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Cooking fish in the dishwasher

fish in the dishwasherEveryone knows the purpose of a dishwasher - washing dishes. Many long-time users of such equipment would never have thought that in the dishwasher you can cook some kind of food. Yes, it can’t be cooked there, it’s just that people on the Web are rewriting someone’s fake news, not realizing that they just made fun of them. We will not make hasty conclusions, we will study the issue in more detail. Let's see how people manage to cook fish in the dishwasher, and we will try to do it ourselves.

Is this possible?

To find out if it is possible to cook some food in the dishwasher, you need to find out what happens in the washing chamber during the washing program. And while washing inside the chamber, real hell is not the same as in the oven, but still - hot water and high temperature steam (60-700C) that circulate for 2-3 hours. If you fish at a temperature of 650From 2.5 hours it is perfectly processed, while maintaining a maximum of useful properties.

During washing, dishes in baskets are heated so much that if there were products in them, they would gradually cook.

The first to use such a dishwasher was Italians. Following them, the Germans and Americans began to experiment. Of course, there are few fans of such cooking. Nevertheless, from an aesthetic point of view, the contact of dirty dishes and dishes in which food is cooked is inappropriate. But if you are not squeamish and you have suitable sealed utensils, you can try cooking fish. We will share the relevant recipes with you now.

Salmon stewed in foil

You can’t cook a huge piece of meat in the dishwasher, yet the temperature inside is not so high, although, of course, you can conduct an experiment. But the fish after the washing chamber looked quite edible, moreover, it turned out to be tasty and that's how we cooked it.

  1. We cut the cut fish into several thick in foil
  2. We put the pieces of fish in the brine for 30 minutes (a glass of water, a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of sugar).
  3. They put the pieces in foil and generously sprinkled with lemon juice.
  4. Well wrapped the pieces in foil and set for 1 hour to rest in the refrigerator.
  5. Uploaded toBosch dishwasher SMV24AX02R dirty dishes, put fish wrapped in foil in the upper basket and started an intensive washing at 700WITH.

As a result, when our fish was removed from the dishwasher at the end of the program. On top of the foil was noticeably warm, and this is even after rinsing with cold water. Having unfolded the foil, we did not believe it, as the intoxicating smell of freshly prepared salmon hit the nose. To taste it is a classic red fish, steamed. This is not the same as baking fish in foil in the oven, but the taste is still amazing.

Fish in a baking bag

Then we conducted an even bolder experiment. We decided to cook the whole fish in a baking bag. They took one and a half kilogram carp. It was marinated for 2 hours in an enameled bowl with five tablespoons of olive oil and three tablespoons of lemon juice. Added salt. After two hours, we put the carp in a baking bag, tied the bag and sent it along with the dirty dishes to the dishwasher.

Like last time, we switched on an intensive washing program and left the carp to “wash”. Somewhere in the middle of the sink, a specific chemical smell (of detergents) began to spread through the kitchen, through which the smell of steaming fish clearly appeared. This smell evoked mixed feelings in us, however, the washing continued, and with it the experiment. As a result, a delicious fish was removed from the bag. As for the preservation of vitamins and minerals, we can not say anything, but the fish tasted excellent, as if it had been cooked in a double boiler.

To summarize, we note in the dishwasher you can cook excellent, fish stewed for a couple. But personally, this experiment caused some disgust for us, because the dishwasher and food are psychologically incompatible things. Of course, if you contrive, then for the sake of experiment, you can also cook noodles in the toilet bowl. But this does not mean that it should be done. We are committed to using the dishwasher for its intended purpose, although as an experiment it is interesting and even fun!


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