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Siemens dishwasher reviews

Siemens dishwasher reviewsSiemens is the largest German corporation engaged in the production of various household appliances. Since 2015, Siemens has completely come under Bosch control. Production under the Siemens brand is conducted in different countries, it all depends on the type of product. As for dishwashers, the German and Spanish models are presented on the Russian market. Let's see what users say about such machines, whether the dishwashers meet German quality.

Siemens SR64M001RU / 21


I decided to share my impressions of the dishwasher, which I bought in early 2015. I’ll say right away Siemens SR64M001RU - a miracle thing, equipped with various programs and the latest washing and drying technologies. The machine holds 9 sets of dishes. And what’s most interesting is quite quiet. I like the hygienic washing mode, in which children's bottles and cutting boards are perfectly washed and disinfected.

The machine is started by pressing 3-4 buttons. When you select a program, the washing time appears on the display, and when you start the program, a blue beam is reflected on the floor, which goes out at the end of the program. And most importantly, the washing experience is simply excellent. The dishwasher copes with dirty dishes perfectly, washes to a squeak. I mainly use auto and eco programs. In these modes, even pans and pans are washed. I take the dishes out of the car almost dry, sometimes slightly moist, but always clean. I am delighted!

FirstenemySiemens SR64M001RU 21

I have been operating the Siemens machine for more than a year, during this time there were no breakdowns and problems. When choosing a dishwasher, they paid special attention to Aquastop, so we stopped at the Siemens SR64M001RU / 21 model, it is in it, which means that you can safely start washing at night or while no one is home, flooding the neighbors is not scary.

A beam on the floor has become convenient for me, which informs whether the machine is working or not. Convenient to use and baskets, the upper has the possibility of two-level placement, so that you can put large pots and pans in the lower basket. Although, to be honest, the width of 45 cm for washing such dishes is not enough. Everyone is advised to take a wide model if possible, I support them.

With the dishwasher you can save water, as it consumes only 9 liters. Washes dishes just super, I have nothing to complain about. And I forgot to say, this model is going to Germany.

Siemens SpeedMatic SN26M285RU

Siemens SpeedMatic SN26M285RUyuliaS

I love to cook, and that’s why our family eats breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and sometimes there is something homemade for dessert, and therefore dishes are always mountains. That is why a dishwasher is the most necessary thing for me. Without hesitation, I chose a full-size model, and therefore bought Siemens SN26M285RU, with a capacity of up to 14 sets. It looks like a washing machine, in exchange for which it was supplied. I have been using it for more than a year and just crazy, because after the purchase I didn’t wash the dishes with my hands even once.

My dirty dishes at 70 degrees. I often use half load, because 2.5 hours of washing is a bit too much. The baskets in my dishwasher are convenient and have folding plate holders. The baking tray from the oven is easily placed, it is perfectly washed. The cutlery basket is very capacious, even spare parts from the meat grinder are included. In general, everything is washed off with a bang, and it dries well too.

The dishwasher is quiet so that you do not even pay attention to its work. And the most spectacular is of course the neon lights. In a word, a beauty, not a car.


I bought a Siemens SN26M285RU dishwasher in MVideo, and I can say that the model is large and roomy. I liked how, at a time, the car dealt with dirty cans, dusty on a shelf. Before buying, I read reviews that washed dirty pans. There is an effect but only outside, inside the pan they are not washed perfectly, why I can’t say.However, in my opinion, this is a small trifle compared to how it became easier to live with a small child. The dishwasher is not cheap, but I have no regrets about the money spent.

I’ll give you advice, do not forget to clean the filter at the bottom of the machine, I have checked in my experience that the machine is clogged with food residues at one point and stops during washing. I was helped by swaying the machine from side to side and flushing the filter, since then I always washed it, there were no more problems. As for detergents, I use pills finish. Everything is washed, except the burnt porridge in the pan, well, okay with porridge, after the dishwasher, just rinse with water and a sponge, everything is easily cleaned.

