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Candy Dishwasher Reviews

Kandy dishwasher reviewsA dishwasher is an indispensable thing in the kitchen, as the happy owners of such equipment say. But how to decide to buy it, if the kitchen space does not allow or the budget is completely limited. In this case, a very good option may be a Candy dishwasher. This is what users say about it.

Candy CDCF 6

Efremova natalie

After reading numerous reviews about the Candy CDCF 6 model, I made a choice in her favor and do not regret it. It washes dishes perfectly, including pots, glass covers from pans and pots. Of course, the first time I had to wash the pots with my hands, but now, the dishwasher washes everything by herself, and without it it was not possible to wash the dishes. Detergent on the glass and plates does not remain if everything is correctly filled, as written in the instructions. Great model, inexpensive and quiet.

Karchevsky Oleg

Candy CDCF 6For 2.5 years I have been using a compact dishwasher from the company Kandy. I operate it in full 2, or even 3 times a day, as there are four children in the family, and it was not possible to buy a large dishwasher. He doesn’t do the dishes perfectly, he does well in everyday dishes and cutlery, but there are no mugs with stains of tea and coffee. Traces of contamination also remain on the walls of the pots.

Kraineva Lily

The dishes are washed well, most often I use only 2 of 6 modes, these are modes at 60 and 70 degrees. The advantage of this small model is that there is no need to store dishes during the day, they ate and immediately washed. A family of 3 is enough. So that there are no stains on the dishes, I advise you to divide the 3-in-1 tablet in half, especially the one in which the concentrated composition, for example, Amway. Plates, spoons, washes the first time, but there is no pan after scrambled eggs or a mug of tea, so you have to put it on a second cycle.

Tolkachev Eugene

Good dishwasher at an attractive price. I chose a compact model in order to place it under the sink. I wanted to buy a similar car from Bosch, but it is almost 2 times more expensive. Washes the dishes well, if everything is folded correctly and sprinkled with the right amount of powder. For a small family the best option, at a time you can put 6 plates, spoons and forks, 6 glasses and one pan.

Sysoev Pavel

Compact dishwasher with easy operation. Plus, in a shared container for forks and spoons, I use only one half, which saves space. The disadvantage is that the shortest wash will take 1.5 hours. I am almost 100% satisfied, even despite the fact that a week after the purchase, a rubber band came out from under the door, which did not affect its work. I note that for one cycle, half a 3 in 1 tablet is enough.


Dishes and washes and dries well. For a family of three is enough. During operation, the gum deformed on the lid of the compartment into which the powder was poured. There is a drawback that in the lower part, due to the design features of the tray, food residues are not washed out, you have to clean and wipe the machine manually. But there are moments that pleased, for example, a frying pan with an external blue coating in two years of use turned black, and after 15 sinks in the dishwasher it became like new.

Alla Soroka

We bought a dishwasher Kandy because of the attractive price. Washes the dishes well. For everyday washing, I use the mode at 45 degrees, but after it the dishes remain wet. I do not think this is a minus, the tea strips that remained after washing with a light wipe with a napkin disappear.

I advise you not to put too dirty dishes around the edges, so it will not be washed. I use the longest mode for pans and pans, but I prefer to wash them with my hands, since they take up too much space in the dishwasher. It’s not very convenient to wash the bowls, of which our family is used to eating soup, we had to replace them with soup plates.Of course, I didn’t forget about washing dishes with my hands, but with the dishwasher it became much more pleasant to work in the kitchen.

Candy CDCF 6S


Candy CDCF 6SAbout Candy CDCF 6S dishwasher, I can say that this is a good machine. If possible, put a narrow model, put a narrow one. The dishes are washed well only in long-term modes, this is about 2, 5 hours. I would like more roominess, it is not always possible to wash everything at a time. But this dishwasher is salvation for mom with a small child. There are some drawbacks, for example, it seems to me that it is a bit noisy, and the tablet compartment also opens loudly. But you can get used to it.


I have been using the Kandy dishwasher for 3 years and have not been disappointed even for a second. In short, it is an inexpensive, compact and convenient technique. We have enough for 4 people, on weekdays we launch 1 time, and on weekends 2 sometimes even 3 times. A big plus in saving time. Saving water is offset by energy consumption, but free time is just super. Over time, the process of loading dirty dishes comes to automatism.

With proper placement of the dishes in the container and good detergent, the cleanliness of the dishes is guaranteed. I use powder, 2.5 kg packs last for almost 10 months, which is very good. Of the modes I use short at 40 degrees and at 60 with soaking, it is extremely rare if the dishes are very dirty, I choose the mode at 70 degrees. In general, any housewife will appreciate it, I would advise you to buy such a dishwasher.


