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The dishwasher does not turn off

the dishwasher does not turn offMuch has been said about malfunctions, a characteristic symptom of which is that the dishwasher does not turn on. But there are reverse symptoms of failure. The dishwasher starts up normally and starts to work, but then for some reason it cannot stop. Moreover, it is possible to stop the machine only by pulling out the supply wire from the outlet. This problem is often found in Bosch dishwashers and other models, so we decided to consider in detail the possible causes of the malfunction and how to solve them.

The pump does not turn off

The dishwasher pump is designed to pump waste water from the washing tank. During the entire washing cycle, dirty water can be removed repeatedly, while the program algorithm includes at what point the control unit should give the command to turn the pump on and off, as well as the duration of the drain pump.

It is very important at what point the command to turn on the pump will be given. The control unit must collect information from all sensors and, based on this information, decide whether or not to turn on the pump. If the pump runs continuously and does not turn off, this means that:

  • an electrician or an electronic module is faulty - the pump commands are not given or they do not reach the pump;
  • information comes to the control module from the pressostat about excess water in the Bosch dishwasher;
  • the machine is not installed at the level (some models of dishwashers are sensitive to slopes and do not want to work normally even with a slope of 50);
  • the Bosch dishwasher is not properly connected to the sewer, which leads to a “siphon effect” (reverse current of dirty water into the machine), while the pump is constantly forced to try to pump out water;
  • the pump itself is faulty.

There are also optional reasons for the continuous operation of the pump, for example, in the event of a leak in the inlet hose or pipe. But in such a situation, it’s quite difficult not to understand why the drain pump works strangely, because water will flow from under the machine, and it will flow strongly.

Aquastop Hose for Dishwasher can prevent this, but then the pump will not show itself. Even if your dishwasher does not have Aquastop protection at all, a weak hose leak will not affect the operation of the pump in order for the drain pump to react, a strong pressure drop is necessary, which can cause either a water hammer or a rupture of the hose or pipe.

Note! Complete protection Aquastop will protect the dishwasher from leaks of any nature, but you still need to be careful.

The symptom of a breakdown is reduced to a constant hum emitted by the pump, regardless of whether the washing program is running or not running. Moreover, if you turn off the power to the dishwasher (by pulling out the power cord), then when you turn it on again, the pump will continue to operate continuously.

The procedure for eliminating a breakdown will depend on its nature, let's start with a simple reason when a Bosch dishwasher is not connected correctly to the sewer pipe, what are we doing?

  1. We unscrew the drain hose from the siphon or sewer pipe.
  2. We check that the length of the hose does not exceed 2 m.
  3. We check the bend and height of the hose connection (the height of the connection point from the floor should be no more than 50 cm).
  4. We remodel the connection to the sewer and fasten the hose back.

After that, the pump should stop "being capricious" and start working normally. If after correcting the connection to the sewage system, the Bosch dishwasher continues to operate the pump immensely, you can see how this machine is installed on the floor. Bosch brand dishwashers are not too demanding on the surface to be installed, even large slopes are allowed 8-100 . Cars of the Electrolux brand are more moody, so they need to be installed in level on a solid, reliable surface.

If the dishwasher is installed well, then most likely the problem arose with one of the units, a sensor or a control module in general, which in itself is not very good. Morally, you need to prepare for the costs and start checking the electrics and electronics of the machine.

By the way, it is not necessary to do it yourself, in case of serious problems with the electronics of the dishwasher, it is better to contact a specialist. So there is less chance of further harm to the dishwasher. But if you are determined to bring the matter to the end, read at least the advice of professionals.

The washing program does not start and does not turn off

If the Bosch dishwasher (or another) after switching on does not react to user actions, that is, most buttons do not work and it is impossible to turn on any washing programs, it is also impossible to turn off the machine with a button - this indicates a malfunction of the control panel. More precisely, a problem arose with one of the control triacs or the contacts of one of the buttons. If several buttons do not work at once, then most likely it's still a triac.

Note! A triac is a special semiconductor component that is installed on the control board of a Bosch dishwasher (and another brand). Another name is symmetric triode thyristor.

To check and replace the triac, minimal knowledge of semiconductor circuits and the ability to work with a soldering iron and multimeter will be required. First, set up the multimeter.

  • We turn on the device and set it to voltmeter mode.
  • We set the minimum value in Volts.
  • We close the probes of the multimeter on top of each other and check how the device works, if everything goes well, go to the next stage.
    how to get to the control board

Now our task is to get to the control board. Disconnect the dishwasher and open its door. At the ends of the door and on its inside there are small fasteners, they need to be unscrewed by holding the door in the open position. The inside of the door is removed like a sandwich and the control board is exposed. Next we do the following.triac

  1. We find triacs on the control board (see photo) and alternately check them with a multimeter.
  2. If a defective part is found, carefully unsolder it and remove it.
  3. Take the broken part by the sample and purchase a similar one in the store or take it from a non-working device.

Important! It is necessary that the numbers and markings on the defective part and on the new match.

  1. Very carefully, so as not to damage the tracks, solder the new part in place of the old one.

Now we put the control board in place, assemble the door, connect the power to the dishwasher and check the operation. After these simple manipulations, the dishwasher should turn on and off normally.

Washing program hung up

control boardThe dishwasher often does not turn off due to a system error. System errors are registered in the machine control module program; they help to carry out self-diagnostics and inform the user about breakdowns of various nature. A system error popping up on the display of the dishwasher stops its operation, and in some cases does not even allow you to restart it from the on / off button. Re-starting the machine does not solve the problem, the error pops up again.

A striking example is the error e22 in the Bosch dishwasher. This error occurs if the user of the dishwasher forgets to clean it, the filter is clogged, the sensors are activated and the control module blocks the operation of the entire machine until the blockage is eliminated. At the same time, the dishwasher does not turn off and does not react at all to the user's actions.

If the dishwasher does not turn off due to one of the many system errors, the only cure is to find the cause of the error and fix it. Only in this case you will forget what it is to see, how the dishwasher does not turn off.

To summarize, we note that if the dishwasher does not turn off, then this is an alarming symptom that accompanies a more serious problem, usually a breakdown. It’s bad if it’s about a pump breakdown or worse, the control module, but it happens that the banal filter blockage affects the ability to control the dishwasher. This is another reason to remind users of dishwashers about the need to constantly look after their "iron assistants."


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