Siemens SR64E002RU

Roman, KazanSiemens SR64E002RU

Siemens model SR64E002RU is a great dishwasher, which launders everything just super, even dried food. With a large number of dishes, which happens after the holiday, we set it to fast mode, but basically we start washing at night. For our family of 4 people this car is more than enough. As for the beam on the floor, I don’t see the point in it, because in this model there is a sound signal that will notify you when the wash is over.

The installation did not cause problems; I did everything myself according to the attached instructions. Of the components I had to buy only a faucet for water supply.

Vladislav, Ufa

The dishwasher liked the quiet work. However, there is not enough space for plates and mugs, for some reason the shelves are narrow, although if you compare with Bosch with the same load, then Bosch is fine. But the Siemens model is not so loud and washes better.

Yana, Novosibirsk

Miracle dishwasher! The dishes are washed perfectly and makes it very quiet. Most often I start automatic mode. This is the first dishwasher in my life, and I am happy with it. And her seller advised in the store, although she and her husband read reviews on the Internet about other cars. We do not regret the purchase.

Gleb, Tobolsk

For several evenings in a row, my wife and I read reviews about dishwashers, and in the end we stopped at a Siemens car. The dishwasher is excellent, it works quietly, it is audible only when the water is draining, it takes about 5 minutes in time, so it doesn’t bother much. Dishes and washes and dries well, only you need to arrange everything correctly and not overexposure it after drying with the door closed.

This model does not have a beam on the floor, a display, or a program for washing glass, but we do not need them, and without them we feel good. My glassware, along with pots, does not crack or break. It was considered that overpaying for "bells and whistles" of 5-6 thousand is not reasonable.

Siemens speedMatic SN66T096RU

Valentina Yarmilko

The husband gave me Siemens dishwasher, which I am extremely happy about. The dream has come true and now, instead of washing dishes, I walk with the kids on the street. Technicians are happy with all 100. There are no complaints about the quality. Basically I load the dishes in the evening and select “Night washing”, in the morning everything is clean and dry. The advantage of the model in the economical consumption of water and electricity, high capacity, as many as 13 sets. I did not find any flaws.
Siemens speedMatic SN66T096RUSvitlana Stehura

The dishwasher copes with dishes much better than I do with my hands, although it does not do it quickly. After several sinks, old soot deposits leave the frying pans. The forks and spoons shine, especially the forks, washed between the cloves. And how nice it was to get clean glasses out of the dishwasher, beyond words, you don’t need to rub them with a towel to creak, they now shine. Convenient car, I do not regret buying at all. Yes, and if properly installed, it works quietly.

Siemens SR65M081RU

Marina Kovaleva

Siemens bought the dishwasher. When I saw her, it seemed to me that she was very small, although it fits in 10 standard sets of dishes. This machine is able to wash immediately plates and spoons, and pots, and a pan. I especially liked the function of projecting the remaining time on the floor, it looks interesting. It works almost silently. Now I have such an assistant.

Olga Ivanova

I believe that a dishwasher is necessary in every home.Although initially the purchase of such equipment seemed wasteful to me. But now I understand that no one will be able to wash the dishes as the technique does, if only because there are no people who can withstand a long stay of hands in water 60-70 degrees. The machine holds 10 sets, but you have to load it twice a day, since my children's dishes are separate. And now I will list the pros:

  • water saving;
  • cleanliness in the kitchen, no mountains of dirty dishes;
  • no harm to the skin of the hands;
  • copes with dirty dishes;
  • there are no raids, no stains;
  • convenient basket;
  • fits a large skillet and pan;
  • reasonable price for such quality.

So, reviews about Siemens brand dishwashers can be continued. Most of them are positive. German assembly technique is popular with people, and rarely anyone complains about models from Spain. Few, of course, are attracted by price, but this is everyone’s business, for which he is ready to spend his budget. Have a nice shopping!


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