An excellent compact dishwasher, presented it to mom for an anniversary, after having read reviews about this model. The dishwasher was perfect in color to the kitchen. The control is simple with four buttons. I want to say that it is suitable for everyone who has a small kitchen, even if the family has 5 people. There is a real flaw, the door closes very tightly and you have to pull the handle when opening it. But overall they are satisfied with the dishwasher, it really helps.

Mikhail Gerasenko

A friend does not get enough of the Kandy dishwasher. Of course, not an ideal option, because it does not always wash the forks well. However, due to its compactness, it was difficult, but managed to integrate it under the sink. You have to wash pots and pans separately, because nothing else will fit with them.

Baburova Nadezhda

The Kandy dishwasher is my first assistant, which I have been using for six months now and I am almost happy with everything. She fit perfectly in the kitchen cabinet, and washes the dishes very quietly. When unfolding the accumulated dishes, you will have to be smart, because you need to fit it and at the same time wash it well. Therefore, on weekends you have to run the dishwasher 2 times.

For myself, she noted that tablets cope with pollution better than powder. Pots are washed from porridge, pans are washed, but the pre-cooked soup broth is pre-cleaned with a sponge. At low temperatures, excellent crystal washes. But cast-iron pans are better not to wash in it, as they rust. When folding the dishes, you need to be careful so that nothing falls out of the basket, otherwise the sprayer will not rotate during the washing process and the dishes will not be washed. And yet, we must not forget that after each cycle, rinse the filter and wipe the machine’s tank with a rag near the door, as food and grease can accumulate there. In general, with proper care, while everything is in order with my car, I am satisfied and I advise everyone.

Candy CDP 4609


Dishwasher Candy CDP 4609 bought to replace the Hotpoint Ariston dishwasher. Comparing both models, I can confidently say that Kandy wins. Firstly, it does not make noise, and secondly, everything is washed well from the tablet compartment and does not remain, which cannot be said about the old dishwasher. Washes and dries well enough. For such money, a super option!

Candy CDP 4609Radmila

I have been using the dishwasher from Kandy for 4 months and have not been disappointed at all. I made the purchase by reading the reviews, and as it turned out, I was not mistaken.The dishes are washed perfectly if detergent good, alas, but it affects the quality of the wash. The correct arrangement of the dishes also affects, if you put the deep plates too close, they will not be washed. Remarkably washes pots and pans, which is sooo happy. I bought this car according to the recycling program, I managed to save 2,000 rubles. As for noise, it is not louder than a washing machine. In general, I am satisfied with all 200%.


I use the dishwasher for the first time and not for long, but the joy of it is “higher than the roof”. Many thanks to those who invented such a miracle. Now it remains to stock up with salt and detergent. I figured out the management in a few minutes.


The optimum ratio of price and quality. In the long mode, everything is washed perfectly. In my opinion, a little noisy, but I think I’ll get used to it over time. Better let the noise than to wash the dishes yourself. So far, no complaints.

Candy CDP 4709


A good dishwasher in which there is a quick wash mode at maximum temperature. Washes satisfactorily, does not always wash pots. It is important to arrange plates, mugs, pans and choose a good detergent. I like the fact that there is a time indicator and pleased with the stylish design. The lack of noise, but you will not sleep in the kitchen.

Candy CDP 4709Anonymous

Dishwasher with a pleasant design and an optimal set of programs. Plus - there is a program tip on the top of the door. I liked the presence of child protection, an electronic display with a wash cycle time. But a drawback was discovered, when unpleasant odor appears during heating, the typewriter only 2 weeks, so I hope that over time the smell will pass. If not for this flaw, I would have put five points.

Antonova Margarita

I like everything about this dishwasher. It works quietly, washes wonderfully, especially transparent glass. Shows the time until graduation, convenient control. I did not find any flaws, but I am happy with my free time on the couch.

Romanova Alena

This is the first Kandy dishwasher in our home, so there’s nothing to compare with. But I can describe the sensation of the acquisition. The model liked the spaciousness and digital control. They didn’t really think about the brand, they chose from Kandy, since we have all the equipment of this brand. For three weeks of use, we washed all the dishes in the house, the result was pleasantly impressive. In intensive mode, all pots were washed. I liked the fast cycle for 24 minutes. I could not even imagine that such a thing was possible.


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  1. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    bought a dishwasher Kandy just awful dishes do not wash the detergent remains on the dishes

  2. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    I am very happy with the new acquisition, I use it with pleasure! A family of 5 people is enough for us. Children and husband now take part in washing dishes (put them in the dishwasher, start up), and so everyone was too lazy to wash the dishes.

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