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Dome type dishwashers

dome dishwashersNot a single restaurateur who respects his business will leave the kitchen without a good dishwasher. Manual labor, of course, is cheaper, but a professional dishwasher can cope with washing much faster, and possibly better, not only washing dishes from food debris, but also disinfecting it. A domed dishwasher is a popular type of professional equipment for moderate catering establishments. It will be discussed in this article.

Features of this technique

Dome dishwashers are different from other types of professional equipment (tunnel and frontal cars) simplicity of design, which makes them more reliable. The design feature is that the dishes and kitchen utensils are loaded into the washing chamber from above, on which they then put on a special sealed hood, similar to a dome. Under this dome, the entire washing process is carried out.

For different types of dishes (plates, pans, glasses), as well as cutlery, separate baskets are provided. Hot water under pressure is sprayed onto the dishes from above and below, and detergent comes from the dispensers. After washing in the same tank, the dishes are rinsed and dried under hot air. The whole process takes no more than three minutes, so in one hour the machine can wash up to 2000 plates.

Note! You can connect the machine to cold and hot water, however, when connected to hot water, additional filters will be required to soften hard water.

Dome dishwashers can be equipped with additional tables for making dishes. Perhaps the presence of a sink with a shower for pre-flushing food debris from objects.


Among the domed dishwashers, two types of machines can be distinguished:dome dishwashers

  • Bar, they are also called glass-washing. These machines heat water below normal so that the glass does not crack. They are suitable for washing not only glasses, but also tea pairs, glasses, glasses and wine glasses. Dishes sparkle at the exit, not a single drip remains.
  • Dishware. Designed for most dishes, plates of different sizes, cutlery.
  • Boiler rooms. These machines are most often found in restaurants serving national cuisine. In them, as a rule, overall objects are washed, such as pots, baking trays, cauldrons, pans. Water in such a machine is heated at least 80 degrees.

Some, depending on the temperature regime, divide dishwashers into high-temperature and low-temperature. In the first, water is heated to 85 degrees, and secondly, only to 70, because low-temperature can not be connected to hot water, but they are cheaper.

Budget dishwashers

The most budgetary model of the dome dishwasher offers Chuvashtorgtekhnika. This is MPK 700K 01 Abat machine made of stainless metal. Its productivity is about 7 hundred plates per hour. Water heating from 40 to 85 degrees. Detergents are supposed to be selected gel-like, while for washing the agent is supplied manually, a special dispenser is provided for the rinse aid. The machine comes with a tray for different plates and tureens, a tray for glasses, and another one for spoons, forks, knives. Its price is 2245 dollars.

IPC 700K 01 Abat

MPK 1100K is another dome type dishwasher from the Chuvash manufacturer. It differs from the previous car only in some characteristics:

  • Electricity consumption is higher by 3 kW and amounts to 13.5 kW / h;
  • Productivity - 1000 plates per hour of continuous operation;
  • There is a dispenser not only for rinse aid, but also for detergent;
  • The housing has a built-in window that allows you to monitor the progress of the washing process;
  • It costs $ 350 more.

IPC 1100K Abat

Middle and premium models

Dishwashers of this class differ not only in price, but also in technical characteristics. Here are a few samples.

DIHR HT11 is an Italian-made domed dishwasher with a production capacity of up to 2000 plates per hour. At the same time, energy consumption is 10.2 kW. The machine spends 2 minutes on one wash cycle. This machine has a rinse aid dispenser, Thermostop function. This dishwasher can be installed in a corner. The average price is 2877 dollars.


Comenda LC 700 - this dishwasher is a leader in sales. It is equipped with four washing programs, which allows you to wash even the most dried food. The washing height is sufficient to place plates of any size. Starting can be carried out both automatically and manually. Water is heated no higher than 85 degrees due to the installed thermostat. Productivity is about 720 plates per hour. The average price is 2930 dollars.

Comenda lc 700

Elettrobar Niagara 381 is a dome type dishwasher that launders up to 900 plates per hour. Universal machine suitable for washing plates, cups, as well as baking sheets, glasses and other utensils. It is made of stainless steel, the kit includes three baskets. The machine is also equipped with tables and a shower. The average price is 3280 dollars.

Elettrobar Niagara 381

Smeg CWC610-1 is another Italian dishwasher with a capacity of up to 1000 plates per hour. Power consumption is 9 kW, which is quite a bit with this performance. The machine has electronic control, the kit includes three baskets. The average price is 4263 dollars.

Smeg CWC610-1

Granule Gactro - Dome type boiler dishwasher. This machine is purchased for washing pots, baking sheets, cauldrons and other bulky dishes. Its power is 16.2 kW. The average price is $ 29,877, and therefore it is not available for sale, it is supplied on order.

Granule gactro

This concludes our review of dome type dishwashers. Their choice is very diverse. Their main difference lies in the technical characteristics, which immediately affects the price. Outwardly, they are all alike. Good luck with your choice!


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