • water consumption per cycle up to 86 l;
  • noise level less than 62 dB.

The machine is not without its advanced functionality: intelligent electrical control, quick drain, self-diagnosis, water spraying and the ability to track the status of washing.

WD-H0C7FD3S. The most expensive of the models under review is the WD-H0C7FD3S. It is an industrial unit combining a spectacular design, high quality equipment and advanced technology of the washing process. It has all the useful options and functions of the previous options, complementing the list of advantages with new features:

  • loading up to 15 kg of laundry;
  • turning on / off heating elements;
  • self-identification of problems;
  • pre-soaking laundry;
  • dosing of detergents at the set time.

Manufacturers also paid special attention to safety, supplementing the configuration with fuses for the main board and filters, as well as built-in short circuit protection.

Most popular LG tumble dryers

As for the popular tumble dryers from LG, only one model is considered the best - “V1329EA4”. This choice was made by thousands of entrepreneurs from Russia and the CIS countries because of the many advantages of this drying:V1329EA4 LG Dryer

  • electric heating;
  • load of linen up to 10.2 kg;
  • silent work;
  • the average duration of one cycle is 45 minutes;
  • three drying programs;
  • Support for “Cool Down” technology, which automatically cools laundry to clear jams.

The dimensions of the dryer are small - height 98 cm, width 68 cm and depth 76 cm. The main body material is stainless, painted steel and chrome-plated elements, guaranteeing a long service life without corrosion and plaque. The operation process is simplified by a clear interface in Russian, automatic diagnostics, a timer, a light indicator, the presence of sound signals at the end and start of a cycle.

Equipment Maintenance

When purchasing industrial washing equipment for laundries, it is important to understand that only a qualified specialist should deal with the diagnosis of their condition, replacement of parts or complex repairs. Moreover, each professional unit has an extended warranty period starting from one year, during which any malfunctions are eliminated only in the corresponding service departments. Independent attempts to establish the work of the machine will only aggravate the situation.

In general, the equipment for commercial use is made of high-strength materials, designed for a long service life and intense loads.

The need for repairs more often arises not due to factory defects and the excess of the number of maximum cycles, but due to other reasons.

  1. Improper handling of the machine.
  2. Power outages.
  3. Foreign objects getting inside the device.
  4. Incorrect installation and connection to the water supply system and mains.
  5. Substandard water.

The indicated factors negatively affect all units, but the resistance to them in professional species is higher due to a number of filters and a system of protection against leakage, overheating and short circuit. It is important to preliminarily study the recommendations for the operation of a professional machine, where there are nuances that are necessarily prescribed in the attached instructions. Do not neglect the services of a specialist in installation and connection, which will help to avoid unnecessary delays and malfunctions.

Installing a household washing machine in the laundry department of a hotel, restaurant or dry cleaning is a bad idea, the result of which will be time spent, wasted money and unreached laundry. For a successful and profitable business, the best thing is not to save, but to provide fast, high-quality and safe washing with professional LG automatic machines.


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